N&M: Chapter Twelve

N&M: Chapter Twelve

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter 12

Facing the Dark Elf Woman


            After a goodnight rest, I found myself completely healed. All my cuts and bruises were gone. I got up from the wreck bed and tried to find Sarah. She was nowhere in sight. I walked around the room. It looked like all the damage we caused last night was fixed. Suddenly I heard flapping of wings coming from above. There she was landing right next to me as a sphinx. She had something in her mouth that I couldn’t quit see. Whatever it was, it had feather. In a split second, she turned back to a human.

            Once again she was naked, but I didn’t mind this time. She was chewing on something.

            “What? I was hungry and you need get to the Liberty Bell Center.”

            I said “Yeah, but how am I supposed to do that?”

            She looked at me as if I was stupid. “You will fly to Philadelphia. You’re not that far away. You’re only in Allentown.”

            “Yeah, expect I can’t fly.”

            She laughed while walking over to her closet to grab a robe. “But, I have seen you fly a couple of time. You saved those girls in Chicago and stopped yourself from falling the other day.”

            “I never actually took off before, you know from the ground.” I said as she started laughing again as walked to me.

            She said “I can only think of one other way to help you.” She grabbed my shoulder and then tossed me into the air. “Now control the air current around you.”

            I couldn’t control a thing as I was screaming from the top of my lung. I soared up into the air almost hitting the roof. Then I fell to the ground. I crashed onto the ground landing on my a*s. I wondered how I did it before. I realized that I was only able to do, because I was able to focus. I closed my eyes and blocked out all of my distraction from my mind. I felt nothing, but silliness. I opened my eyes to see Sarah kneeing down at me.

            “Anything,” I shook my head, “Well I guess Ashley can give you a ride on her bike. It’s going to cost you.”

            I said “I don’t have any money,” Then I thought for a minute and realized that was not what she was talking about, “I going have to fight her, aren’t I?”

            “Of course not we’re that barbaric.” she said making me feel a little more confidence, “She’ll figure something out for you.” I grunted as I fell back onto the floor.

            She led me out of her room down a long narrow highway. At its end was an elevator which took us down a few floors. Lower we went, the warmer the elevator got. It was slowly becoming a hot box. I was sweating like pig. I turned to Sarah who was perfectly fine. She was whistling to the elevator music. I wonder how she could keep so cool. After all she was one wearing fur.

            “Oh, you probably going to need this” she said handing me my jacket and gladius. I realized that my blue jean jacket had a gold lion packet on jacket. It was right were my heart is.

            I asked “Why is there a lion packet on my jacket?”

            “It’s our organization’s symbol. I thought it would look nice. What you don’t like it?”

            I replied “No, no I love it. Thanks” She gave me a simple nod.

             I wondered what else she had changed. I wanted to question her about it, but the door opened. We walked out of box and entered the dark elves studio. It was bigger than Sarah’s bedroom which was already pretty big. I was also full with exercise equipments like weights, treadmills, punching bags, and even a sparring ring. The truly amazing thing was the obstacles. It was at least four miles long full of dangerous yet exciting things.

            I watched as the elves trained with each other. This wasn’t a biker gang. This was an army. I watched as Jessica fought her boyfriend Troy. I already knew she was one of hell of a fighter.  She was amazing as I watched her kicked Troy in the head. She turned to me with her blood red eyes. I finally saw her true form; a tall skinny with dark grey skin elf woman. She had long black hair that was put into a ponytail over her pointy ear. She was wearing a white sport bra and gray sweatpants.

            “Look who it is,” She said with much delight, “I thought you never get down here. So I guess you’ll need my help.”

            I said “Yes, I need a ride to Philadelphia if you don’t mind.” Troy was about to attack her from behind. She swiftly turned around and punched him in the face.

            “Sorry only a member of my biker club can ride with me.” She said helping Troy up. Then she snapped her fingers and some girl walked over. She handed Jessica something.

            She threw the coin up into the air and leaped into the air. She jumped higher than anyone I have seen. She caught it and landed on an area surround by wooden logs. She was standing by a single wooden log. Her sense of balance was incredible. She turned to me and smiled. She flipped the coin in the air, and caught it. I wondered if how I was going to beat this chick.

            “If you want to be a part of my club, you need take this coin from me. You can use any weapon you want even that silly little sword of yours.”

            “Come on, you got to be kidding. Can I just pay you or something?” I was about to jump after her when Sarah grabbed arm.

            She said “Alan, here something you should know elves. They are strong, fast, and very agile. They are valued strength above all else. You are stronger than her. She has you on skill and experience. She is six thousand years old almost as old as me. So be careful out there and keep your guard up.”

            I nodded my head and leaped into the air. I landed on the logs in front of her. She got into her fighting stance. I could still see that she held the coin in her right hand. I got into my fighting stance that Sarah taught me. She smiled before charging at me. She tried to hit me with a combination of punches and kicks. She was fast, I found it somewhat difficult to evade. She tried to kick me, but I blocked with my arm. I moved in close for a punch. It didn’t connect as she moved out of the way.

            She did back flips moving farther far from me. I ran after her and jumped over the elf girl. I landed on an area full with wooden poles sticking out of the ground. I landed with one foot on the pole. I kicked another log in the air and threw it at her. She ducked under it. I grabbed another wooden pole. Then I jumped back on log. I thrust the pole at her, but she dodged it. I kept attacking, but she continued to dodge my attacks.

            “Don’t tell me this isn’t all a son of Zeus has.” She said unimpressed.

            She leaped into the air and landed on the poles. She had her both feet on two poles. She grabbed a pole between her feet. I leaped over to her and pressed my attack. I used the pole as a spear trying to stab her. She parried them and then counterattacked. I deflected the attack and kept attacking .Even thought I wasn’t hitting her, I was pushing her. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would run out of poles. Then that coin would be mine.

            “I know what are trying to do, and it won’t work.” She said smiling.

            I said “Sorry, but it will.” She blocked the attack and hit me with her own attack. Sarah was right, Jessica was indeed strong.

            I really had to push myself to block it. I deflected it and pushed through. Once again I thrust the pole, but this time I was aiming for her legs. She leaped into the air and thrust her pole at me. She started attacking me forcing me back as I blocked all of her attacks. This was bad as I was giving her more room. After blocking another one of her attacks, I decide to counterattack. I swung the pole with all might. She held her pole out blocking my attack. Her pole snapped before hitting her in chest. She fell to the ground. I dropped down to her. She was about to get up, but I held my pole close to her neck.

            “Coin, please?” I ordered with my hand out. She placed it in my hand, “Now don’t you wish you just took the money?”

            We were both sweaty and out of breathe. She growled and she didn’t look to happy. I really didn’t care I wanted to get back to my mission. I moved the pole away from her neck.. I held out my hand ready to help her up. She slapped it away and some of her members came over. They helped her up to her feet. We were both out of breath and sweaty

            “Is this a way to treat the newest member?”

            She said “Shut up?” Jessica didn’t sound too pleased. “Come on let’s get this done and over with.”

            Jessica walked through the crowd of dark elves all who watched their strongest fighter get defeated. They too didn’t look to please at me. I wondered with they were going to jump me at any minute. I walked through them trying to follow her. They were watching carefully with their cold blood red eyes. I tried to ignore them when Sarah stepped in front of me. They all backed away from us. Some leered at her while most simply gave her a bow to show respect.

            Sarah smiled “Congratulation, you have defeat Jessica. Now you are on your way to Philly.”

            “All thanks to your training.”  I said respectfully.

            She said “I have only taught you the basic so still be careful.” I nodded my head and then I continued following Jessica. “Remember use the basic they will keep you alive.”

            Jessica led me back into the elevator where we went down another couple of floor. She didn’t looked or spoke to me. I thought she must be upset about losing to me. From what I could tell I just beat a thousand year old warrior woman with only a little training. I thought maybe I should break the ice.

            I smiled “You fought very well.”

            “Don’t play with me.” She said angrily. Her eyes were close. I thought for a minute she was going to hit me. Instead she remained perfectly still. “You beat me, because you were stronger and I was over confident. Next you won’t be so lucky.”

            I said “Do you really hate that you lose to me?” I flipped the coin up into the air. It was about fall to my hand, but she took it.

            “Of course I hate you after what your kind nearly killed mine. Lucky I don’t just kill you right where you stand.” The bell rang and the door opened. We walked through the door and entered the garage. It was full with different kind of vehicles from motorcycle to cars. I continued following her until we got a black and white Haley Davis motorcycle.

            She put a black leather motorcycle jacket and helmet before jumping on the bike. I noticed on the jacket there was white letters that read: President. I realized that Jessica was the leader’s girlfriend. She was actually the leader of the club. I felt stupid as I should have guessed it by her fighting ability. I jumped onto the bike. She tossed back a black helmet at me. I put it on and wrapped my arms around her waist.

            “Not to tight I don’t want your filthy hands all over me.” She said disgustingly. She started the engine and kicked the stand back. “Just follow my movement.”

            She didn’t wait for my response before she hit the gas. It didn’t take along for the bike to get into high speed. We went through the underground parking lot and got to the entrance. I could see the door was still closed, but she didn’t slow down.

            “You do know that the door is still closed” I shouted at her. She didn’t say anything, but speed up a little more. I closed my eyes as we got close to the door. Instead of crashing into the door like I expect. I opened my eyes to see the sun was setting.

            “How long do you think it will take to get to Philadelphia?”

            She said “An hour or two, now shut up. I need to think of best route.” I was going to ride through the city with warrior dark elfish woman. Even better we were on a motorcycle. I knew this was a going to be a hell of ride.

© 2011 .quan.011.

Author's Note

Please tell me everything that wrong, I don't think I finished editing it.

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A ride of a lifetime I think. Very good chapter didn't find very many trouble spots. See'a latter for more reading.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I can't wait to see what happends next thank you for sharing such an awsome book I love it well I'm on my way to read the next chapter

Posted 9 Years Ago

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