N&M: Chapter Thirteen

N&M: Chapter Thirteen

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Alan is slowly on his way to Philadelphia. However things are going to get complicated


Chapter 13

Stealing the Liberty Bell


            We rode in complete silence for a couple hours. The streets were beginning to get dark. The sun was setting east. The streets lights were automatically turning on as we reached the highway. I could tell that she still didn’t like me be close .Every time I moved my hands, Jessica would let out a growl. It wasn’t like I was moving up to her body or anything like that. I wished I brought something to entrain me like an IPod. Then I felt her pinch my hands. I realized that she want my attention.


            She said “Pay attention, we can be attack at any moment.” I found that hard to believe the. We were on highway and on bike that was doing at least seventy. Then through the mirror on the side, I saw a weird cloud approaching behind us. The cars behind us started being engulfed by this dark cloud. I tapped her on the shoulder and she looked back.

            “S**t, harpies!” she shouted.

            I said “Herpes?” I looked back to watch another car faded away in the darkness.

            “No you idiot, harpies.” She said applying more pressure to the gas. The motorcycle purred like a tiger as its speed increased.

            It was no use as the cloud was still gaining on us. She started weaving in and out of traffic. The dark cloud continued to engulf everything in its direction. Then from the dark cloud a harpy emerged screaming a terrible screech. It looked like small skinny woman with bat like wings, teeth, and claws. I pulled out my gladius sword as the creature began to gaining on us. It flew ahead of us and started attacking Jessica with its claws. I pushed myself forward and began deflecting her claws.

             My frustration began to grow as the harpy continued attacking. My sword kept hitting her tough steel like claws. It started flying above our heads, but I grabbed one of her legs. I pulled her back down and sliced off one of her wings. Then I stabbed her in the stomach and pulled it up to her chest. Its blood started spilling out from the tear. I tossed her away. Then something grabbed me from behind.

            I reacted quickly hitting it with my elbow. Although I was still not sure what exactly it was. Its grip loosened and I turned around to see another ugly harpy. It let out a terrible howl that could bring fear in anyone. Then it tried to grab me again. I blocked her claw hands so it started trying to bite me. I moved my head out its way dodging left to right before punching the creature in the face. The evil harpy went flying away before it started coming back.

            I grunted as it charged at us. I leaped into the air as it approached me. With one swift cut of my sword, I sliced the harpy in two. Both parts of harpy fell to the asphalt road. I landed back on the motorcycle. Jessica turned to the exit and started going onto the main street. There were people walking the street unaware of the dangerous dark cloud. Until it was too late, the dark cloud consumed them all.

            “What the hell are you doing?” I asked her as she drove through traffic,

            She replied “I’m trying to keep us alive, thank you.” She turned into the alley, but we only stopped at a brick wall.

            “I think we are in trouble.”

            She said “No, we are exactly where I need us to be.” She got off the bike. “Keep your help on unless you want your eyes to be burnt out.

            The dark cloud turned to alley and started heading toward us. Jessica took off one of her black gloves. She pulled out a rag and wrapped it around her hand. The dark cloud faded away into an army of harpies. There were at least a hundred of them were crowding around our only way out. I didn’t know what she planned on doing, but I was going to fight. I got off the bike and ran to her side. I pulled out my gladius and got ready for them to strike.

            Then the rag started glowing brighter with every second. I started walking back as it was glowing as bright as the sun. The harpies started charging at us. I got ready when suddenly the rag burst sending rays of light every direction.  It touched the harpies’ pale skin. It began to burn them. Some burst into flames instantly turning into piles of ashes. Others slowly cooked leaving the smell of burnt flesh filled the air. None of them survived, as the light faded away. I took off my helmet and looked at burnt harpies. I could feel the heat in the air.

            “I hate harpies. They are like cockroaches. No matter how many you kill, more just keep popping up.” she said unwrapping the rag from her arm. Then she folded it and put into her jacket pocket.

            She turned around to m. “Are you coming or not?”

            I nodded my head and head back to the motorcycle. We rode out of the alley. People were watching us which I understood. They probably all saw the freaking light show. Most likely they wondered what was going on. Jessica didn’t see the point of going back on the highway. So we took through the street as the city was starting to light up. We were already close to the center. It didn’t take us long to get there. As we got closer to the center, I noticed people were walking in the same direction.

            First, I thought it was simple coincidence, but the closer we got the more people was appeared. It was like they were all heading to a party or something. It only took two more blocks before we saw where they were all at. The Liberty Bell Center was completely surrounded by people from police officers to new reporters everywhere. Jessica stopped in front of the crowd and just stood there.

            “Okay, get off.” she said. I just there looking a little confused. I wondered what her problem was.

            “You heard me. Get off my bike.”She commanded.

            I insisted “Woo, is this any way to treat the newest member of your little biker club.”

            “You are not part of the club. You never were.” She said angrily. “Did you really think we were going to let a stinky demigod join our club?”

            I understood it their reason for hating me. It seemed that the demigods and dark elves had a bad history together. It was getting kind of annoying. Why was I be judged by something that happened a long time ago.

            I said “Well, I’m sorry that my father happened to be a god and his other sons slaughtered your people. I wasn’t even born so do me a favor and get over it.” I knew it sounded harsh and I didn’t care. I had more important thing to worry about. I got off the bike and tossed the helmet at her. Then I turned around to her.

            “Thanks for the ride.” Then I walked away from the bike. I could hear roar of the motorcycle turning around and leaving. I head toward the crowd of people who was standing there. I approached a young couple who looked they could be in college. They both looked very excited. I thought maybe they would know what going on.

            “Ugh, excuse me” I asked the guy, they turned to me, “Can you please tell me what is going on?”

            He said “The Gray Fox is going to steal the liberty bell tonight.”

            “Gray Fox?” I asked him. He looked somewhat surprised that I didn’t know the name.

            Then he replied “The Gray Fox is this thief who known for stealing, cars, money, and anything you can think of. He’s like a master thief or something.”

            “For all you know the Gray Fox could be a girl” the girl commented. It was weird, how could they be so excited about someone stealing their state symbol. It was on state quarter. Whatever was going on I needed get inside of the museum. I was certain that Darius would be thinking the same thing if he wasn’t already in there. If I was lucky this Gray Fox would be the queen of thieves I need to find.

            “Thanks” I said politely and then began walking away. I knew going to the front door would be pointless. It was probably heavy guarded with the police and everyone there. I need to think like a thief in order to catch this one.

            First thing I need to think about how get into the building. I could only think of two ways. The most obvious way was the rooftop and probably below the building where subway is. I decided the rooftop would be best for me. In order to get to the museum, I also need to get on top of the rooftop of a nearby building. That shouldn’t be too hard, I thought to myself looking around. Most of the buildings were taller than the center, but also further away. I could never jump the gap. I need a building really close by. Then I saw it, a building right behind the center.

            “Perfect.” I said out loud.

            I walked over to it trying not to look suspicious. As I got closer to the building, I had feeling something bad was going happened. It wasn’t like the time I could sense monsters. It was more like common sense screaming this is wrong. Outside, the courtyard was completely empty. I was expecting the police to shut this place down, but the lights were still on. As I entered the lobby, it was weirdly quiet. There were no security guards walking around or janitors cleaning.

             I walked over to the elevator and waited for the door open. I looked around the room as the feeling didn’t go away. I decided to accept I just walked into the trap. There was no way the police wouldn’t lock this place unless they planned on using it for that. The elevator door dinged and opened up to emptied car. I walked into it and pressed button. I rode the car to the highest floor. I walked out of emptied hallway full of cubicles and offices.

            “This is just stupid,” I said looking around, “Come on out, I know you are there. I can hear your heartbeats.” Yeah, I could hear more than just their hearts beating. I could hear them breathing, all four of them. They were hiding in different cubicles and offices. For a few minutes, none of us moved as we tried to wait each other out.

            I said “You know, don’t care. I’m out of here.”

            I started to make mad dash down the hallway. I heard their footsteps as they chased me. Suddenly two police officers rushed out of a couple of cubicles. I turned around to see what looked like two detectives. They weren’t wearing the usually blue uniforms that other officers were wearing. They pulled out of their guns and pointed them at me.

            “Hello?” I said calmly as I threw up my hands.  

            One of police said “Who are you? The Gray Fox I preferred.”

            “Kind of young to be the Grey Fox.” Another office commented

            Then one of the detectives shouted “Don’t underestimate him. The Gray Fox had taken down twenty of our guys last time.”

            “Actually I am just a fan. I’m just trying to get a good view. I’m sorry will just leave.” I said standing perfectly still.

            Another detective said “Sorry, kid can’t risk it. Put your hands behind your head.” I did what I was told. I put my hands behind my head as I heard cringing noise of handcuffs. “Go we’ll cover you.”

            I was quite sure who exactly he was talking to. Then I felt something touch my hand. Before I knew it, my body just seemly reacted. I grabbed the man’s hand, slide behind him, and twisted his arm behind his back. I heard his bone popping from my strong grip. His partner rushed behind me only to have me kick him in the face. He flew back crashing through one of the cubicles. Both of the detectives seemed to tight up.

            “What are you doing, kid?”

            I replied “Sorry, I really do respect you guys as police officers, but I can’t have you getting in my way. “ I threw my hostage at both of the detectives and started running through the hallway again. 

             “Freeze!” I heard someone shouted behind me. I didn’t stop as I moved closer to the window. If I couldn’t get to the roof then I make my own way out. I could hear gunfire coming from behind me. I still didn’t stop as I crashed through the window and leaped into the air. I was going to get into that museum one way or another.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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couldn't stop my self had to read a couple more. Yes, its that good.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I hope Alan does not get killed I hope he makes it to the museum

Posted 9 Years Ago

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