N&M: Chapter Ten

N&M: Chapter Ten

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter 10

Biker Trouble


            Uncle! He was a god and Darius’s uncle. I still didn’t believe this skinny man could be a god. Even thought, I just think I watched him take down the hydra. I kept my guard pointing my sword at him.  I ready for him to do whatever he planned on doing. My hands were sweating as I tightly gripped the grip. He simply smiled as he walked toward m unafraid.

            “What you still don’t believe me?” he said still grinning, “Well maybe you will change your mind after this.”

            He stopped once he reached my blade touched his chest. He looked me straight in the eyes. I wondered what he was about to do. Then he slowly started walking into it. He impaled himself into my sword and kept moving. My mouth dropped as I simply watched him. There was no blood coming out of his wound either. He kept walking until he reached my hilt.

            “Do you believe me now?” I nodded my head. “Good now that we are done with that. We get down to business.”

            He pulled himself off my sword very quickly. Darius got up from the ground and walked toward us. He looked very tired, but fine.

            “Secretary Moss, what are you doing here?” We turned to see the federal agents were looking at us. I completely they were still here.

             Then it hit me, how I could be so stupid. Of course I knew him, everyone in the country knew him.. He was Secretary of State Frank Moss, the third most powerful person in the country. I even heard the Democratic Party wanted him to run for president. He turned them down so they gave the offer to George Smith.

            He turned to the agents who looking at us and then at him. “Oh you guy are still here. I thought you would have run off after the whole stabbing myself with a sword bit. Usually that makes you humans run screaming for the hills.”

            The female agent said “Put your hands above your head, sir.” The agents pointed their guns at him, but once again he looked unafraid. He even grinned at them as if they were just a bunch of children.

            Instead he started whistling, and it was a high pitched sound. Darius and I covered our ears.  The sound made my ears want to bleed. The agents on other head just fell to the ground. It looked like they were dead.

            “Sorry kids, but I’m in an important meeting. Now, that the humans are napping. My real name is Thoth, god of the moon. However I usually call myself a higher being than a god.” He said.

            Darius said “What do you want? Gods-I’m sorry higher beings only show themselves when they want something.”

            “….Or when we are asked to,” he continued, “Understand this boy, everyone no matter how powerful they think are has a boss. Now it’s my job to make sure no humans infers with your quest.”

            He turned to the wreck road and snapped his fingers. Suddenly the road started fixing itself; every crack was gone, every tree was back into its proper place, and our car was placed in the middle of road.

            Thoth said “You know I helped your father when he lost his eye. I gave him a new one made of moonlight, but I also gave him a bit of my wisdom to cool his temper.”

            He walked up to Darius and placed his hands on his shoulder. “In the heat of battle when all else fails use your head as much as that heart of yours.  It will keep you alive much better than those swords of yours.”

            Then he walked to the agents and threw them over his shoulder. He walked over to their black van. He turned into a bright light along with the agents and their van. There was nothing, but Darius and I alone in the street. No hydra, no Thoth, and no federal agents.

            Darius said “Okay, now that’s done and over with it. Let’s get  back on the road.” We got into the car and started down the road. After a few hours, it was my turn to rest and his to drive. It didn’t take me long to drift off to sleep.

            I only got a few hours of sleep until I found myself awaken by playful punch in the shoulder. It wasn’t bad as Dad shooting me with a water gun. I looked around first seeing that the sun was barely up. Darius looked over at me. He looked half dead with eyes was twitching. I surprised to that he didn’t pass out already. He pulled to the side of the road.

            “Dude, you shouldn’t have awaked me up sooner,” I said getting out of car, “How far until we get to Philadelphia?’

             Darius said “Four hours in, awake me up when we get there. We’re going to need a plan if we are going to find this queen of thieves.” 

            We switched places and started down the road yet again. I drove down the road which was no longer deserted. I started thinking how weird that I was able to get a good night sleep. It had been a long time since I didn’t get that dream. Maybe I was over whatever that scared me. I kept watched for anything out of place. I had one hand on the wheel and the other on my golden stick.

            From outside, I started hearing a weird sound. It wasn’t mythical, but the sound of motorcycles heading toward us. Then I saw them a large motorcycle gang going to opposite way. They were at least twenty of them riding by. They were all riding different kinds of bikes some high tech speed bikes while others were old fashion Harvey Davis motorcycles. They were all black and menacing looking. One of them turned to look at me.

            The gang turned around and started heading toward us. They went right through the metal bars. I didn’t know what I dealing with. It could just be a normal bike gang trying to scare us. Then I remembered who I am and who I had in the car with me. The leader of bike gang drove up beside us. He tapped my window.

            “Damn it!” I said to myself. I rolled down my window. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. What a beautiful day we’re having?”

            The leader was a tall man muscular built underneath his black motorcycle jacket. He was also wearing a motorcycle helmet that hid his face. Sitting behind him was beautiful looking woman also wearing a black leather jacket and helmet.

            The leader commanded “Pull over!”

            “No thank!” I said as I sped up the car. I had no plan of being robbed by a couple of bike thugs. I hit the gas increasing the speed. I started leaving the leader behind when he started speeding up too. I could see through my rear mirror that he and rest of his buddies were gaining speed.

            They were both appearing on both sides of the car.  They were trying to box me in. Another motorcycle sped up in front of me and started slowly down. I started to consider my options. I came up with a good plan. I changed lanes heading toward the leader’s bike. For his part he didn’t move even as my bigger car started moving toward him. He stilled looked a little panicked as he watched the road and my car. He started moving away from the car.

            Unfortunately, the other bikers were following me. They were still boxing me in making me slow down. These guys just would quit. I only had one option left, pull the hell over. I started heading off the freeway into the dirt ground. The other bikers began stop all around us. I turned to Darius still sound asleep and I wanted to keep it that way. He had protected me from the hydra and I figured I own him for that. I could handle these guys. I got out of the car as the leader stopped beside me. He was taller than I was which also made him look kind of older.

            “Dude, we didn’t have to do that. All we wanted to do is talk to you, son of Zeus.” The leader said getting off his bike.

            I replied “Sorry, but people who know my father seem to want to kill me. So yeah, I am a little cautious.”

            He laughed as he took off his helmet revealing his pale skin, light blue eyes, and slicked back black hair. Everything looked normal until I spotted his ears. They were bigger than usual and very pointy. I realized that he might not be a normal person. He didn’t smile as he walked over to me. He actually looked

            “I need you to come with us.” He said tucking his helmet under his arm. “And I not asking, I’m telling you.”

            I started laughing, “No, sorry I won’t be coming with you guys. Oh and I don’t care if you weren’t asking me.” I turned around to enter the car when he suddenly grabbed my shoulder.

            “You shouldn’t turn your back on your opponent.” He said punching me in the face. I crashed onto the ground and spit out some blood. Man that punch hurt. I slowly got up to my feet.

            He said “You have no idea what am I do you?” he walked to his bike and pulled out a long silver chain.

            “I know you are not human.” I said pulling out my gladius. His friends that surround us, started cheering and laughing at us. He started spinning his chain like a lasso. He slowly walked back to me.

            He said “My name is Troy, and I am here to bring you to her and that’s what I’m going to do.” He threw his chains at me, but I dived out of way. He pulled the chains back to him and started spinning again. He tossed his chain at me again, but I deflected with my sword and started charging at him.

            I brought my sword down on his head, but he blocked it with his chain. Then he kicked me in stomach. I felt a surge pain from my stomach to my chest. I stumbled back finding it hard to breath. I knew I couldn’t count only on my brutal strength to win this battle. He kept throwing his chain at me. I realized that I had to get it out of his hands. I deflected it with my sword. Then I grabbed hold of its end and quickly wrapped it around my arm. I pulled the inhuman biker close to me and was about to punch.

            Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only who thought of this as the biker punk also threw a punch. We punch each other right in the face. I stumbled back trying to shake off the dizzy feeling I was having. He started charged at me and ready to throw a punch. He was fast, but I rolled underneath his fist. I started swinging my sword at him, but I couldn’t touch him. He dodged my attacks, moving a little to left and then to right, and then moved backward. I could tell he was just toying with me.

            The girl on the bike said “Finish this, babe. She wants to see him more sooner than later.”

            He stopped laughing “Sorry, kid play time over.” I swung low trying to cut one of his legs. Instead he just stomped on my sword. I tried to pull it up, but he was too strong. Then he kicked me in the face. I was spent flying into the bike.

            The rider screamed “Dude, my bike!”

            “Sorry Dave, at least the kid is knocked out.” He said, but he was wrong. He started walking over toward me. He kneed down ready to tie me up. Before he got the chance I punched him. He grunted as he stumbled back a bit. I jumped to my feet and continued punching him. I hit him with a right hook, then a left hook, and then I knocked him into the air. He crashed onto the freeway.

            I tried to make a run for the car. I got as close to the car door before a golden chain wrapped around my neck. I felt someone tugged against my neck. I grabbed the door handle trying not to let go. Darius was still sleeping peaceful. I decided I wasn’t going run away, that wasn’t something Darius would do.   I wasn’t going to be a weak link. I let go off the door and charged at chain-bearer. It was the biker’s girlfriend holding the chain. She had got off the motorcycle.

            “I don’t usually hit girls, but b***h you are pushing it.” I screamed as I was about to threw my punch. She didn’t move, as I headed toward her.

            Instead, she waited for me to get close before kicking me in the head with those long legs of hers. I stumbled back. Then she jumped onto me and wrapped those legs around my neck. She pulled herself up, and started punching me in the face. I tried to push her off, but she had me in a tight grip. She smashed me to the ground. She started taking off my jacket as her boyfriend appeared.

            He smiled “I have to admit kid, you got some potential. You can be a great fighter with the right training.”

            “Troy, you are one sorry son of b***h. I can’t believe you got hit by this kid. You are lucky I got involved or you would have lost him,” she said wrapping the golden chains around me. I tried to fight back, but it was useless. “Fenrir himself couldn’t break these chains. I doubt you can.”

            I said “What do you guys want?”

            “Like Troy said before we want you to come with us.” She said then she looked up into the air. I couldn’t, but I noticed a shadow quickly getting larger. Before I knew something grabbed me and holstered me up into the air. I saw the bikers moved onto the car, but all I saw before everything just became too small. I did have a bad feeling.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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Very awesome must turn the page. I am so going to fall asleep in church in the morrning because I can't put it down.

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Amazing book

Posted 9 Years Ago

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