N&M: Chapter Fourteen

N&M: Chapter Fourteen

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter 14

Meeting Queen of Thieves


            Crashing through the window was not part of my plan, but I got in. I rolled on the floor and stopped into front of display full with old pictures. I slowly got to my feet as my whole body was arching. I ignored the pain and kept moving. There was no time, as once the guys from the other building tell the police outside what happened. They would storm the place and that as if they don’t already know. The sound of glass breaking might had set off a few alarms already.

            The museum wasn’t as big as I expected. It shouldn’t been difficult to find the Liberty Bell. I knew if I found the Liberty Bell this Gray Fox wouldn’t be too far away. Somewhere along the way I would find Darius. I started running through the displays. I knew they kept the Liberty bell near the window right in front of the Independence Hall. I remembered seeing the bell on their website. I ran through the main floor. I looked for any sign of Darius. It didn’t take me long to find one right in front of me. I found several, bodies, on the ground, and they seemed to be knocked out. Darius was definitely in the museum. They were all dressed in security uniforms

            I continued moving, I didn’t have time to waste on knocked out people. They were still alive and that was good enough for me. I rushed through display after display hoping to catch a glimpse of the bell. There was no sign of life in this place which was impossible. The police should figure this out something funny had happened. I stumbled onto another pile of bodies. This time they were police officers. I found the way they were laying on the ground weird.

            It wasn’t like someone had hit them, but they just fell to the floor. I checked their faces. There were no marks or bruises. No physical damage on them. Could they have been gas? I wondered if I was breathing the gas right now. I didn’t feel any different. Maybe the gas had been vented out already. I continued moving when all of sudden the museum went on lockdown. Huge sleets of metal covered the exits and all the windows.

            “I’m in trouble.” I said silently. Now I was really trapped. Then I heard something coming from all of police radio. It was some guy yelling.

            “Team alpha, can you hear me? What is going on in there? Alpha responds now.” The man had a deep voice.

            Someone replied back “This Alpha, we have The Gray Fox box in. Well report back when we capture him.” That was completely bull s**t. It was mostly Alpha team were knocked out too. Hit with the same gas, the police and security guards were hit with. Then they might have had gas mask on them.

            I started running again fearing that they could actually catch the fox. I need him, so I ran to other side of museum. I stumbled upon not the fox, but the liberty bell. It was huge, made bronze, and had a long crack in front. It was also encased in glass case. I wondered how anyone planned on stealing this thing. Then I heard clapping, I looked up to see a person sitting on the glass.

            I couldn’t tell who it was as their face was covered by a black ski mask. They were wearing all black outfit; leather jacket, jeans, boots, and gloves.  They were too muscular to be a woman.

            “Where is the Gray Fox?” I asked him. He remained as he simply shrugged. “You are working for her, right?”

             Once again he just shrugged. He was beginning to piss me off. I knew he was just messing with me. That only made me angrier. I was going to make him tell about The Grey Fox. I leaped onto the glass in front of the thief. I threw the first punch, but it didn’t connected. The thief swiftly dodged my attack. I continued to press the attack with a combination of punches and jabs. None of them touched him. He blocked every single one of them. He did a back flip of the glass. Showoff, I jumped after him.

            I continued with my attacks forcing him back with every blow. His movements were so fluid like water. Until I hit him with my kneed right on his side. He stumbled back almost falling into one of the displays before he regained his balance. I charged at him ready to throw another punch. He deflected my punch with his elbow, and punched me in the face. His punch was so hard that wasn’t normal human strength. Playtime was over, he started fighting back, throwing punches at me, but I dodged and blocked them. I was actually having fun in this fight. I stayed light on my feet as swiftly moved out of the way. I ducked underneath is arm, grabbed it, and flipped him onto the ground.

            I punched him in the chest and then put him in a headlock. I pulled off the ski mask. Underneath the black mask, I saw Darius’s smiling face. I sighed as I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe I didn’t realize it was him. Only Darius could move like that. He started laughing as I helped him get up.

            “What are you doing?”

            He said “I hope you are not too angry. I just wanted to test your new fighting moves.” Then he walked to the glass. I finally realized what just happened.

            “Dude, did you know about the whole sphinx kidnapping me and dark elves bike gang.”

            He said “They like to call club not gang, and yeah I knew. I was the one who gave Sarah permission to do it. Hell, I was the one told them where they could find us.”


            He replied “Being the son of Horus, I’m also some kind of pharaoh, and that mean she have to follow my orders along with other Egyptian creatures.”

            “No, why did you let them take me?”

            Darius said “Because you were weak. You prove it even more when you didn’t defeat the leader. Sphinxes were creature of great wisdom before the Greek demigods almost kill them off. You need training. I don’t have time to do it, so I let the sphinx take care of that. Now look at you, able to hit me and blocked my punches. You came a long way in short amount of time.”

             I watched as his finger burn red. He inserted into the glass and created a complete man sized circle. Then he pulled the glass circle out of glass case. He threw at me and walked through the circle. He examined for a good few second before I heard he snickered.

            “You won’t believe this. The bell is a perfect fake.”

            I replied “What?”

            “It’s not the real Liberty. Who the fox is he stole it already?”I placed the glass circle down and joined him in the case. “They even left us a message.”

            I went inside of the bell where Darius and found in the inner body was embedded words.

            It read: Dear Helpful Police Official I want to thank you for making it so easy for me to steal the bell. If you haven’t guess I have already stole it. Sorry for wasting your time and energy.

            Your happy go lucky theft

            Gray Fox

            “Wow!” I said finally finished reading the message, “The police chief is going to be furious when he finds this.”

            Darius said “Worse, we are back at square freaking one. How are we going to find the queen of thieves now?” Then he noticed something glimmered in the light. He reached over and pulled out a gold coin as big as a silver dollar.

            “At least we have to clue.”  

            He nodded his heads. Then he flipped the coin in the air and it started glowing up like a small start. The air around us felt burning hot, before everything started becoming blurry. Only Darius remained the same yet I could see he was starting to sweat. The area started to become dark before it finally stopped. My stomach felt like it had been twisted. I looked around at what looked like a freighter. There some different colored crates, control room above us, and I could hear the horn being blown. I wasn’t the only one feeling weird from travel. Darius was breathing hard and fast.

            I asked “Dude, are you okay?”

            He started getting up, “Yeah, I’m fine. This coin took a lot out of me.” The coin started falling to us when it suddenly disappeared.

            “What kind of coin is this?”

            A girl voice said “I think it called Hermes’s coin.”

            I turned around to see a girl standing behind us. She was short like she was still in elementary school. Yet she looked like she was around our age. She had a pixie features with short brown curly hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a black hoodie with blue jeans and a pair of black boots.

            “It wasn’t meant to be use by anyone expect…”

            Darius completed “Hermes and his children. How else was I supposed find you Gray Fox or do you like to be called Queen of thieves. Maybe you like to be called the daughter of Hermes.”

            She looked at us “Okay you are well informed. Now tell me who are you and why shouldn’t I simply kill you.” She pulled out silver dagger from her pocket.

              “My name is Alan Stevens. I’m a son of Zeus. This is Darius, dude I don’t know your last name, but he is the son of Horus. We are demigods like you.” I said smiling at her. She looked at me with an untrusting glare.

            Darius said “Look, we came here to speak to Neilius, that’s all.” She didn’t look convince, but she at least put her dagger back into her hoodie.

            “Fine but wrong move from any of you, I will cut you in ways that will make you useless to a woman or man if that’s what you prefer.” She said as she turned around to walk, but stopped. “By the way, my name is Kris.”

            Darius said “I don’t know why, but I find that extremely hot.” I could see her grinning as she entered the control bay.

            We followed her into the ship where she led through a doorway. I also slipped on the wet floor a couple of time. Darius lit up the way with his fire. We walked deeper and deeper into its bowels.

            “So Kris, how did you become the Grey Fox?”

            She looked at me and smiled “The economy is what it used to be. A lot of people want certain things at are hard to come by. Fortunately I don’t have problem.”

            “So you’re some kind of Robin Hood?

            She smiled “Far from it.”

             As we continued walking when, I noticed the some things changes. I could smell the scent of rose oil. She stopped at an iron door and opened up a hidden hatch where a keypad. She typed in the password so fast that I could barely keep up. The door opened up revealing a huge library containing lot of books and art.

            Levels upon levels of bookcase surround us as walked through the library of knowledge.  I felt like a tourist in a strange new land as we continued followed Kris. We walked past a bunch of old painting made in different eras such as Greek age, Roman age, and Italian Renaissance. In the center of all this knowledge and age was a foundation with a statue of couple, a young woman holding a spear and shield. Even for a statue the woman was extremely beautiful with a heart shape face, long hair, and fierce eyes warned anyone not cross her. We walked past the statue and found a rather large desk full of piles of books that was taller than me. I wondered how someone could possibly live in this place.

            Kris shouted “Neil, where are you?” A pile of books suddenly collapsed and we heard a low grunt under the mess.

            “Over here!” a muffled voice said from the other side of the desk.

            We rushed over to see a man emerging from the fallen pile. He looked like a normal guy. Someone you really wouldn’t notice walking down the street. He looked like he was in his late twenties, had kind of lean body, and short brown hair with matching eyes. He kind of reminded me of a college professor I see on television show.

            “How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?” he said walking over to her. Then he kissed her right on the lips. She looked really into it as they started sword-fighting with their tongues. Then he moved onto her neck.

            “Children are watching.” Darius said knowing where this was going to lead.

            Neil responded “That’s okay, we don’t mind.” Neil smiled at us. Darius and I looked at each other silently. We were too shocked to say a word. Darius looked like he was trying to think of respond. I silently hoped that we found the right guy.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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Very good just a few spots that need a quick once over. Reading one more than must quit.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I am so happy that Alan found darius

Posted 9 Years Ago

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