N&M: Chapter Eight

N&M: Chapter Eight

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Alan and Darius set off for their first quest. Not before handling a giant size problem.


Chapter 8

Leaving Home for the First time


            When I arrived back home Darius was still fighting the Cyclops, but things had changed with him. He was faster now. I watched him from above as Darius dodged the Cyclops’s huge fists. He leaped into the air and punched the Cyclops in the eye. The Cyclops began falling backward, but quickly regained his balance. He roared in pain before he slapped Darius to the ground. Darius tried to get up, but got hit with one of Cyclops’s punches.

            “I’m going to eat you alive,” he said picking Darius up, “Not before I crush every bone in your body.”

            I dived down as he began to crush Darius with his two meaty hands. Before I could even get close to them, a gunshot rang in the air. I turned to see my mom pointing dad’s shotgun at Cyclops. The Cyclops turned to her. I could see anger in his one big eye.

            She said “Put the boy down.”

            The Cyclops laughed “Do you think mortal weapon can kill me?” He threw Darius aside like a ragdoll. “I was going to let you and your pretty daughter live, but since you want to be such pain in my a*s. I was going to have fun with you.”

            Mom pumped the shotgun ready to fire, when a huge stream of fire hit the Cyclops. It came from Darius’s hand as he got back up. The Cyclops tried fanning them away when I flew down and punched him in the face. He dropped the ground creating another quake. He tried to getting up, but I dive bombed on his neck. I could hear him grasping for breathe. I rushed to his eye and ready to plunge my sword into it.

            “Stop please, you don’t have do this,” The Cyclops cried. I stopped my sword as it was close to his sword.”

            I said “You threaten my family. You have to die.” I was about to stab his eye again. I could he was panicking. This was good thing. I heard what my dad does at interrogation. He pushed people to their limit. That’s exactly what I needed to do push him to his limit. Of course he never had a sword at someone’s eye.

            “Wait I was joking I wasn’t going to hurt your family. If I wanted to do that, I would have done it last night when you were around.”

            I said “Don’t trust you man, sorry.” I raised my gladius once again ready to plunge. I wanted him to convince me. I wanted absolutely sure that he was lying.

            “Wait I could whatever you want,” I thought for a second what could I do with a Cyclops. I mean he was big, strong, and quite tough. He also had information on the wolves of Fenrir and that was important.

            I said “Tell me what the wolves have plan? Why would they attacking us?”

            The Cyclops started laughing which sound like thunder. “I thought you’ll never ask. The wolves want you two dead so they can obtain their true target.”

            “What is that?”

            He said “I don’t know. The wolves think we Cyclopes are stupid so they don’t tell us much. I do know they want you out of the way. Now release me!”

            “Calm down big guy, I have one more thing I need you to do,” I said spinning the sword, “You’re going to protect my family.”

            He said “Why would I do that?”

            I stopped spinning my gladius. “Otherwise I have to poke out your eye and shove it down your throat.” Darius and Mom just looked at me shocking. I was completely lying, but let it show. I had enough blood on my hands with killing wolves to add a Cyclops.

            “Fine, I swear on the honor all the Cyclopes that I will protect your family.” He said. I jumped off the Cyclops’s head and walked toward Mom. The Cyclops got up from the ground. Darius and Mom were still silently starting at me.


            Darius said “That was kind of cold. Let’s move on this target thing that they want.” Then he walked into the house.

            “Sweetie not saying that I’m not happy, that you care about our safety. It kind of hard to hide,” She looked up, “I’m sorry what your name is?”

            The Cyclops said “My name is Phil.”

             “It will be kind hard to hid Phil from our neighbors.”

            Anna said “What the…” I turned to see her walking out of the house. She was staring at Phil. “Guys, there is a…”

            Mom said “Yes, sweetie we know there is a Cyclops in the yard. His name is Phil.” Anna just waved and gave him a nervous smile.

            “You guys can’t stay here. If the wolves know where I live, they will attack again. It’s best if you leave town.” I said. Mom nodded his head. I expected Anna to protest, but I guessed she was in shock about Phil.

            Darius walked back out with bag and tossed it to me. “We are also going to need to borrow one of your cars.”

            Mom said “Anna, give them your car keys.” Anna once didn’t protest as she silently ran back into the house. “We will have your father meet us at the mountains. We’ll be safe there. After your quest is done, you can find us there.”

            Then she walked over to me and kissed me on forehead. I felt like one of those soldiers that went off to war leaving his family behind. Anna returned with his keys and something else special. She walked out carrying my jacket.

            “Here Alan, you might need this?” she said handing me the jean jacket and the car keys.

            I said “Thanks, Anna.” I put it on. I felt something in one of my pocket. I reached inside and surprisingly pulled out my grandma watch. Police must have found it and returned. All this trouble started because I wouldn’t let go last piece of Grandma. It was completely worth it. I wrapped it around my wrist.

            We heard a loud bang coming behind us. We turned around to see Phil putting the car up right. “By the while Phil is coming with you guys. Take care of each other and Dad.”

            I hugged both of them and with slight nod I walked to the car. Once I got into it, reality hit me. If I died during this quest, this could be the last time I saw them. I turned on the engine. I had to do this after all we were the only one who could. I stared out my rearview to see Darius and Phil talking. I found it weird. Few seconds ago they were trying to kill each other. Now they were acting like there were old friends. After a few minutes, they broke apart laughing. Darius entered the car still smiling.

            “I have no idea where we are going?” he said as the smile faded away from his face, “From what I can tell we have two options. One, we can go after the wolves and kill every single of them. Or we go find this Neilius guy and see what he knows. “

            I thought about it. I thought really hard. Yeah, we could have gone after the wolf. Hell, we could have killed a lot of them. However destiny seemed to have other plans. You changed destiny no matter how hard you try. Our destiny truly started the moment Mr. Banner’s phone rang. It rang only once. I tried to answer it quickly hoping it was some good news. However it went straight to voice mail. I first listen to it and then I turned to him.

            “Dude, I listen to this.” I said putting phone on speaker.

            A cold ghostly said “Sons of the Divine, the war bell has cracked. Gods will fall, cities will burn. Follow the queen of thieves to temple of wisdom.”

            “What the hell was that?” he said. Then he took the phone and listen to it again. “Sound like we have prophecy.”

            I asked “What does it even mean?” I drove out of the driveway and began hitting the road. I watched my neighbors slowly got out of their houses.  I wondered what took them so long. The earthquakes alone should have sent the whole city running. I turned to Darius. “Dude, is that my notebook?”

            “When I say everything that we are going to need, I mean everything we are going to need. You’re lucky I took this or we would be lost.” He started typing something on it. As I drove through the street, Darius had his head literally buried in computer. Then from the corner of my eye, I saw her, Samantha. She walking down the street alone. I wondered what the hell she was doing here. I pulled over.

            Darius shouted “Dude, Where are you going?”

             I got out of the car and started walking to her. When her eyes fell upon me, it lit up like the morning sun. I felt a little sad, because I knew the reason why. I had saved her life and now came hero appreciation. I didn’t want it. I didn’t need it. I walked up to her with my hands in my pockets and no idea what to I was going to say.

            “Hey.” It was the first thing I could think of.

            She said “Thank you for saving me.” She placed her hand on my shoulder. “What are you?”

            “What are you talking about?” I replied stupidly. I could’ve done this better. She looked as if I was challenging her.

            She said “You save my life. Everyone saw it. You flew down.”

            “What everyone saw wasn’t real. It was something in the air. You should try to forget about.”

            She admitted “I can’t, it was the most amazing thing I have ever saw. I know it was real. You really save me and my sister. So just tell what you are. I won’t tell anyone.”

            “I know you won’t, because there nothing to tell. If you want, you think all of theories and tell them to me when I get back.”

            She stated “You’re leaving?”

            “I have some business to take care of. I see you in a week or two.” I kissed her on the forehead and walked away. She looked a little uneven. I walked back into the car.

            “Did you tell her you love her,” Darius said laughing. I playfully punched in the shoulder. “Okay, the only nearest famous cracked bell is in Philadelphia. It’s a thirteen hours trip.”

            Philadelphia was a long way from Chicago. I started calculating the cost of taking this long road trip. I thought about all the hotel rooms, the food, and the gas, oh the gas.  I tried to remember how money I have in my personal account. I knew my grandma left me some money. It was all hush, hush. I had used know of it. I was saving up for when I leave college. I felt like that dream just faded away.

            “We’ll take shifts. If we drive all night, we will be there by morning.” He said still typing in some more things. That saved me a couple of bucks.

            “Okay, I have never been to Philadelphia before.”

            Darius said “Me neither, I have been to New York before, can’t be any different.” I was surprised. I didn’t know he lived in other cities. Then again I didn’t know much about him.

            “So you used to live in New York.”

            He replied “Yeah, I used to live in a lot of places. Mom died at child birth and my dad was…well you know. So I was passed a lot from one foster home to another. They couldn’t take dealing with me.”

            “What was wrong with you?” He looked at me as if I just asked a stupid question. I probably did seeing what he was capable.

            He said “When did your powers started showing, now? Mine started appearing when I was seven.  I was stronger than most kids. One time I put a hole in water tower by throwing a football through it. No one would deal with me.  Don’t even mention my speed. Everywhere I go disaster follow and they always blamed me. If a boy got hurt playing football, it was my fault. I beat up five guys who tried to jump me. It was my fault, and I must have been asking for. If I punch the principal in the mouth, well he was asking for that.”

            He had huge grin in his face. It made me wonder if he was joking about all of that.

            “You’re wrong; mine started when I turned seven too.  I was stronger, faster, and more agile than my family. Most cousins would even waste time on me. I spent most of my childhood alone.” I said smiling.

            “Why are you smiling?”

            I replied “I just realized how ironic this whole thing is. Two kids who spent the whole childhood alone seem to find each. They found out they’re somewhat related and must save the world. Someone should write a book about this stuff.” Then I started laughing and soon Darius joined me.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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Still very awesome. Except for very bad grammer and percy jackson style writing. But hay. We all steal and recreate things we saw at a movie or read in a book. In fact. I stumbled on a great idea retransforming my aunty m after watching iron man. But you have to read my series to see what I did.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I am enjoying this book so much that i can't stop reading it I can't wait to see what happends next

Posted 9 Years Ago

Mind boggling, thrilling, adventurous story. It was excellently written, with a perfect use of words. The first sentence glued me to the screen. Keep up the outstanding work! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

The narrative reader of the story captivated me. I'm not usually drawn to stories that have a first person view. But you pulled me in with this one. Very well done. Keep on writing. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Slating and sured, the plot points become great breaks for the reader, Darius is encapsulating the propagandistic and narrative reader of the words, well done, great read.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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