Chapter Four

Chapter Four

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Four


            The week couldn’t have gone by fast enough. Bad enough I had to go through Mr. Kennedy’s Biology class, but I had to do it all in a new uniform. The school counsel developed this after some started complaining how revealing the girls’ clothing was. So all girls had to wear a dark gray skirt, white shirt with plain gray tie, and maroon jacket. Boys had to wear similar clothing expected they had to wear dark gray slacks. After a long day I was heading back to my dorm room for a little relaxation before I start at my homework.

            “Lindsey! Lindsey, wait up.” I turned around to see Molly running toward me. She was wearing the uniform too, but and some black with some bracelets. She was carrying some books.

            I smiled “Hey, what’s up?” She stopped in front me and tried to catch for a minute. I waited patiently for her to talk. “Take your time.”

            Once she was back to normal, “There was supposed to be this big party on the docks.”

            I said “Yeah, I know there always a party at the end of the first week. It’s like a tradition.”Everyone goes to this party no matter what school they go to. Sometimes that’s a problem, but other times it just all clean fun. “Didn’t you know that?”

            She lied “Yeah, of course so are you going?”

            “Actually I didn’t plan on going. I really need to work on Mr. Kennedy’s assignment. I would probably be doing this all weekend.”

            “Maybe you should come, James have asking about you. He seems really into you.” I have notice that how James acted around me. He was smiling and sending me flirty looks. I had to admit he was kind of cute not model gorgeous like Alex, but still easy on the eye. He was also nice, caring, and funny. Man, was he funny? He keeps the whole group laughing all the time. Maybe I should give James a chance.

            I said “Yeah, I guess I could show up.”

            “Thanks, now he can stop bugging me,” She said turning around, “Oh yeah also if you break his heart I’ll break your legs.”

            I said “I can accept that.” Molly started walking away. I didn’t know she was so protective of James.

             I walked back to my dorm room. If I was going to this party then I would need to pick out the good outfit. I wanted something sexy yet causal.  I went to closet and started sorting through a bunch of clothing. I had many dresses, but this was more of a nightclub kind of party. So out of the pile, I pulled out a cute black short dress that I haven’t worn since I don’t know when. It would go good with a black leather jacket that my mother brought me.

            I thrown the clothes on my bed and started heading to the bathroom when there was a knock on the door. I walked to the door and looked through the peek hole. There was Alex standing in front of my door holding science book. I almost forgot how tall he is, He was like a tower with muscles. I opened the door.

            “Hey, what are you doing here?”

            He smiled “What you’re not happy to see me, Linz.” I laughed at his pitiful excuse of nickname. His smile faded “I’m sorry, are we still first name basic.”

            “No,” I said trying to stop laughing, “Linz is not a good nickname. It’s best just to call me Lindsey.”

            He said “Well Lindsey, you left your science book at our table.” He handed it to me. “See you Monday.”

            He started walking away when I called out “Aren’t you going to the party?”          He stopped for a second “No, I have to do some things.” Things, I couldn’t help, but wonder what was these things were. I was none of my business. Then he continued walking down the hallway. He pasted Molly and Amber giving a pleasant smile as he continued moving.

            They quickly walked up to me and both asked the same question. “What was he doing here?”

            I simply replied “He just came to return my book.” They entered the room while I closed the door behind them. We started rotating through the rooms from bathroom to vanity table. I looked into the mirror and I had to admit I looked pretty hot. I picked the good outfit,

            While putting on her eyeliner, Amber said “Looking pretty for Alex?”

            I replied “I don’t need a man to look pretty for. I just like to pretty.” Molly looked at me. What? She didn’t need know about James. James and I weren’t really in a relationship yet. This wasn’t really date more like a practice date.

            “Good, because I heard Vicky still has her eye on him.” She said I accidentally let out a brief laughter and she turned to look at me. I wondered if I should really tell her seeing as it was none of her or mine business. It couldn’t hurt seeing as I didn’t know everything about him.

            “He’s not going to be at party tonight. “

            Amber asked “What are you talking about?”

            “He has stuff to do.”There was knock on the door and I walked toward it. I looked through the peep hole.

            There was James dress nicely and had a fresh haircut. He looked a little more mature. He was wearing a black sport jacket, a grey shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and some brown boots. I opened the door and saw his face light up. There was a huge grin on his face.

            He said “Hello Molly, you look amazing.” He continued to look at me up and down.

            “Thanks, you took nice too.”

            He said “Well, we should head out. The others are waiting for us outside” I nodded my head as Molly walked up toward us.

            She said “I’m ready so let’s party.” I smiled I didn’t know she was such a party animal. James opened the door letting me and Molly out first. Then he closed the door behind us.

            We walked through the hallway with it crowd with people all dressy up for the party. James’s cheek was rosy red as he continued looking at me. I had to admit I enjoyed having his attention, I could tell he was nervous and so was I. This was my first time actually being with someone like this since Tom.

            Once we got outside things changed as he became calmer especially when we saw the others. They were all dress up looking very pretty as they stood by the entrance. The moment I saw their faces I realized why they were there. They were moral supporting James making sure everything went okay. Gabby walked up to us.

            “Don’t you all look nice, come on let’s go before the restaurant gets crowd.” She said. Then she and others started heading toward the parking lot. I followed them with James by my side.

            I had to ask him “What? What restaurant?”

            James said “We thought it would be a good idea to get some to eat before the party.” I could tell the way he talk it was really his idea, but it was a good one. I didn’t really eat that much and I was starving.

            We followed the group as they headed toward a big black fancy truck. It was huge and big enough to fit all of us. Stan did the driving while Gabby sat in the passenger seat next to him. Jane, Molly, and I sat in the back seat behind the couple. The twins sat in the trunk space behind us.

            “Nice truck, Stan.” I commented as we pulled out of the parking lot and started going through the fields of wheat.

            He said “Thanks, my dad owns a chain of car factories. So I get to test driver all the new models.”

            “Too bad, they all poorly made.” John said then I heard some laughter coming from the twins.

            Stan said firmly “That’s not true.” Then all of suddenly started slowing down until it completely stopped.

            “Yeah you’re right. It’s just the cars he gives you that suck.” John continued.

            Gabby turned around “If you are such an expert on cars then why don’t you go out and fix this.” The back grew silence. “Yeah, that’s what I though.”

            Stan smiled and kissed her on the lips. It was very sweet, and it kind of made me jealous. Not of Gabby and Stan, but their relationship. The connection they had was amazing and made me wondered. Did I ever have that kind of connect with Tom? Will I have that kind of connect with James?’

            Their sweet moment was interrupted by the sight of smoke coming out of the hood. Everyone jumped out of the truck. Well there goes our dinner plan. Stan and the guys popped the hood. I had feeling they had no idea what they were doing. The girls and I stood beside of the car at the edge of the field.

            Molly said “Can you hurry up and fix up?”

            “We don’t have the right tools,” James said back, “Just us twenty minutes.”

            A bright light shine on our faces as a beat up black car went us. Then it pulled over giving me a bad feeling too. I wanted to leave now not in the next twenty minutes. I started moving, but James was already approaching us.

            “Get in the car now.” He said quietly, but it was already too late.

             Someone was already getting out of the car. I could hear the car doors opened and shut up. Whoever they were there were of them. My heart started beating fast. I told myself it was probably just some guys who could help us. I knew I was kidding myself as mischievous laughter echoed. Four guys walking towards us right behind James. He turned around making a small wall behind us and the guys.

            “Ladies are we having car problems?” one of them said Out of the group he was the only one not wearing a cap with a golden number ten. He had a huge evil grin on his face as his eyes looked at me up and down. His friends were all licking their lips like they were a bunch of animals.

            Stan said “We’re all fine here.” He and John joined James making the human wall a little tougher. “We don’t need your help so why don’t you go back to your-“

            “Shut the f**k up. That’s the problem with you rich boys all talk and no action.” He said. Suddenly all of sudden the boys looked like they were about to fight. Their muscles started getting tense as they were ready to strike. James sighed as he started taking off his jacket. I couldn’t believe this was happening. This was not how I planned my night. I quickly grabbed a fallen tree branch and prepared to defend myself.

            Then I heard a car heading toward us. Its headlight shined on each one of our faces. I hope it was someone who could help.  As it got closer I could see it was a silver crossover truck. It stopped right in front of us. In the passenger seat was Mrs. Wells. I couldn’t see who was in the driver seat, but I guessed Principal Wells was in the driver seat. This was good maybe he could help us.

            She rolled down her window and smiled sweetly, “Hello is everything okay?”

            The guy leaned down to her “Yes, ma’am why don’t you get the f**k out of here before you get hurt.” Mrs. Wells turned to the driver’s seat. They seem to be arguing and the boy become angrier. “B***h, didn’t I tell you to leave?”

            Mrs. Wells turned back to the young man and was about to say something. The car suddenly went in reverse. The boys started laughing as they must thought they scared off the Wells. My heart sank then the car stopped and so did the laughter. The driver side door opened up. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Alex got out of the vehicle. He looked completely different more dangerous. His eyes were cold detached like predator that just trapped its prey. I didn’t know who I was more afraid of the boys or him.

            “Fellows, we seem to have a problem.”

            The boy said “Yeah, you and you old bi-“Alex walked to hum until they were face to face.

            “Don’t you dare? I don’t know what your mother had taught you, but you don’t call a lady a b***h especially one that was just trying to help. Now you are going to apologize to my mom.”

            The boy said “Mother? Have you seen you two skin colors?” His friends started laughing even harder. “You two are as different then night and day.” He gave Alex a little push, but Alex didn’t move. The smile quickly faded away as he continued to stare Alex down.

            “Nonetheless, you will apologize to her.” Alex said taking his jacket. The gang didn’t seem impressed by Alex’s muscles.

            His mother, could the Wells have adopted him, and if so why keep it a secret. Why not tell everyone at school. I continued to watch Alex as his hands balled in fists. Then in a split second he charged at them. He actually started attacking all four of them.

             I turned to the others and yelled “What are you guys doing help him?”

            They remained perfectly still like statues as the fight continued. I couldn’t just watch as Alex fight four people. Still holding a tree branch, I started rushing in. James noticed me moving and immediately grabbed my arm. I quickly realized Alex really didn’t need anyone’s help.

             Alex was handling the gang all on his own, Okay, actually he was doing a whole lot more than handling. He was kicking their asses. Not a single blow landed on him as he took them down. In twenty seconds, all, but one man was standing. It was one with the big mouth. He was quiet now expect for the sound of him breathing he breathing hard. He charged toward Alex ready to throw a punch. Alex blocked the blow with his arm. Then he kicked the boy in the chest. The boy fell to the ground but quickly got back up. He pulled a pistol out of his jeans and pointed at Alex.

            Molly, Jane, and Gabby all grasped as the boy walked toward Alex. He placed the barrel on Alex’s forehead. “What do you have to say now, tough guy?”

            I wanted to sneak over and hit him, but James held me back. His grip was even tighter than before. It wasn’t going to stop. I started struggle when I saw Alex looking straight at me. He shook his head slightly. I hoped that the guy didn’t notice. It seem he didn’t as he laugh victoriously unaware that the tables were about to turn.

            “All I have to say is you left the safety on, stupid.” Alex grabbed the guy’s wrist and twisted it back. The guy grunted in pain as Alex took the gun and pointed it at him. The boy’s friends started getting up, Alex pointed the gun at them still holding the boy’s wrist.

             “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Get your asses back in that car and get the hell out of here.” They slowly got into the car.

            The boy cried out “Don’t leave me with him.” They didn’t even look at him as they drove off. Alex pulled him along past us. He took him straight to Mrs. Wells’s vehicle. I guessed he was making the boy apologize. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but I could hear the others whispering next to me. They all seem really impressed even Stan was although I could see some fear in their faces. James finally let go of my arm.

            “What were you thinking?” he sounded more worried than anger, “You could have gotten hurt.”

            I said “I was trying to help. I’m not some damsel who needs to be protected all the time.” James was about to say something when Alex returned with the guy. He pushed him to the ground in front of us.

            “Now apologize to them for ruining their night.” Alex commanded the guy.

            The guy grudgingly said “I’m sorry for ruining your night.” Alex let him get up. “Can I have my gun back?”

            Alex looked at him for a minute. “No! Get out of here.” The boy turned and started his long walk home. Alex didn’t look at us rather he didn’t look at me. He looked at the pistol with analytical stare. It was liked we wasn’t even there.

            Then Mrs. Wells pulls up alongside of us. “Are you kids alright now?”

            “Yeah, but our car has broken down, but I have someone coming-“

            Alex could probably help you out.” She said. Alex suddenly came back to reality and nodded his head. He walked past us heading to the hood.

             After a few seconds, Alex said “I could fix, but I will need to go home to get my tools.” He shut the hood. “I could push the car back to our house.” He looked at Stan for conformation.

            Stan looked at us. “Okay, save me a few bucks.”

            Mrs. Wells said “Okay, if you want you guys can come to our house of this cold weather.”

            Molly smiled “Yeah, cool with me.” She turned to us. “What it’s really cold?” We got into the van which fit all of us and some bags of food. Stan decided to stay with Alex and help him pushed the truck to their house. We started moving I watched as Alex walked to the back of the van. He still seemed a little angry. We pulled off leaving them behind them.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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Wow I am so glad Alex kicked there asses for messing with them and for calling Mrs Wells a b***h

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