N&M Chapter Five

N&M Chapter Five

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Even inside of a hospital, Alan Stevens is not safe.


Chapter Five

No Still Alive


                        The light shined in my face as I opened my eyes. I expected found myself lying on the cold floor of the abandon building. Instead I was on the cold asphalt street with the light shining over my head. I tried to find something familiar to tell where I was. Then I heard a high pitch screaming. It sounded like a girl voice. Then girl ran right past me without looking at me. I didn’t recognize her.

            Then I found what she was running from. A giant gray wolf was right behind her. It was bigger than the wolf I fought earlier. Its fur was a mixture of grey, black, and light brown. She was running as fast as she could. It wasn’t enough as it was gaining on her. I started chasing after them. If I could just get the wolf’s attention then she could get away. I pushed my legs to their limit and slowly gained on it. I struck out my hand ready to grab the wolf’s tail. Only my hand went straight through it.

            What the hell! I thought as the wolf lunged at the girl. It scooped her up in its mouth.  I expected this to be the end. The wolf would rip her apart. Instead the wolf carried the girl away as I watched helpless. I had mixed feelings about that. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy she was alive. However I just fought one of them that simply killed a whole gang. Yet this one just simply kidnapped the girl. It just didn’t seem right with me. What could it possible want from her?

            Then I woke up to someone crying and a machine beeping nearby. I instantly realized that I was inside of a hospital room. I looked around to see if I could found someone I recognized. I looked around the room until my eyes set on my mother sitting in the corner. Her head was in her hands. She was one who was crying.  I let out a weak cough alerting her. Her head shot straight up and her eyes fell to me. What could it possible want from her?

            “Oh sweetie you’re awake. You gave us quite shock there.” She said rushing over to me. I tried to move, but something was holding me down. I looked around to find wires sticking out various parts of my body. I say various, because I don’t think you want to know all the details.

            “Where am I?” I asked her weakly.

            She said “We are in the hospital. The police found you at warehouse. They brought here. You lose a lot of blood. Luckily you have common blood type. Otherwise…”

            She didn’t have to say anymore. I understood I was almost a goner. I grunted in pain as I tried to get up. My mom gently pushed me back down as if I was still a little child.

            “You need to get some rest,” she insisted, “We will talk about everything when your father gets here.”  I didn’t want to wait anymore.

            I said “Tell me now. Who is my real father?”

            Tears didn’t roll down her cheeks this time. She looked calm as if she was thinking of best way to tell me this. I am more of straight forward kind of guy. She wanted to see if I could take all the new information. I waited patiently and stay to remain calm. I wanted to know everything about my biological father. If that mean I had to play by her rules so be it. After a few seconds, she let out of sigh. I knew I won our little mental battle.

            “You have the right to know,” she said sitting down on the edge of the bed, “Your father was one of the greatest men I have ever met. He was beautiful, strong, and very proud. So much that he is kind of arrogant sometimes. At the same time, he had this deep sadness about him. You know you look so much like him.”

            “Did he love us?”

            She grasped “Of course he did, Alan. The happiest day in his life was the day you were born. The saddest day was when he had to leave us.”

            “Why did he have to leave?”

            Mom was about to answered when Dad and Anna walked through the door. They didn’t seem surprised to see that I was wake. Dad was carrying some balloons and a long wrapped up box. Anna just had an envelope which I guessed had a get well card in it. She placed it on the table next to me.

            Dad smiled “So you are finally wake. You had us very worried, son.” I was surprised he still called son after everything I had done.

            “Your little vacation well be over soon.” He continued placing the balloons and the box beside me.

            “How long I have been out?”

            Anna replied “Only A couple of weeks, your homework has been piling up.” She pointed at the far right corner of the room. There was a small pile of books and folders. Holy Crap! My heart sank at the sight of the pile. It was going to take a long time to get caught up.

            “Don’t worry about that. You just get better. Your aunt and uncle will be coming over soon.” Oh goody, I thought. They probably came just to show their face out of duty or they are just being noisy.

            Dad said “Also I want to talk to you about what happened.” He reached into his coat and pulled out a small notepad.

            “I don’t remember, sorry.” I lied. What was I going to say that a giant wolf killed all those people? Then it attacked me. Everyone would automatically think that I was insane serial killer. Then the court would charge me for multiple murder changes and throw me into mental hospital. Being in a mental hospital was not part of my life plan.

            Dad asked “Then why were you there?”

            at least, I could do  was tell him the truth about that. “All I can remember is going to warehouse to look for punk that took my watch. You know the watch grandma gave me. The rest is just a blank.”

            Then I realized that maybe I shouldn’t have say anything. As I turned to my mom who looked surprisingly calm. My dad on the other hand looked stress which was understandable. I was avoiding a lot of his questions. I wasn’t making it easy for him. Then someone else walked through the door. I was hopeful to at least have a somewhat good looking female nurse. Instead I got a dorky looking guy, man do I got bad luck.

            “Mr. Stevens, you are finally awake. Just came to check up on you.” The nurse said smiling. He walked over and started examining the machines. “Your blood pressure is good, heart rate is normal, but you should still get some rest.”

            That was the cue for everyone to leave. They started heading out of the door, all expect for Mom who didn’t move. She remained perfectly still on the edge of bed. I didn’t want to her leave. I wanted to know more about my father.

            She insisted “I will stay here until Alan falls to sleep.” She turned to me and smiled. I knew what she was trying to do, but the nurse wouldn’t hear of it.

            “Sorry, but I must insist. You can come back tomorrow morning” he said. Mom got up ready to argue some more. Who am I to go against the doctor’s order? I thought.

            “Don’t worry about it, Mom, We can talk some more tomorrow.” I said giving her an ensuring smile.

            “Fine, but we are just a phone call away.” Mom said getting up from the bed. She kissed me on the forehead. Then she and the family were led out of room by the nurse. I was alone with my thoughts. Good, that meant no uncle and aunt visit tonight. I rolled over to my side and drifted off to sleep. It wasn’t long until I was fast to sleep. I started having that dream.

            Once again I found myself running through the snow covered forest. The blurry creature was chasing after me with such a speed. It was unbelievable. I leaped over a fallen, past trees, and through snow white bushes. Then I heard a voice in the snowy winter air.

            “Alan, you must defend yourself. You must wake up.” the voice said. It sounded powerful yet proud and then an intense light flashed into my face. I was slowly being sucked in until I was back to reality.  Then I woke up to find something white and soft on top of me. It was being pressured against my face hard. I found it hard to breath. The sheet was being forced down my throat. I could feel the person applying more pressure to it.

            I quickly grabbed the person’s hands and tried to push them away. They wouldn’t move. Who was doing this was strong, but I still had another option. I kicked the person. I felt the pressure quickly fade away. I heard a whelp and a big bang.  I threw the pillow off of me. I saw a man crashed into a wall. The man was wearing a doctor uniform.

            What kind of hospital, I thought as the guy started getting back up. Then the nurse entered the room. He looked at me and then at the mad doctor.

            “What the hell is going on?” he said before the mad doctor rushed him. With a powerful backhand, the doctor slapped him away. The nurse crashed through the doorway back into the main hallway. I heard people moving around.

             Then he turned to me, his eyes were big and black as night itself with yellow iris. His fingernails became as long and thigh as claws. He smiled at me with his pearl white fangs. He didn’t seem to know what he did.  He moved so fast and leaped into the air. I rolled off the bed just as he landed on top of it. Then I grabbed the side of the bed and flipped it over. It didn’t even slow him down as he tossed it aside. He came at me again. He was faster this time, but I was ready.

            I dived to the ground and rolled out of the way. The doctor began to change again. He was getting bigger and more muscular more beastlike. He swung his claw at me. I jumped back barely missing the claw. He swung at me again with his other claw. I grabbed its claw and toss him to a wall. He crashed into the picture, before hitting the floor.

            “Use the sword!” I heard a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around to see Mr. Banner pointing at the present my father brought up.

            I quickly ran to the box, leaping over the bed where it was on floor. I opened it revealing a sword in its sheath. It wasn’t just any sword, but a Roman gladius. It was a sword used by Roman infantry. I didn’t have time to fully examine as the demonic doctor rushed to me. He was on all four like an animal. I dodged his tackle. I gripped tightly on the hilt and rushed in. I attacked swiftly with a downward cut. The blade cut through his right arm slicing it all.

            This sword was incredible. It was so light. It left like expensive of my arm. It was perfectly balanced to me. It was also so sharp that it went through the doctor’s flesh like butter. He screamed in pain as his blood sprayed everywhere, and his arm fell to the floor.

            “Son of b***h, I’ll kill you. I drained the blood from your body.” He screamed. He swung his only arm around like a mad man.

            I ducked underneath it and then lung the blade into his chest. He immediately stopped moving and looked at me. The last expression on his face was of surprise. I pulled the sword out and he fell to the ground. He collapsed the ground completely motionless. I looked down at it. This wasn’t the first time I seen a dead person.

            “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that to happen.” I said while staring at the bloody remains.

            He said “We have to leave now before the humans come back.” He turned me around to face him. “We cannot be caught with this.”

            He checked the door as we could hear footsteps marched in the hallway. Then he returned to me. “Come on, we have to go now.”

            He pulled out of the room by my shoulder. We walked through the hallway as people were panicking. We ran through people as they rushed past us bumping into each other. I didn’t know what was going on. It was like everyone was going crazy.

            “What’s going on?” It was like a mad house.

            He replied “This wasn’t an attack. This was a test. They know what you are now. They know you are a demigod.”

             I looked at him as if he was a mad man, but I didn’t have time to question further. We continued moving through the people to the elevator.

            We rode it all the way down to the first floor. Just like other hallway, people were going mad, throwing papers up in the air, breaking computers, and even dancing with each other. At least they not fighting, I thought as we continued moving. I dodged the dancing couple, leaped over a pile of broken computers, and pushed the floating papers out of my way. When we finally escaped that place, I was happy as hell. Now all I need to do was figured what Mr. Banner was talking about.

© 2011 .quan.011.

Author's Note

Please tell all problems, such as grammar problems, word flow, and understands.

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Again very gripping. I must turn the page. Oh please don't let me down. Writers here on. WC are very hard to find that are this good at writing. We all need help from time to time and some of us are willing to pass on what we have learned.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great book keep up the great work

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great story!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Again, a thoroughgoing edit and remember to read it as a reader not a writer if you can, great piece writing though.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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