Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by .quan.011.

The first actually chapter of the story



            “We’re here.” My father said pulling up to the hell hold he called Baxter Academy campus ground. I grunted at him angrily as he got out of his Porsche Cayenne 2013. I really didn’t want to see his face. After I begged and pleaded him not to make me go. He still decided that I should go, because I didn’t get along with that stupid supermodel wife of his. I didn’t like her the moment I saw that blonde wig and the fake press on nails. Dad walked over to my side of the car and opened the door.

            “You should be happy you’re going to this school.” Dad continued. All the way here, he happily listed the reasons I should go. It was one of top school in the world. It was an elitist school which meant it was very hard to get me in.  This was kind of true. Baxter Academy is a elite school full of rich students whose parents who either very rich or well connected.

            I got out of the car into the sunny courtyard of Baxter campus. Even though it looked like peaceful with it’s freshly cut grass, but I knew I was in the mouth of the beast. This campus was full of vicious girls and manipulative boys who walk on anyone just to ahead in their little social world. You can’t trust anyone in this place. I learn the hard way when I was a part of it.

            I said “What do you want from me, Dad?” I walked to the back of car to get my suitcase. He followed me looking very concerned.

            “I just don’t get it. You have been going to this school for the past two years and you have been fine. Now you hate it. Mind telling me what’s wrong?”

            I replied “Oh now you care about what I think. You know what Dad things just changed.”

            “Watch that tone of yours. I’m only looking out for you.”

            In a surge of anger I said “You stop looking out for me the moment you left Mom.” With that I pulled my bag out of the can and started walking away from him. He didn’t say a word as I walked up the brick road town the building.

            I heard the sound of the car door closing and turned around. My dad was inside of the car looking at me. I could see sadness and regret in his brown eyes. I realized what I just done. I threw my anger at my father and opened an old wound. The worse part he wasn’t the one I was anger at. At least not the only one I was anger at. I wanted to say I was sorry, but before I could say a word he pulled off.

            I turned around and continued walking between two rows of trees. I promised myself that I would call my father to apologize. I was walking to the main building to receive my schedule and my dorm room information. I was kind of anxious about meeting my new roommate. I looked around the courtyard and it was deserted like a ghost town. The sight of the main building came into view as the sun shine on brick wall turning it to bright orange. It familiar white roofs that made it looked much older than it really was.

             I walked through the large white double doors. I reminded me of my first day coming here. Back then I walked through these doors with no fear and ready for anything. I entered the building and saw the sight of lobby. It was very decorative with portraits, a wooden coffee table, a few comfortable chairs, and flat screen television. I walked up to the front desk to see the familiar face of Mrs. Wells. She was one of the nicest people in the campus probably the whole world even. She was cool, slender, and short red hair with big brown eyes.

            “Miss. Peterson welcome back,” She said smiling, “Come to get your things?” I nodded my head and she calmly walked to the back door.

            I waited quietly when the front door opened behind me. I turned around to see who else was here. Suddenly I wished I didn’t as a group of girls walked in. They were talking loudly, texting on their phones, and wearing clothing I have seen in Paris’s exclusive stores. Stores that you don’t ask what the clothes’ prices are. I f you do then you probably couldn’t afford it.

            I looked down at myself and realized that I wasn’t wearing the most fashionable. With my ruffles white blouse that my mom got me from Tokyo, a pair of blue jeans, and white sneakers, I looked pretty average. Unlike those girls who looked like they belong in a fashion show. I turned back to the room Mrs. Wells went in wishing that she would hurry up.

            “Look what we got here,” Damnit too late. I turned to see the one person I really didn’t want see Natalie Robinson. She looked like a French model with her short golden brown hair and catlike brown eyes. “Lindsey Peterson, how are you?”

            I replied “I’m fine.” I knew that she really didn’t care and only wanted something she could use against

            “Oh really, I saw how you took the news about your boyfriend.” She said pleasantly yet viciously. I wasn’t surprise that she was doing this. We had always been rivals since we were both freshmen.

            I corrected her “You mean ex-boyfriend.” What was taking Mrs. Wells so long I thought to myself. “Of course you mean if my boyfriend did that I would have drop him fast too. Then again I can keep my man satisfied.”

            Then Mrs. Wells appeared with a large plastic bag full of I guess full of books. She also had a key in her hand. She placed them into the desk. I looked at the bag shockingly and grunted. I imagined me carrying all those books every single day. Then all the homework I would have to do. I saw a lot of all nighters in my future.

            She said “There you go, sweetie.”

            “Thank you, Mrs. Wells.” I said grabbing the bag and the key.

            She added “Your room is Room 4A third floor on the right.” I nodded my head silently and walked through the door that led into the hallway. I didn’t even look at Natalie and her friends as I walked by.

            Natalie yelled “Bye hope to see you real soon.”

            The moment I walked out of the room, I quickly realized the campus was a ghost town. I walked down the long hallway full of more portraits of famous people who once went to this school, plants, and occasionally decorative tables. More importantly there were students everywhere. They seemed so happy as they walked to their new rooms, check out their new school books, and socialize with each other. I wished I could do that with my old friends, but I’m not sure with they weren’t truly my friends. They didn’t really stick with after that thing that I will never speak of happened.

            As I walked through the crowd in the hallway, I decide to make a list of everything I need to improve my life.

1.      Try to get straight A’s for this year.

2.      Try not to fight with my new roommates.

3.      Try not to not a b***h to everyone.

            I know what you are all thinking its okay to be a b***h sometimes, but not all the time. Some people were genuinely nice, and I treated them like crap. I thought they were below and I could do whatever I want. I’m no longer that girl and I will only throw dirt with someone threw at me. I will be nice to people who are nice to me like any person.

            I walked up to the third floor of the west dormitory. Baxter Academy is a huge building that is split into three big sections. The first and main section is where all of the classrooms, the cafeteria, gym, and etc are located. Then in the east wing is where the boy dormitory.

            I arrived at the door labeled 4A. It was slightly opened so I pushed it open completely and saw two girls. They looked as different as night and day. One girl had long blonde hair that looked like it was actually made of gold. She had a boy that most girls would kill for, and had crystal blue eyes. The other girl looked like a punk rocker with her short red hair, skinny figure, and brown eyes.

            “Hello, I’m your new roommate. My name is-“I said. It looked like they were talking about something when they turned to me.

            The blonde girl interrupted me “I know who you are.” Then she walked out of the room rolling her eyes at me. I want to pull those eyes out, but I remain calm. Then the rocker chick looked at me and folded her arms.

            “Yeah I know who you are too. Lindsey Peterson, the dethroned queen of Baxter Academy.”

            I replied “Yeah that’s me and you are?”

            “Molly, Molly Gibson. You probably don’t remember, but you kicked me and my friends out of your party the night…”

            “Yeah,” I said not wanting her to finish, “I’m sorry about that. You missed a great show.”

             I was the queen of the school and I made some people’s lives miserable. I was able to decide who was in the popular crowd and what clothing line was in at the time. If you were popular and your parents made enough money then you would be my friend. If not then, I was probably on your s**t list. I feel like I already on Molly’s s**t list.

            Molly said “Yeah, it looked like karma bit you in the a*s.” She was right. After all the mean things, I have done. It was only fair that was something bad happened to me.

            “Who was the ball of sunshine?”

            She said “That is Amber Storm, I expert you two to be best friends and to annoy the hell out of me.”

            “I doubt that. I bet she’s talking to the head of the girl dorm to get reassign to new room.” I walked over to the only empty bed as Molly walked outside to check on Amber. It was by the window so I had a great view of the courtyard. I threw my bag on the bed and took a quick look around the room. It was simple looking, and big enough for three people to live together without being on top of each other.

            I started walking out of the room as I heard whispering. I wondered what everyone was whispering about. I stepped outside to find Molly leaning against the wall as every girl was out of the dorm watching Amber arguing with girl. I guessed she was the dorm advisor.

            “This is an outrage. I demand a new room.” Amber said. This wasn’t the first someone wanted to be reassigned because of me. I was well known for getting my own room. This was the first time I didn’t do anything to make her want to move out. This was also the first time I was actually embossed by it.

            The room advisor said “You obliviously didn’t hear or don’t understand. So I will say it again. There are no more rooms unless you count the janitor’s room which is quite spacey.”

            “Fine then I will move in there.”

            The room advisor said surprisingly “I was joking, you can’t move into the janitor’s room. Now go back to your room and get ready for student orientation.” Amber turned around on her heels and angrily walked past the crowd to our room. She didn’t say a word to Molly or me as she walked by.

            Molly said sarcastically “This year going off to a good start.” I silently agreed and walked back to our room with Molly. I hope with my change the year would get better to. 

© 2011 .quan.011.

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Man I wish I could write books this good keep up the great work

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