N&M: Chapter Sixteen

N&M: Chapter Sixteen

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Sixteen

The Seer and the Valkyrie


            Darius drove us to the school, Sean Penn High School. While he surveyed the area, I looked at the database.  It didn’t take long for the program to install. Once done I had the world mythology encyclopedia at my fingertips. I typed four letters Z-E-U-S. A page uploaded on screen. There was a picture of the actually Zeus. Not a statue, but what he really looked like. Everyone was right, I do look like him. I expected an old man with white hair and beard. Instead Zeus was a tall man with a body of model. He had short golden blonde hair and had electric blue eyes.

            I was about to read his history. Then Darius shook my shoulder breaking my concentration.

            “Dude, there she is.” He said passing a pair of binoculars.

            I took it and looked at the school front yard. I felt like a stalker. I scanned through the courtyard. It was a lot shorter than my school’s courtyard. It was still full with kids talking to each and playing around. Then I saw her sitting alone under a tree. She looked so peaceful reading her book. She looked up and stared directly at me. She didn’t look surprised at all. It was kind of weird.

            I said “I think that she knows that we’re here.” I heard the door opened and turned to emptied seat.

            “Good then this should be easy.” he said walking around the car. I watched him crossed the street and started heading toward Kayla. I sighed as I felt a little awkward about it all. Why you might, because I was about tell a girl she has been target. They planned using her to end the world. I literally pictured her panicking. That wouldn’t be good. I started following Darius.

            As we approached her, a bunch of people cut in front of us. They looked like they could have been her friends. They all had gothic haircuts and wearing gothic clothing; Tripp pants, tight jeans, and black tops. Darius started pushing through the crowd. I didn’t get involved as I just watched him.

            Then I felt a cold chill going through my body. I turned around to see a girl. She was standing on the stairs of the school. She was pretty good looking, but I could see terror in her eyes. Those icy blue eyes of hers was staring me down. She was a tall, skinny with somewhat fair skin, and had bouncing blonde curls.  She was also wearing black leather jacket, red tank top, dark blue jeans, and pair of black sneakers. Her book bag hung over her shoulder.

            “Excuse me.” A sweet voice said beside me. I turned to see Kayla. She was shorter than I expected. She was still just as beautiful as she was in picture. Her voice was also familiar.

            She said “I’m sorry about my friends. They like to ask me a lot of questions about their future.”

            “Do their futures ever come true?”

            She just smiled “I have seen you before in my dreams. Is your name Alan?” I simply nodded my head. “So my dreams are coming true. Then Alan, you cannot save me.”

            “If you know what going to happen, then you know Darius and I will protect with our lives.”

            She continued smiling and placed her hands on my cheeks. “You will lose this battle. In the end you will gain a powerful ally. “Then she walked away leaving me shocked. I stood there lose for word as I watched her entered the school building. Darius stood beside.

            “Dude, why did you let her get away?” Darius said out of the breath. “Those people are monsters. Ironic isn’t it? So what did she say?”

            I replied “Something I don’t believe in.”

            “Okay?” Darius said hearing the school bell rang. He immediately started heading to the school, but I stopped him.

            “I got a better idea.”

            We decided that going in there and acting like Kayla’s personal bodyguards wasn’t the best idea. I suggested that we make a perimeter around the school. Darius watched the front while I keep watch over the back. I still need to prove myself. I knew that wolves would mostly attack from the back. I walked around the school. I was no longer in the concrete city. I was in the city of trees, ponds, and wildlife.

            I made semicircle through the baseball field. It was just outside the forest. I knew the wolves would come this way. It was their home turf. I stood before there waiting for any signs. I keep watching as I walked within my perimeter.

            H-O-W-L! It echoed through the forest. Birds flew away and nearby animals were running. That wasn’t a good sign. I took a hard deep breath. When they came, three large wolves emerged from the trees. They ran like a pack of stampeding rhinos. The biggest was a reddish brown wolf. On its right side, silvery grey wolf and on its left side was a thick black one. They stopped right in front of me growling.

            “Okay gentlemen. I’m sorry, but Miss Roth can’t come out and play,” I said with a snickered, “I can play with you, if you want?”

            I pushed the button on my watch. It turned into iron round shield. I pulled out my sword. The wolves made the first move. They lunged at me. I threw up the shield blocking my face. The brown wolf fell on top before I threw it off. The black wolf tried to attack, but I hit him with the shield too. Then I rushed toward it. The grey wolf moved around and tried to attack from my side. I swung my sword at wolf. It swiftly leaped over me to rejoin its pack.

            I expected they were thinking of a new plan. I wasn’t going to give them the chance. I charged at them. I rammed the black wolf back into the forest. We crashed through a few trees before hitting something solid. Then I slammed him to the ground. I was on top of it ready for the kill. Then something tackled me. It wasn’t a wolf. It was a human or at least it looked like it was. I kicked him off of me. He landed on his feet inches away from me.

            He was rather tall man with broad muscles as he had bare chest over brown trench coat. He had coconut head. He had eye patch over his left eye. His right eye was brown. He also had short brown hair with light beard around his hard chin.

            “Hahahahaha, payback is coming.” He said in a husky voice.

            I started laughing “Dude, did you really say that? You make that up yourself or did someone told you to say that.”

            Growling underneath his breath, his fingernail started getting longer like claws. Then other wolves approached behind me. Things were looking bad for me. The wolves slowly started moving toward me. I turned around to man and then wolves. I wasn’t sure who was going to attack first.

            The man said “What are you doing? Go get the girl. I’ll deal with this flea.”

            The wolves followed his order running away. I wasn’t worried. I knew Darius could handle them. I focused on the man giving the orders. He charged at me. I held my shield up high expected him to attack. Only it never came. Instead he leaped over my head and landed behind me. He was about the attack when I quickly turned around. I deflected his claws with my sword. He attacked attack, but this time I had my shield ready. It blocked the attack. It didn’t stop him as he kept attacking.

            I kept using my shield to protect me. Until I had enough, I dropped my sword, and hit him with the shield. The blow sent him flying into the sky. He was about to hang onto a tree. He started laughing as if it was all a big joke. I grabbed my sword and jumped up into the tree after him. I swung the sword ready to cut him in two. He dropped from the tree. The blade completely missed him.

            When I finally landed on the ground, he was waiting from me. He rushed in and punched me. I used the shield to block the blow. It still wasn’t enough as I was pushed back.

            “You are going to die for what you did to my eye?” he growled taking of his coat.

            I said “I remember you now from the warehouse. Just so you know if you would have just let me get my watch and leave. I wouldn’t have to stick that pipe in your eye.”

            “You are dead.” He said charging at me. He burst out of his clothes. Grayish black fur grew all over his body. With his eye patch off I could see a hole. I watched him quickly transformed into a timber wolf. This giant wolf fell on top of me. He pinned me to the ground.

            He was heavy, but I was still stronger. I lifted him over my head before slamming him to the ground. Then I dropped my elbow on his neck. He let out a light howl. Then he pushed me off of him and started running. I threw my shield over my back, grabbed my sword, and gave chase after him. We moved like bullets through the forest. There was no way I was going to lose him. I was right on his tail. We emerged from the forest onto the baseball. Darius was fighting the two wolves.

            Streams of flames came out of one of Darius’s hands. Darius had his sword in the other. I leaped on the head of my runaway wolf, slamming it into the ground, and kept moving. The black wolf noticed me and started running toward me. Its jaw was ready to take a chunk out of me. I slide onto the ground. I held my sword up as he kept moving. The blade ripped right through its fur. I got up to my feet and continued running. I didn’t care if the wolf was up and down. I watched Darius leaped over brown wolf’s head. The wolf tried to bite him, but missed. Darius landed onto the ground and stabbed the wolf’s head. The blade went straight through the wolf’s jaw.

            “Where is the other wolf?” I asked him. He simply shrugged his shoulders.

            Man, I hated him so much. Even worse those wolves we wounded started getting back up. Their wounds started rapidly healing.

            “That‘s just great. I bet the other wolf already ran off with Kayla by now.” I said angrily.

            He retorted “Don’t get bitchy with me. I was fighting two wolves. How many were you fighting?” I was about to answer, but he did it for me. “Oh, one little wolf.”

            “He’s the biggest one in the pack.” I shouted. The wolves moved in from the kill.   

            At least that was what they thought. I deflected their attacks while Darius swung his dual blades. I attacked whenever there was an opening. Darius kept dodging their attacks and counterattacking. He hit one of the wolves with a fireball. It blinded it so I came for the kill. Before I could swing my sword, the timber wolf came up from behind. It grabbed me from behind with its jaws. Its fangs sank into my jacket.

            Stupid mutt! His fangs didn’t even touch my flesh. He dragged me through field to home plate. I wasn’t too afraid until I saw a brown wolf came up to me. I tossed the shield at him like Frisbee. It hit the wolf right in the face. Blood tinkled down its nose. Then I punched the other wolf in the neck. It released me from its wet mouth. I rolled behind it and grabbed its hinder legs. Then I slammed him against the iron fence. The black wolf lunged at me and grabbed me by my chest. It picked into the air as it was ready to snap me in two. With my sword, I stabbed him in the neck.

             We both dropped to the ground. I pulled it the sword out and sliced off its head. It felled to the ground and kept rolling. I would like to see it come back from that. I looked down at the bloody animal copse. I watched as he slowly turned back into a human. He was a boy no older than me. I just stood looking at his headless corpse.  Blood dripped off my blade as I watched blood spilling out of the neck. I went into a for body shock. I couldn’t move or see anything expect the corpse. I could only hear the dead silence, before.

            “Alan, what are you doing man? Defend yourself.” Darius said. I didn’t even notice that my sword and shield wasn’t in my hands anymore.

            I turned around to see the one eyed timber wolf rushed toward me. It was closer to me. I was still frozen. Then a silver spear hit the wolf in the stomach. It crashed to the ground. I turned to direction it came from. There was the girl from earlier standing near the school’s back door. She had a silver shield in one of her hands. At her feet was a busied body of some guy.

            “Hey girl, get out of here before you get hurt.” Darius said.

            She retorted “Shut up! It’s obviously some have teach these b*****d not to mess with my school. Since you two can’t handle it. It’s up to me.”

            The spear flew out of the wolf. The wolf howled in pain.  It went right back into her hand. She then kicked the guy away. He crashed down in front of his pack. They stared at him and then back at her. All started growling furiously and looked like they ready to charge.

            “Now b******s of Fenrir, you’re no longer facing children.” She said smiling, then she started running toward us. The wolves left us alone and ran at her, “You’re now face Haley Bennet, daughter of Odin the All Father.”

© 2011 .quan.011.

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at last the torcher is over and another bad Sunday is just a faint memory. Story awesome, love the action. Grammer not so great, finding the same problems. Wrong word usage the most. Moving on to what's going to happen next.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Keep up the great work you ate doing a great job at writing a great book

Posted 9 Years Ago

First of all I like the chapter heading. As for your story I feel as though it has potential to be something extraordinary. I will greatly read future chapters if you happen to write more.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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