R.I.P. Our Friendship

R.I.P. Our Friendship

A Poem by Melody ♫

This is just a poem dedicated to my long-lost friend, who I used to care for.

I didn't think
That after a year
Could make a difference...
I thought we needed each other to live.
Turns out, we were both wrong.
We never needed each other...ever.
I saved your life!
Not once, but more than twice!
But I guess I wasn't good enough...
I stood up for you,
Don't all true friends do that?
Help each other out?
Guess that didn't work out...
After you BAILED on ME.
You thought I was some certain thing
that wouldn't care either if you were dead or not.
I have a heart.
A heart that strongly cared for people I loved and cared for.
I'm not a demon or some devil.
I'm your friend, who was awfully hurt by your words.
You talked behind my back...
Refused my "hello's" and invites.
You replaced me.
As if I was last hot issue of Teen Vogue.
I'm dead to you now...
You wished I were dead by now.
My tears,
drop by drop, filled with full despair.
But that's okay,
Because I'll fight for whatever reason to forget you; forget us...
Our existence was just made-up,
like a fairytale.
'Cept, we have no happy ending.
I know you don't care for me at all anymore.
But I hope someday,
That you'll think about our past one day.

© 2010 Melody ♫

Author's Note

Melody ♫
Please revise for any errors and I hope you can give me helpful tips to improve this wonderful, depressing poem. & Yes, this is based on my reality. So please, no mean comments...

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I can feel it! i can also relate ..

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on February 4, 2010
Last Updated on April 21, 2010
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Melody ♫
Melody ♫


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