Chapter Five

Chapter Five

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Five


            I have known the Well’s family for years. I was even at their wedding with the rest of my family. I thought they lived at campus with all the rest of staff. Instead they lived in a beautiful white old country house. It had white fence around the front yard and on the porch with a golden retriever lying on the floor. We stopped at the driveway. The dog lifted its head and let out a sleepy bark. Then it went right back down between its front paws.

            “You have a beautiful house, Mrs. Wells.” Gabby said getting out of the van.

            Even though she insisted we didn’t have to we each took a couple bags of food. It was the least we could do after ruining her night. I walked through the front door and immediately felt a warming welcome home feeling. I follow Mrs. Wells through hallway past the stairs. There were pictures of various people hanging on the walls. I even noticed a wedding photo of Wells and my family standing near the church. That was much happier time.

            We entered the kitchen and put the bags on the table. I looked around the kitchen. It wasn’t a big kitchen like in my house, but in a way it looked absolutely perfect. There was even a plate of oatmeal cookies on the table. I tried to grab one, but Mrs. Wells.

            “Put that down or you’re ruin your dinner.” She said as she started putting the food. Funny, my mom used to say something like that expect she would say don’t eat that. That’s 80 calories. I moved away for the table.

            “Where is the bathroom?” I asked her.

            Mrs. Wells replied “Upstairs, third door on your right.” I nodded and started my way back to the hallway. I was about to walk upstairs when the front door opened up. I turned around to see Principal Wells walking through it. He looked up at me and I could see the confusion in his face.

            “Mrs. Wells is in the kitchen. She can explain everything.” I said. Then I ran up the stairs before he could say anything else.

             I follow Mrs. Wells’s directions counting the doors on the right side. I was so relieved when I got to the bathroom. The quiet room gave me time to soak in everything that happened. From our car breaking down to Alex fighting those wannabe gangsters, how quick his moves were as he took down each one of them. How he grabbed that guy’s gun? It was as if he was trained for that situation.

            Outside, I could hear the dog barking and I assumed that someone had arrived. Maybe it was Stan and Alex. I looked out of the window and they were pushing the broken truck up to the driveway. The dog practically jumped off the porch and ran straight to Alex.

            Alex smiled “Come down Einstein.” He patted the dog and started walking to the door. He and Stan were talking to each other. Then randomly he looked up and our eyes met for a second. Then he quickly walked to the porch. I backed up before Stan could see me. I finished up and began heading back down to the kitchen. As I got to the hallway, Alex was walking back out. He didn’t even look at me as he walked by.

            I called out “Thanks for saving us.” He silently nodded his head and continued moving until he was out the door. I walked into kitchen and sat at the table between Molly and James.

            “He’s just need some time, dear.” Mrs. Wells said looking at me. I guessed I looked upset to everyone.

            I said “I don’t care.” If he wants to be Mr. Broody guy so be it. No skin off my back. I grabbed some food and put it on my plate. There was some meat loaf, mash potatoes, and some vegetables. There was one seat that empty and I guess that was Alex’s. Even though I tried to focus on James, my eyes would slowly return to that spot.

            “So your father is a famous lawyer, huh?’ James said.

            I replied “Yeah, he worked with many companies for years until he started his own firm. What does your father do?”

            “He works for the C.I.A,” he said I looked at him shockingly, “He’s not a spy or nothing like that he mostly deals with paperwork.”

            John said “Yeah, that’s what he tells us that. I think he is an agent.” He nodded his head as he cut a piece a meat and eat it.

            “John, have you been looking at those websites again?” John’s face turned bright red, but I wanted to hear more.

            “What website?” Jane said. I wasn’t the one interested in the story. Everyone looked at James who looked very nervous.

            He sighed “Okay, one day I was on my father’s laptop.”

            “Which we are not supposed to do.” James commented.

            John continued “Well I did, and I found a folder labeled Program Commando. However before I got a change to access it my dad walked into the office. After he chewed me out about going into his office, I went back in. He deleted the folder completely. So I did what most healthy Americans do, I did some dig online. I found a lot of websites that had information government experimenting with enhancing human performance.”

            “Like Captain America?” Gabby said.

            John replied “Exactly.” Everyone started laughing and James rolled his eyes. I on the other hand found it every interesting.

            Stan said “You really shouldn’t trust those sights.”

            “Why not, that exactly what every country is aiming for. Think about it with an army of super soldiers. The government can do whatever they want.”

            Principal Wells said “You make it sound like the government wants to take over the world.”

            “Of course not our government will use the soldiers to protect our interests and our country. God bless anyone who decided to declare war on us.”

            Mrs. Wells said “With all this war on terror again, it might be nice to have a few super soldiers.” I could agree. Everyone I heard something about a group of people attacking others. They were kidnapping, beating, and then executing people. A few years back, US government figures have enough of these groups. They decide to military action was needed after a UN building got bombed killing a lot of people. Till this we still don’t know the exact number. For ten years, troopers from all around the world were sent to the Middle East, but instead of putting down the group. They just made it worse and in the end they had to pull out. Some people believed that we should have finished what we started. Other people thought it was a good idea and we saved a lot of American lives.

            Principal Wells said “So kinds, what’s your plan?” We all looked at each, but didn’t say anything. “Oh you must going to that party.” We just looked at him all wondering how exactly did he knew this. “I’m not stupid. Have fun, don’t drink, and try not get into anymore fights.”

            Then back door opened and Alex walked into the house. His hands and face was practically covered in grease. He stood at the doorway wiping his hands on a towel. “Your car is working again, but goes easy on the gas thought.”

            He looked at us and all I could see was this great sadness. He looked away and started heading to the hallway.

            “Don’t you want something to eat?” Mrs. Wells said. Alex stopped and turned around to her.

            “No thanks, I’m just going to go to sleep.”

            Sensing the awkwardness, I got up from my chair. “Hey shouldn’t we get going now.” Everyone suddenly agreed and started moving. We thanked them for everything and moved out of the house. We all got back to the truck. Stan was amazed by Alex’s work.

            “It sound like it did when I first got it.” He said pulling out of the driveway. I looked at the house one more time. On the roof, Alex sat next window with Einstein’s head sticking out of it. I waved good-bye the least I could do. He gave me a weak smile and waved back. Then we were off, I watched as the house faded away. Stan put on some loud punk rock and everyone was banging their head. It made my head, but I didn’t care. My stomach was full, and I was going to a party. Life was pretty sweet to me.

            When we arrived at the docks, it was already full of people. Everyone was there from every school district around the county. Whole dock had become a huge night club. We went through the metal fence and parked next to a familiar silver car. Oh god, I almost forgot Vicky and her friends were supposed to be here. I was going to let them bother me.  We got out of the van and started heading to center area where everyone was dancing. The music was great as everyone was dancing around the DJ.

            I grabbed James’s hand and pulled him into people. “Come on, big boy lets what you got?”

            “Got to tell you I don’t normal do this.” He said smiling

            He started dancing behind as I grinding on him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. We were dancing for what seem like hours. Then someone grabbed our shoulders. We turned to find Tom standing beside us. Tom flashed us a devilishly smile.

            He said “Wow look at the two new lovebirds. Watch James, she is a pistol.” I elbowed him hard in the rib. “See what I mean.” Then Ashley and Vicky emerged for the crowd. They walked right beside him looking hot with their designer skirts and shirt.

            “Is there a problem?” Ashley said holding a drink in her hand.

            I said “No, it’s just your boyfriend being an a*s.” I could hear Tom laughing in the background. I realized he was having fun with. He was enjoying making us fight like this. I wasn’t going to be a part of it. I was about to walk away when James step in.

            “What don’t you grew the hell up, Tom? Man, you have been doing this crap since Middle school. Get over yourself.”

            Tom smiled “I’m sorry, but you think I’m one of your punk a*s friend. I have no problem putting a hole in your chest, little Jaime.”

            “No one has called me that in years. I hate that nickname.” James said aggressively. Tom smiled I realized doing it again causing problem with that mouth of his. He had talent in getting underneath people’s skin. I wasn’t going let James fallen into the same trap I almost fall in. I grabbed his hand and pulled forcefully away from Tom.

            Tom said “What? You need your woman to back you up.” We walked into the crowd of people to try lost them. I feel James’s hand began shaking as we got to the others. John was talking to some pretty girl. He looked over at his brother and then looked at me.

            “Wow, what happened here?” he asked James. James didn’t say anything for a minute.

            He said “I have to bathroom.” He walked away leaving me to answer John’s question.

            “Tom called him Jaime and he almost snapped.” A light bulb seemed to go off in John’s head as his eyes got big.

            He replied “Yeah that will do it.” I was about to question him farther when suddenly Stan walked toward with Gabby beside him. They were seemed like they were having fun. Good, at least someone was. I turned to the bar and got my can of soda. I turned around to see Tom walking over to James. I sighed I didn’t plan to play babysitter. I decide to let them go at. Not if they really going to fight, right?

             I watched as they started talking first and Tom pushed him. James fell back for a second and regained his balance. He pushed Tom back and then punched him in the face. I watched as the two started fighting. Then John, Stan, and a couple of Tom’s friends rushed over trying to break it up. I quickly rushed the through the crowd toward them. Ashley and some girls were doing the same thing. I arrived at front of the bathroom. Stan and one of Tom’s friends ripped them up. James was still struggling to break free of Stan’s grip, but it looked like Stan was too strong. Ashley walked over to Tom and slapped him hard across the face.

            Before she had a chance to say anything, police siren could be heard from the background. It seem like


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oh no i hope they dont go to jail for fighting jamie is right though tom does need to grow up this is a great book i cant wait to see what happends next keep up the great work

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