N&M: Chapter Seven

N&M: Chapter Seven

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter 7

Home Invasion


            I told Mr. Banner everything about my dream. How the wolf chased down a young and took her alive although then killing her. As I finished, his face changed. He seemed somewhat interest. Then it changed to horror. I hoped that he understand my dream more than I did. He muttered something underneath his mouth. Then he bit his lip. This made me wondered if this was going to be a good or a bad thing.

            “Sir, what is going on? What does that dream mean?”

            He sat down “They are looking for him, Fenrir the wolf god of the north. If they free him, it will be all over. He will ravage this world, destroying anyone and everything in his path. We must not let this happen.”

            “Where is Fenrir?”

            He said “He’s locked up in the hell with the other monsters. They were thrown in there after the war.”

            “So they wished to open the doorway to hell to free their so call god,” Darius said walking toward us, “We can’t let that happen so tell us. How do we stop these b******s?”

            Mr. Banner was quiet for a long while. He streaked his bushy beard. After awhile he finally said “The first thing they need to do is look for the oracle. She is the only one who could lead them to a door. “

            Darius said “Let me guess, no one know where to find her.”I didn’t even have to guess the answer. Why couldn’t anything be simple?

            Mr. Banner said “Yes, she was lost eight hundred years old when the last demigod died. There was no need for her, monsters stopped attacking, but you guys are back so she’s probably returned too.”

            “You have no idea where she will be.” I repeated making I got the information right. He nodded his head.

            He replied “No, only a few people actually know where she will be, and I’m not one of them. You must find a god of wisdom, Neilius. He can help more than I can.”

            Darius said “Okay, fine then tell us where we could find this Neilius.”

            “That’s something you must discover on your own. You have everything you need to begin your quest.” He said. The he clapped his hand creating a bright light shined on us. I couldn’t keep my eyes opened. Then I felt a warm breeze of wind blowing on my face. I opened my eyes to shining sun. Darius was right next to me. I looked around to see a familiar room.

            I announced “Holy s**t, we are in my bedroom.”

            I recognized the light blue queen sized bed with all my stuff surrounding it. It was weird as it didn’t feel my room anymore. It felt like it belonged to someone. A person who knew exactly who and what he was. That wasn’t me anymore. Even though I was grateful for everything my dad did for me. I still wanted to know about my father. I had to pass that aside for now, and focus on this stupid quest.

            “Why would he send us here?” I asked.

            Darius shrugged silently as he walked over to my desk. He grabbed my book bag and tossed it to me.

            “Take everything that you will need; clothes, water, maps, anything,” he said as I started dumping my books onto my bed. “Where’s your bathroom?”

            I pointed at the door behind him.  He turned around and entered the bathroom. I started packing things like pants, shirts, and other things. As soon as that door closed, the other door leading to hallway slowly opened. I turned my head quickly only to see Anna standing on the other side of the door.

            “What the hell are you doing?” Anna said looking at me and the bag, “You’re running away again.”

            I said “Anna, this is not what it looks like,” Then I thought about what I just said, “Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like, but not for the reason you think.”

            Anna remained perfectly silent for a second before shouting. “Mom, Alan trying to run away!”

            She was so loud the she probably woke everyone in the neighborhood. I tried to quickly cover her mouth, but the damage was already done. I could hear footsteps coming from the hallway. I wasn’t ready to face her.

            “Now you have really done it.” I told Anna angrily.

            The moment Mom saw my face, I could see a mixture of relief and anger in hers. She was holding two phones in her hands. My heart skipped a beat as I could see she was very worried about me. I was running around killing people and creatures of hell. She marched over to me.

            “Young man, you have a lot of explaining to do.” Mom said. I tried to think of something to tell her, but I couldn’t come up anything. All I had was the truth. Mom and Anna waited for my explanation.

            I said “Mom, I know everything I know my father is…,” I looked at Anna not sure if I should say this around her. “A god.”

            Anna laughed like I knew she would. She laughed so hard that it looked like she was going to choke to death. Mom on the other hand looked very serious at me. I wondered if she believed me or maybe my father told her some kind of lie. He probably told her he was teacher, small businessman, or maybe a lawyer. She moved toward me, I almost expected her to slap me. Instead she wrapped her arms around me.

            “Yes, your father is Zeus, the lord of the central area sky and the king of Olympian gods.” that Anna stopped laughing and turned to our mother. She looked at her in disbelief, but Mom just ignored her. She focused on me.

            She continued “I knew this day would come, but I thought we had a little more time. No, I wanted more time. I wanted you to have a normal life.”

            Then the house started shaking like an earthquake was happening. Portraits, tables, and other things fell to the floor. A bookcase began to shake and started began falling on Anna. I caught it and pushed it away. It started getting worse as I found it hard to keep standing let alone move. Darius didn’t seem to have a problem. He ran out of my room as if the house was standing still.

            He said “We have to get out of here.”

             “Thank you, Captain Obvious. Do you have any more bright ideas?” I asked him.

            He didn’t say anything as he disappeared back into my room. I hoped whatever he planned on doing would work. Then it all stopped I didn’t know what Darius did, but it worked. We ran down the stairs when it happened again. Another earthquake hit us, this time bigger and stronger. I fell down the stairs and my metal pole fell out of hand. Mom and Anna helped me back up. I ran to the pole. The moment I touched it expanded into the iron gladius.

            “Get somewhere safe.” I said before running into the kitchen. The ground was still shaking although it was different now. It was stronger yet there was a small gap where nothing happened. I ran when the quakes stopped until I reached the backdoor. I opened the door and couldn’t believe what I saw. The backyard was destroyed. There were big holes on the yard, the garage was completely smashed, and trees ripped from the ground. All I could think about was what the hell happened here.

            Then a tree fell from the sky almost right not top of me. I jumped out of the way just in time. Then I saw it.

            I said “Holy S**t!” I looked up at the back of brown skinned giant. It was at 10 feet tall, muscular with a bald head, and wearing normal human clothes. He was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and black combat boots. He moved his arm so fast that it created a powerful wind. It felt a small hurricane just hit me. I stood my ground, but Darius was so lucky.

            I watched helpless as he crashed into a tree. He sled to the ground as the giant started walking toward him. I ran after him not wanting him to kill Darius. When I got close him, I cut right into the back of his leg. He roared in pain like a beast as he felt down on one knee. I move in front of him. I got a good look at his face. He had big brown eye in the middle of his face. I wasn’t fighting a simple giant. I was fighting a Cyclops.

            “Another demigod, this is my lucky day. When I kill both of you, I will get a promotion.” He said with deep booming voice. He swung his arm again ready to hit me. He was fast especially for his size, but I was little bit faster. I leaped into the air, brought my sword above my head, and dropped onto his head. Only he caught the blade between his fingers.

            “Did you really think this puny little blade can hurt me?” He said before throwing me away. I crashed into what was left of garage wall. Then he clapped his hand creating a huge powerful gust of wind.

            It hit me so hard and so fast, I couldn’t believe it. I slowly started rising up into the air. I couldn’t breathe as I soared through the sky. The choking went away when the wind started calming down. I slowed to a complete stop before moving again.  I started pummeling to the ground. I could see the garage, some trees, and other things that came from a house falling beside me. My only thought was I did not want to die. I said this repeatedly in my head as the ground was becoming clearer.

            I could see small buildings that were probably stores, offices, and schools. People were walking through the street unaware of the danger coming from above. Then out of no way, I found myself slowing down again. A powerful wind blew underneath me. It was holding me up. I pushed my weight forward and started gaining speed.  I pulled up for a bit. I quickly realized I was flying. I was actually flying?

            Thanks dad, I thought myself as I flew down to the debris. I had to destroy them before they hit someone. I swung my sword cutting through the trees until they were splinters. Then I moved down to the garage, but it was too far ahead now. It was even gaining more speed. I pushed my weight forward gaining more speed. It still wasn’t enough.  The garage was too far ahead. If only had something to destroy it, I thought to myself.

            Then I saw a little girl and her parent walking the street. I gained even more speed as I pummeled to ground. I finally pasted the garage and grabbed the two young ladies. I crashed onto the ground. I moved my body in front of the girls. So I would take most of the damage. The garage crashed on the middle of the street. Luckily it didn’t hit anyone.  Its debris was scattered everywhere.  People rushed out of the stores, offices, and cars.

            I said “Are you guys okay?” Then I smelled strawberry. The older girl looked up at me and it was Sam’s brown eyes looking at me.

            “Alan?” she said, I pulled us all up and then released her. She kept staring at me as other people started gathering around. With my new power of flight, I took off without saying a word. After all I still had a Cyclops to fight and a family to protect.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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Ok what can top this chapter. Story is on steroides.awesome I must read more. Yes I love the new percy jackson. Moving on. To turn the page. Problems found the same ones mentioned before.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow I wish I could write this good this is beginning to be one of my favorite book

Posted 9 Years Ago

Once again very good job. The story is progressing very well and developing at an excellent rate. Like I have said previously you have to check your spelling, use of tenses and grammar. Continue to try and work on this...good job and good luck.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Check your spelling, that's all I would say. This piece glued me to the screen, I tell you. Good use of words, good dialogue, and nicely beefed up with details. I say continue this book! Keep up the outstanding job!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Just need to check all of your spelling and grammar. Besides that, it's a very interesting read. This grabbed my attention as soon as I began to read it. Nicely done. It's very descriptive and the imagery is splendid. Great job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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