N&M: Chapter Eleven

N&M: Chapter Eleven

A Chapter by .quan.011.

After facing against some inhuman biker, Alan must met their master.


Chapter 11

A Meeting with a Sphinx


            After a couple of hours of being carried in air, I arrived at a weird small apartment building in what looked like a small town. The creature dropped me through a big skylight. I was still chained up even as I pummeled to the ground. I closed my eyes and tried to focus. I had only flown once, but I need to do it again. I slowed my breathing as I felt the rush of air around me. At first, the wind was blowing hard, but it became calmer. I could feel myself slowing down. I opened my eyes to see I was floating inches away from the ground. I landed my feet and looked around the room.

            It was a huge room full with a purple bed, some electronic gear, and a lot pillows. There were pillows everywhere. I thought whoever lived here must really like soft things. So I was in a strange place inhibited by some creature. I had no weapon or armor, I was completely defenseless. I was practically naked in this place. I looked around trying to find a way out of these chains. Instead I heard laughter in the darkness.

            “Awwww, is Zeus’s little b*****d scared?”A voice said

            I shouted “Who are you calling a b*****d?” I felt kind of crazy yelling at a thing in the dark.

            “That’s what you are, a b*****d. Your father was married man when he was with your mother, who was married woman. Wow, you are a b*****d in both their families.”

            I said “Shut up! Why don’t you show yourself, and I’ll show what true son of Zeus.”

            “You sound like Hercules, but you can’t fight for s**t. You think you can take down the wolves of Fenrir. The gods can give the tools, but they are useless unless you know how to use it.” I started hearing clicking of high heels.

            Then I saw her, a beautiful looking girl. She was tall as me, skinny, and had weird looking spiky hair. It was all brown expect the front section was lighter shade. She was wearing a blue dress with white shoes. She looked like she was going to prom or maybe a fashion show. She stared at me with her light green cat like eyes. I just knew she wasn’t a normal girl.

            “I’m pretty hot, aren’t I?” she said touching herself.

            I said “Oh no, what the hell are you?” She walked over to me and easily removed the chains. I felt better with those thing off me, but I still didn’t trust didn’t trust her.

            “My name is Sarah and I am Sphinx. Well technically I’m the last Sphinx. All the others were killed by your kind during the first war.” She told walking around me. She was checking me out. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. She only looked a couple of years older than me.

            I said “Why are you still alive?”

            “I played it smart and side with the demi-gods. For that I was spared along with the dark elves. You know the ones who brought you to me.”

            I still didn’t trusting her. “If you are a sphinx then why do you look like a human?” She smiled at me with delight as she started backing up.

            “Do you really want to see what I truly look like?”

             Her eyes glowed green as tiny tornado formed around her. I couldn’t see her for a minute. Then she appeared again looking completely different. Her sexy body turned into body of lion with wings spreading out her back. Her face turned from a beautiful Latina to lion face with her pearl sharp teeth showing. Her eyes were more catlike than before. She stared at me as if I was meal.

            Then to my surprise, she asked “Do you like this form?”

            I said “I preferred the human form, thank you.” She didn’t move as she stared at me.

            “You hide your fear well. Good, but I can teach you to overcome it.” She said as she changed back into the girl. This time she was completely naked. I quickly turned around.

            “What this is your first time you seen a girl naked. Nah, a handsome boy like you probably seen a lot of girls.”

            “No, most girls find me a little weird,” I said nervously, “Can you please go put some clothes?’

            She giggled “Fine, I will put on some clothes then we can start your training?’

            “Training? What training?’

            She said “What you think I carried you here to look at my tits.” She sound far away, but I wasn’t going to risk turning around. “Listen you have survived this far on luck, but with you going to go up against wolves. You’re actually going to need to know what you are doing. Perseus was an expert swordsman, Hercules was a wrestler, and you are…?”

            “I’m a high school basketball player.” I admitted. It sounded pretty lame compared to the others. They had been trained since the day they could walk to fight. Then there was me not so much of a fighter.

            She returned wearing gym clothes while carrying an iron spear. “Well, at least that something athletic. Okay, we only got a couple of days so we are just going to basic. This should be enough to keep you alive.”

            Then she threw the spear at me. It was moving like a missile through the air. I dodged it and turned to her who didn’t looked too surprised.

            “You got some good reflexes, but that wasn’t even my fastball.”

            Sudden another spear appeared in her hand. She threw it at me again. It was faster than the last one. I tried to dodge again, but it scratched me right on the back of my leg. I fell to ground and turned to her. She looked worse than unimpressed, she looked angry. This chick was trying to kill me.

            “That was outright the worst dodge I have ever seen. I guessed that how Jessica wiped the floor with you in five minutes.”

            I yelled “Shut up damn mouth!”

            ‘Why don’t you come over here and make me?” she said. Fine, you asked for it I told myself silently. I started running toward the sphinx witch, I was about to threw my punch when I felt a pain in my stomach. I looked down to see her kneecap. She then grabbed my arm and threw me across the room. I crashed into a wall and fell onto her bed. Her posts fell onto of me causing only more pain.

            “I finally understand it now. You’re not use to fighting, because you never had to. I bet everything was handed to you on a silver plate.”

            Every word hit me harder than her kneecap. I was angry all because it was true. I wasn’t much of fighter. I tried to avoid it all. I was so protected, hell I wasn’t allowed to walk the streets at night. Everything was handed to me including my jacket and sword. Although it was all true, didn’t mean I like it be shoved into my face.

            “Shut your f*****g mouth!” My anger was burning white hot. The air current around me become wilder. It whirled around like a whirlwind and her bed spin around me. I extended my hand and a whirlwind went for her. She smiled not moving before she unleashed a loud roar. It sounded like a lion yet a hundred times louder. It knocked the bed away. Its shockwave even knocked me back into the wall. The witch started walking toward me.

            “Man, you sure do have your father’s temper and some of his  powers, but you still suck.” She said walking over to a closet. “Now get up we have a lot of work to do and little time to do it.”

            I said “Why should I?” I was slowly getting up and started head for the door. “I should leave now.”

            She didn’t say anything for a moment as she was busy searching from something. I was interested to know what she was digging for. Then she pulled up my gladius and my jacket.

            “Do you know you why your jacket so tough.” She said. I didn’t answer her. “Well it’s because it made of Nemean lion pelt, my cousin’s pelt.” I looked at her shockingly wondering what her next move was going to be.

            She giggled “Don’t worry. I hold no ill will over you. It happened a long time ago before your great-great grandma was even thought of. Hercules was fool, he didn’t even know how use it. I can teach you how to use it.”

            I thought for a minute. It would be foolish not to accept her help. “Fine, I’ll do the training.”

            “Don’t act like you are doing me any favor. I’m just trying to keep you alive.”

            I repeated “I said fine, I will do the damn training?”

            She tossed me a wooden sword. It was shaped like my gladius. “Fine, then let’s get started.” Then she charged at me and the training began,

            Training with Sarah was harder than basketball practice I have ever had. There were no safety guards or any kind of protection. She didn’t cuddle me every time blood came out of wounds she gave me. She expected me to learn to ignore the pain and keep moving. She was no longer a sexy model, but my drill instructor from hell. She would yell, punch, kick, and anything to push me to my limit.

            She wanted me to learn and that was exactly what I did. Everything I mastered something, we move onto something else. She taught me thing like archery, swordsmanship, and boxing with mixture of kick boxing.

            “Wrestling is for b*****s,” she said before punching me in the face, “People these days won’t let you get close to them. So use your long arms and legs to reach for them.”

            She hit me again with another right hook. I tried to grab her, but she evaded me, and hit me with a left hook. Man, did she hit hard. I crashed to the ground, blood coming out of my mouth.

            “What are you doing calling it quit already?” she said looking down at me. She looked taller for some reason.

            I spit out “No!”

            “Then get the hell up and defend yourself!” she said trying to hide a smile. I got up and she attacked me. I blocked her punch only to knock to the ground again by her uppercut.

            After a few more hours, I had more bruises and cuts then I first got here. I still didn’t quit, and I started getting better. I was able to dodge her attacks and then threw some of my own. Until, I was finally able to hit her.

            Uh, you son of a…” she said hitting the ground. Once again she was hiding a smile. “You are finally ready and it only took you two days.”

            I smiled at least I think I did as I couldn’t feel my face. I helped her up. “So do you think I can take on Hercules?”

            She replied “Not even close, but I can now show the secret of the pelt. Only use it when you absolutely need to. It can be your ace in the hole.” Then she leaned over and whispered it in my ear. I couldn’t believe I was so simple. Hercules was stupid. She only gave me a hint. The rest I had to figure out on my own.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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Very nice he need the XP if he going to play the game. One more chapter then night, night.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow Alan is so cool in this book I hope to see this book in stores one day because a great book and I just cant stop reading

Posted 9 Years Ago

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