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            I am not human. Those words echoed into my ears as I looked into those big brown eyes of his. My heart raced and my mind went blank. I couldn’t think with him around. His eyes were still looking at me waiting to see what my reaction would be.  I just stared back at him mouth opened like an idiot. I silently wished my mind would start working again. He looked away for while as the stars hanged above our heads.

            Suddenly my brain kicked into overdrive. I started thinking maybe it’s a joke. Then I started thinking what if it wasn’t. What if he was telling the truth? What if he really wasn’t human? Then what exactly is he? I started thinking of different possibilities of what he could be. Soon that all fade away when he looked at me again.

            My heart started beating faster than I expect. At that moment I didn’t care what he was or who he was I wanted to be with him. I could in the way he stared that he wanted to be with me too. I smiled at him hopefully giving him that everything was going to be okay. He placed his hand over my hand and gave it a little gentle squeeze. He smiled back at me and then we started looking at the stars.

            Then I heard a large bang and wind blew behind us. He jumped to his feet so fast I could barely saw him. I heard leaves rustling as he looked around. Without saying a word, He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

            “What’s wrong?” I asked him. He looked worried with his mouth slightly opened.

            He replied “They found us. We have to go.” He started running pulling me along. I could hear men talking behind giving instruction to each other. I ran through the forest as fast as my legs could carry me. He was right in front our hands still connect as lights being appearing behind us. Then a bright light shined above our heads. We continued running until we got to an edge of cliff. I looked behind us and could see a group of men in black suit. Their eyes were crystal blue.

            I turned to him and looked even more worried as we were cornered. We looked behind us and looked down the cliff. It was dark I couldn’t see the ground. I turned to him as he took hard deep breath.

            He said “We going to have to jump.” I looked at him like he was a mad man. I didn’t know how far down this cliff is. I turned to men who were starting walking toward us. “You have to trust me. Do you trust me?”

            “Yes” I replied. Then he picked up bridal style, I wrapped my arms around his neck. All while thinking trust him repeatedly in my head. He held me tightly as he walked off the cliff. The air brushed my face as we pummel to the ground. I closed my eyes expecting this how we were going to dead.  This was how I was going to die.

            The drop seemed to last forever before I heard him say “You can open your eyes now.” I opened my eyes and found myself standing in front of school. I looked at him and looked almost disrupt. I don’t know what this man is, but I think the days of me being normal are long gone.


© 2011 .quan.011.

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Good opening change the word dead to die. Awrsome opening again it makes want to read more and i will but now my time for reading is used up read me to remind me to come back right now i am still busy writing my bio my life and how it had changed me.. So far its over 1000 pages so big it is contains six books the last two contain my sex life. Which is quite detailed in erotica writing take peek if you like then go back to where you left off. Which i have no idea where because it's been so long.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Awsome chapter

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Hello my name is Quan and I'm new here. I write a complete of stories that I will update. I don't do any peoms, because I'm not good at them. Thanks for reading and review my work. My Novel .. more..