N&M: Chapter Fifteen

N&M: Chapter Fifteen

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Fifteen

The Lust and Wisdom of Neil


            Something in Neil changed as he turned to us. He looked at us like we were simple pieces of meat. He walked over to me for a closer look. It was starting to give me the creeps when he moved onto Darius. I could tell Darius also didn’t like this give, and he was too afraid to show it. When Neil got too closer to, Darius grabbed him by his collar. Then he hoisted Neil up into the air with his feet dangling. Kris threw her dagger at him, but I surprisingly caught it.

            “Did we pass your inspection?” Darius said calmly.

            Neil said “Of course, son of Horus. I haven’t seen a demigod since Kris.  I had to be sure you were, what do you kids call it these days the real deal.”

            “And if we weren’t?” Darius asked.

            Neil smiled “Then I would’ve to kill you.” Kris was grinning when I noticed Neil pointing a short sword at Darius’s stomach. “Can you please stop showing off and put me down?” Darius slowly lowered him to ground and then released his grip. I tossed Kris back her dagger.

            “And I wanted to understand you.” He said walking to Kris. “I can read a man like I read a book. I know everything about you, your thoughts, your dreams, and your memories.”

            “Alan Stevens, the love child of Zeus and Bethany Steven. I could see how Zeus fell in love with her and from what I hear from above. Zeus and Hera are once again at each other throat. I think Zeus finally fed up with Hera’s idea of a perfect family. So she mostly like hate you more Hercules.”  Neil said.

            I wasn’t surprised that wasn’t so popular in my divine family. The fact that Hera probably hated me more than Hercules really made afraid. I like many people heard the story of Hercules’s life. Hera toyed with his life making him kill his family and then made him do twelve chores for his hated cousin. I wondered what happened if she did something like that me.

            Neil continued “I also noticed that you are anti social, which surprise with you handsome looks girls should running at you.” Then he turned to Kris. “Just look at him, tall, fair milky skin, and body of athletic. He has beautiful golden brown cropped hair and blue eyes.”

            “Okay, we get it Neil he is gorgeous.” Kris said sounding unimpressed.

            Neil laughed “Funny, I was only reading what you thinking my love.” He had a huge grin. “If I knew that was your thing then…”

            He walked his hand over his face and his appearance changed. He looked exactly like me. From my hair down to my feet, then he leaned over to kiss Kris.

            “Okay this is getting weird,” Darius said starting to walk away. Darius suddenly stopped moving. “Hey what are you doing?”

            Neil said in my voice, “I’m not done talking yet, Darius Wilson. You should thankful you didn’t know your grandparents. They can be righteous a*****e when they want something. They strongly believe in the order. You are a rebel just your father. Maybe that’s the reason Horus sliced off Isis’s head.”

            He snapped his fingers and two couches appeared behind us. One of the couches hit us in the back of our legs and made us sit. He and Kris sat in the other couch. It was kind of weird watching a splitting image of me flirting with this girl. I wanted to throw up and yet I felt kind of jealous of him. Son of b***h!

            “Can you stop doing that? Anyway, our teacher sent us here to see you. You are supposed to know where we can find the oracle.”

            He said “And what is your teacher name?” He transformed back into his original form.

            I didn’t know his first name. It wasn’t something I usually asked my teachers. “I know him as Mr. Banner.”

            “Ha, Brandon Banner, he said looking like he was thinking, “So that what he’s calling himself these days. I haven’t seen him for three or four hundred years.”

            I asked “What are you talking about?”

            “Banner is an incomplete human made by Zeus, abomination to the creator. He is not allowed to die ever.” Neil informed us. I never thought of Mr. Banner that way even after the whole teleporting and telling us what were. He was an immortal human made by Zeus. I thought that kind of made him my brother.

            Darius said “Who is this creator?”

            “What do you think?” he asked sarcastically, “She is the creators of us all from the tiniest microorganism to angels above us.”

            Darius continued “Angels?”

            “What do you think the gods? The messengers of the creator meant to lead humanity to the light and protect them from the darkness. At least that, what we were back in the day. Nowadays we were losing our purpose. Your problem isn’t finding the oracle, but finding the seers who can find the oracle.”

            I said “What?”

            “Seers are people who are connected to the oracle from the day they are born. They can only see a fragmented of the future. The oracle can see anything from distant future to ancient past. The only to find her is to find seers and do a specific ritual. Now I might know where to find one and she is not that far away.” A paper appeared in his hand and tossed it to me.

            It was a photo of a young gothic girl. She was shorter than average, chubby looking under her dark clothing, and had short black hair with dark brown eyes. There was something about her. It could have been her beauty or the massive cleavage she was showing. Yes. I noticed that after all I am a guy. Her b***s were just practically popping out of her black top.

            Neil said “She is quite a looker.” Kris nodded her head agreeing. “Her name is Kayla Roth, she a sophomore at Sean Penn High School. I expected the wolves already planning on retrieving her. It is the uttermost important that they don’t get her. She will lead them to the oracle which gives them a doorway to Hell.”

            Then something hit me, “Hold on, why can’t the oracle just say no? I mean she knows what going to happen if they get to the door.” I said.

            “Because she doesn’t care who she gives the information. In the end she knows who going to win this war.”

            Darius said “Hold on, I’m getting confuse now. Okay, let me get this straight this oracle has the connection with the creator which allows her to see everything. The creator made all of us from the sky to ocean.” Neil simply nodded his head.

            Neil said “Yes, she is called from Mother Earth, Gaea, Jord, and of course Gaia. She also created the higher beings called angels and gods.”

            “Where does the gods fit in all of this?”

            Neil rather than answering the question, he got up from the couch, and head back to his desk. He remained silent as he began his search. We waited patiently wondering what he was going to pull out. I had money on being an old worn-out book probably having a lot of fact on the gods. My heart raced, I wanted know more about my father. I knew some stuff, but most were just interpretations. Neil returned holding a weird looking CD in his hand. He walked to Darius and dropped in his lap.

            “This is my database. It took me years to get all information on the gods. Some even threaten to rip my arm off, but Nemesis isn’t my biggest fan.”

            “Maybe she doesn’t appreciate your flirts.”

            He changed the subject. “Even have some stuff on how were created and some information on your fathers.”

            This was amazing. Everything I wanted to know about my father in one simple disk. I couldn’t wait to read it.

            I said “Neil, this is amazing.”

            “What did you expect? I’m the god of Intelligence after all. I’m in charge of all these books, but it’s all in my profile.” He said proudly.

            “Very impressive” I said before getting up from my seat and began walking away. I didn’t have any more questions. All I want to do was this over with and return to home with my family.

            “Wow there is something else I want to give you.” Neil waved his hand again and watch appeared on my wrist. It was my grandma’s watch. Then it turned into shield. It was black round shield with a picture of eagle and lightning bolt on its face. “You are going to need it where you are going.”

            Neil turned to Darius. “I would give you one, but Egyptian demigods are naturally tougher than most demigods. So you wouldn’t really need one and you need to light on your feet. Anyway that is my payment.”

            “For what?” I asked him. He winked at me before morphing again. He turned into my image again. I got what this transaction was about.

            In my voice he said “Now if you excuse me gentlemen. I have business to attend to.” He scooped Kris into my-his arms and carried her away. I didn’t want to know where they were going or what they were plan on doing with my appearance. Somehow I already knew what they were doing.

            “That is so creepy.” I yelled. It echoed throughout the library, but there was no respond. “I guessed we were let ourselves out.”

            Darius got up from the couch and started walking away. I followed him out of the ship. I was surprised to find our car parked into along side of ship. It felt good to see it.  I had been riding any other things like a motorcycle and a mystical Sphinx. It felt normal to ride in an original vehicle, and if you wondering. No, the motorcycle was not exactly normal.

            “So what is the plan now?”

            Darius replied “You heard Neil. We need to find Kayla and protect her, duh. For now we should get some sleep.”

            We entered the car and sat in our separated seats. I leaned back to the chair and closed eyes. I drifted off to sleep. I returned to my winter land dream. This time was going to be different. I wasn’t going to run away this time. I was going to stand my ground and faced my nightmare.  I could hear its footsteps in the snow. My heart raced. I took a deep breath hoping to blow the fear out of my body.

             It suddenly appeared leaping out of the forest. I was expected a monster to attack. Instead there was a skinny guy standing before me. He was tall, lean with pale moonlight skin, and had slicked black hair. His eyes were gray started at me. He had black goatee that practically screamed I am an evil b*****d.

            “Look at the little demigod trying to act so tough.” He said with a wicked smile.

            I asked “Who the hell?”

            “I’m the thing that has been haunting for six months,” he said walking over to me, “I’m also the one going to kill you.”

            I stared at him in the eye. There wasn’t any fear or doubt. He really believed he was going kill me. I had to ask.

             “What makes sure you can kill me?”

            He smiled “You have only fought our runts and from what I have seen you barely handed them. I have centuries of fighting experience. Then again I might not kill you too quickly.”

            He started circling me “Maybe I’ll keep you a live long enough to watch me kill your family.”

            I had enough. I charged at him. I threw a punch at him, but he swiftly dodged it. I crashed into a tree. I tried to hit him, but he rolled out of the way. He started laughing. He was just toying with me. I started getting angrier.

            “By the way, my name is Victor. Remember it as it will be last you ever say.” He leaped back into the forest. I tried to follow him, but instead I woke up

            . What a crazy dream at least now I knew my opponent. I turned to Darius who was peaceful sleeping. I didn’t want to tell him anything about my dream. I didn’t want anything stopping him from protecting this Kayla girl. Even if it mean I have to sacrificing myself to do it. 

© 2011 .quan.011.

Author's Note

Don't ignore any grammar mistake and please tell me about them.

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Another great chapter. I must stop here damn I hate going to church and wasting three good hours of reading peacfully at home. What waste of a day. Ugh.

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I love the book keep the amazing work

Posted 9 Years Ago

A charging and specific set story, tantalising and geared towards relevance, well done

Posted 10 Years Ago

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