N&M: Chapter Nine

N&M: Chapter Nine

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Now, the two heroes are on their way to find a god, but danger is not too far away.


Chapter 9

Highway to the Hydra


            I drove for hours through the town to town. We only stopped for food and gas. Along the way, Darius started telling me about gods. Not just the Greeks, but Norse and Egyptians like the Norse wolf god Fenrir. Fenrir is actually the son of the Norse god Loki. The other gods called Aesir thought that he and his siblings; Hel and Jormungand were abominations. They were destined to kill the gods. Fearing this Odin the leader of Aesir grabbed Hel and threw into the underworld. Then Jormungand was placed on the planet where he sleeps growing bigger and longer until he encircled the world. As for Fenrir, he got it worse part of it. He was chained up powerful chains and sent Tartarus.

            I soaked in all of his knowledge. Darius was interested in ancient mythology even before all this stuff started happening.

            “I hope to be an archaeologist. I was going to travel all around study different kind of cultures.” he said eating a bag of potato chips. We just made a pit stop for

            I had to ask “Do you think you can actually do that stuff?”

            “Of course, who say we can’t. We just have to end this thing.” I felt he actually believe that. He believed that we could live normal life even though he wasn’t normal. While I continued driving, he was still on my notebook looking up information on this god of wisdom.

            After a couple of hours, he slammed the notebook shut. “I can’t find anything about this Neilius, and I checked every reference I know. There nothing on his guy.”

            “Well maybe he’s not in the official record, because he just not mentioned.”

            He nodded his head. “That does make some sense expect most gods want to be known. They want to be worshipped.” He sighed closing the notebook. Then he leaned back into chair. “I’m going to get some sleep so I can take over night shift.”

            Then he became silent. Now it was just me and the road. It was nice and quiet which made easier for me to push the car to its limit. I hate traffic jam, but at least something interesting would happen. Instead all there was silence and emptiness. I sped through the empty road.

             As the minutes went by, it was slowly starting to get boring in the car. I even kind of wished the wolves would attack us. At least I would have something to do. I checked my mirrors. There was no one for miles. Then I heard a cell phone going off. I turned to Darius who was snoring loudly. So much for super senses he has, I thought.

            I reached into the dashboard and pulled out the phone. I quickly answered, but quickly realized that this was still Mr. Banner’s.


            A familiar voice said “Alan Matthew Stevens! Where the hell are you?” I instantly recognized the loud yelling voice. It was my dad yelling at me.

            “Dad, you need to calm. Didn’t you talk to mom?” I noticed us going by a sign that read: Welcome Indiana.

            “Yes, I did talk to your mother. She said something by going to the lake house for a couple of weeks with Anna. She wants me to meet her there. Who is this Phil guy? Forget it, we have situation. The FBI is here asking questions about you.”

            I asked him “Why?”

            “There seem to be some video feed of you saving two girls and then flying away. It’s all over the web. It has about a million hit already, and it’s growing by the hour. They want to investigate you. So tell me where you are.”

            I admitted “Well I left Illinois now and I’m in Indianan right now. Just so you know I’m not coming back. I have something I need to do. Can’t you just stall them for a while?”

            “I can’t stall the FBI. Now you need to get your a*s back over here.” He said firmly. I could tell that things are getting worse. Now I was hunting by both humans and monsters.

            I said “I can’t. Last time I went home, they found and attacked me right in front of Mom and Anna. I can’t let that happened again.”

            “What are you talking about? Who attacked you guys? Is your mom and Anna okay?”

            I replied “They are fine, Dad.”

            Then I felt a weird feeling in the back of neck. It made my hair stand on end. I started looking out of the window for anything even as Dad continued talking to me. I couldn’t find anything until I realized we were going past Lake Michigan. The closer I get to the lake, the more the feeling felt like a warming. I looked at the water and saw something bubbly to the surface. I turned to Darius who was already wake with one of his swords in his hand.

            “Dad, I’m going to have to call you back.” I said before hanging up.

            From the lake, I saw three heads shot up from the water. Its skin looked smooth like a reptile with two horns on top of their heads. It’s also had pearl white fangs and small black eyes. Its neck was so long. It looked like it could reach over any mountain. It roared loudly in sky. Every animal near the forest started running away. The birds even flew away in frighten.

            I hit the gas as one of the heads began coming toward us. Its jaws dropped to the ground barely missed us. Instead it got a mouthful of road. Another head dropped down in front of us. I moved to the left hitting the small tree bank. The beast missed again.  I stopped in front of a tree. Darius got out of car first and leaped over the car hood. I quickly grabbed my gladius and rushed out too.

            I recognized creature instantly. It was a Hydra, the mythical creature that lived in the lake. It usually had three heads that can grow back and I knew that the only to defeat it was to cut off its head. Then burned the neck with some fire to heads can’t grow back. Thank you, Hercules.

            Another of its head dived down from the sky, but I dodged the fangs. I fell to the ground looked up to the massive neck. I lifted up my sword and brought it down on it. My sword sliced through scales and meat. Purple blood gusted out of it. It lifted its neck. I didn’t exactly cut its head completely off as it hanged on a piece of skin keeping the head attached. The head was just hanging on its side. It looked quite pathetic.

            “HA!” I shouted before running away from incoming head. It least couldn’t grow new heads. I sniffed the air. It smelled like rotten fish. I turned around to see one of Hydra charging at me.

            I tried to dive out of the way, but it was too fast. It grabbed my leg with its jaw. I screamed in pain as its fangs sank into my leg. I felt a sharp pain and burning sting. Then a stream of flames burned the beast’s face making him release me. I fell to the ground. I turned to see Darius standing in front of me. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He took me deeper into the small forest and placed me in front of a tree.

            Darius said “Stay here, I will be right back after I kill this son of b***h.” Then he ran off back to the creature. He dodged the snapping heads of the dragon.

             It pounded the earth with every fail attempt to get Darius. Somehow in some weird way I could feel the anger Hydra growing with every attack. I watched as Darius charged the monster trying to cut off the heads. The creature was being smart keeping its neck away from him. It only used quick strikes like a snake. It pushed its head to attack Darius, and then before he attack the Hydra would pulled its head back. It did it again, Darius didn’t move. Instead he stood firm and launched a fireball from his hand. It hit the Hydra in the face binding the beast. Then Darius sliced off one of the heads and threw another fireball at the neck. It fell to the ground right next the head.

            Another head fell to the ground. It was the one I dealt with. Another two heads grew from the neck, I tried to get up. This was my mistake I had to do something, but I felt weak. I looked at my leg to see that it was bleeding and burning like it was fire. Then I heard another roar from Hydra, and turned to see the heads trying strike him. Darius dodged their heads before attacking them. He cut one of the heads and then burned its neck.

            He spun around missing the snapping jaws of the hydra and brought his blade down at its neck. Then he turned to neck and placed his hand on it. It sizzled from the heat. There were two more to go when something changed. The hydra started to retreat back into the lake. Darius started running after him.

            I called out “Darius!” He stopped, looked at me, and then looked at the hydra. I could see it was killing him not being about to finish off the monster. Yet he ran to me.

            “I’m here, dude what is wrong?.” He announced as he came to my side. He took one look at my leg. “This is bad, very bad. The poison is running your leg. If I don’t stop it now it will go through your whole body and killed you.”

            I spit out “Then I stop it.” My leg felt like it was on fire. Darius lifted up his sword. I realized he was about to cut off my leg. I didn’t care. I just wanted the pain to stop. He was about strike when he stopped.

            “What? What are you doing?” I asked him.

            He said “Shut up!” He got up and looked around. He looked as if he was searching for something. Then he reached down and grabbed my arm. He pulled me up and carried me out of the forest as if I was a child. Well a very large child.

Darius said “That’s it. No more double bacon burgers for you.”

            The burning from my leg was getting worse and was moving to the rest of my body. I could feel it going through my vein like a snake.  It was going up my thick. I could feel every bit of it. I would give anything to get rid of it. He rushed me through the wrecked road to the lake. Behind us, I could see a couple wearing fancy business suits. They were just standing there looking at the road and then us.

            Darius didn’t seem to noticed as he kept moving into the lake. He continued until we were both submerged. I felt the cool water touching m wound. The burning pain in my leg cooled down and quickly faded away. I saw a bright light glowing in the water. I recognized it was Darius glowing so bright. He shined like a star in the water.  As I stared, I forget that I didn’t know how to swim. Air slowly escaped my lungs as water replaced it.  Darius remained perfectly as I was dying beside him.

            Then I shot through the ocean like a bullet until I reached the surface. I landed on the road. I was so relieved to breathe air again. I looked at my leg and it was completely healed. There wasn’t blood or even a scar. That relief went away when I heard clicking sounds coming from behind me. I turned around to see pistols being pointed at me.

            “FBI, you’re under arrest.” The woman said as I put up my hand. She was pretty looking woman in her early thirties with blonde hair and grayish blue eyes. Her partner was an older muscular man with short dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.

            He said “I can’t believe they sent us after this kid.”

            He didn’t sound too impressed, but I was more worry about Darius. I wondered how long he could stay down there. Then from the water, I saw something bubbly to the surface. I had that tinkling feeling again and knew that wasn’t Darius.

            The female agent commanded “Come on out now.”

            She rushed over to the spot and pointed her pistol at it. I looked around for my sword, but couldn’t find it. I tried to get up. I needed to get her before the hydra did. Her partner grabbed me from behind and smashed to the ground.

            “If you don’t her away from the water, she will die. “ I told him. He pushed my head into the asphalt.

            “Shut up!”  There was no time to argue with him. So I simply pushed him off of me. It was surprisingly easier than I thought as he flew only inches into the air. Then I rushed toward her as the hydra popped one of its head out of the water. I barely got there in time to pull her away before it tried to bite her face off.

            She said “Holy s**t” Then she started firing her pistol at the giant multiple head serpent. The bullets didn’t beam to hurt it. The hydra roared it poisons breath into the air. Then it charged at us. I grabbed her and dived out of the way. Another head came out of the water ready to attack. I had nothing to defend us with. Then a gunshot echoed as her partner started firing his gun at the creature. Most of the bullets just bounced off the serpent hard scaling skin. A bullet hit the hydra right in the eye.

            He yelled “Get out of here.”

            We started running away when I felt something heavy in my pocket. I reached into it and pulled out the stick. Once in my hand, it expanded into my roman gladius. I stopped running and turned around to the monster. I moved out of way as it charged at me. I brought the sword down on the hydra’s head. I sliced it right down the head clean of.

            That wasn’t the best idea as it simply grew two new heads. It charged at me again, but only to be stopped inches away from my face. I watched as something was dragging the hydra back into the lake. Weird looking tentacles began wrapping itself the hydra’s neck. The tentacles looked they were made out of water. Hydra went back into the lake leaving on the bubbling surface.

             From the water, Darius float up to the surface. His eyes were shut as if he was sleep. He wasn’t alone as fancy dressed man was right behind him. He was tall skinny man with short grayish black hair and silver eyes. He remembered a lot of my grandpa. He wore a blue grey three piece suit. He walked on top of water carrying Darius on his shoulder. He approached us. The two agents looked at shocking with their mouths opened. He placed Darius on the ground.

            “Who are you?” I asked him.

            He said “I’m Darius’s great uncle.”

            “I’ m guessing you on the father’s divine side of the family. He simply smiled at me as he nodded his head.

© 2011 .quan.011.

Author's Note

Please tell me everything that wrong with this chapter.

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Great story yep you stole the sword always reappearing in his pocket. Nice water show and a gripping chapter. Of course some clean up would make it greater.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow that was some freaky s**t but a great book I love it

Posted 9 Years Ago

i don't know how much I can tell you is wrong with this chapter. Just go over the whole thing with care and look for grammatical errors, and consistency errors.
Nice ending and strong storyline. The beginning was good, too. I liked this A TON. Please add more!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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