N&M: Chapter Seventeen

N&M: Chapter Seventeen

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Seventeen

Valkyrie Never Surrender


            All eyes were on Haley Bennet as she slid down the hill. She seemed to love it. The wolves charged in ready to tear her to pieces. The one eye timber wolf was the first to get to her. She jumped over the wolf landed on top of the black one. The grey wolf lunged at her from behind. She spun around hitting the wolf with her shield. The one eyed moved in, but she hit him with her spear.

            “Dude,” Darius called to me as he walked up from behind, “Is this really happening?”

            I replied “Yeah.” We continued watching the fight. Haley was holding her own against the wolves.

            The black wolf pushed her off of its head. Haley did a back flip in the air before landing in front of the wolf. It opened its jaws ready to bite her. Instead she thrust her spear right into its mouth. The black wolf started choking on it. With one hand still on her spear, she lifted the wolf up into the air. The grey wolf came charging in when she dropped his friend on top of him. One eye tackled her onto the ground and kept trying to bite her. Haley pushed up her shield stopping his jaw from reaching her head.

            “We need to get in there.” I announced. I started running to them. Darius grabbed my arm stopping me.

            He said “No, just watch. I want to see if she can really handle herself. After all we couldn’t handle it.” It was weird he was sure that everything was going to be fine. I wasn’t so sure. I turned to her and wolves. I gritted my teeth as I watched other wolves jumped in. I couldn’t believe he wanted us to do nothing.

            He stated “Trust me. This girl has a lot more fight in her.”

            Then I saw a small dome of light knocked the wolves back. In the middle of it was Haley breathing rather hard. At the same time she looked very angry. Her clothes were somewhat ripped and teared. The one eye was the first to get up. He came rushing back to her. She held out her hand to him. A beam of light escaped her hand and hit the beast. It hit the wolf knocked it back into the forest.

            “Wow, didn’t see that coming.” I commented, “Now, let get into the fight.” I turned to Darius who was grinning. We started running to the battle.

            They were so preoccupied with our lady friend that they didn’t see us coming. I tackled the gray wolf, lifting it up, and dropping it on its head. It was starting to get back up. I couldn’t have that happen so I kicked its head.  It remained perfectly still now. I watched as Darius and Haley fight their own wolves. Darius sliced off the front legs of the black wolf. Then he stabbed it in the stomach spilling its blood. The brown wolf leaped over my head. It ran toward Haley who didn’t notice the wolf coming.

            I shouted out “Look out!” I started running toward them along with Darius started moving too. Soon he was ahead of me. He was running like a cheetah.

            Darius tackled to it. They crashed the ground and rolled other each. They fought for the top. Darius got on the wolf and started beating it down with his fists.  The wolf pushed him off and tried to bite him. Haley bashed it in the head with her shield. It crashed back on the ground. The wolf started rising up. Its legs were still wiggling.

             Haley rushed over and hit it again. It hit the ground again before she started beating on the wolf. It was worse than what Darius had done. More blood came out with every blow. She still didn’t stop even as the wolf slowly transformed to its human form.

             Its screams were no longer sound like a wolf, but like a girl. I grabbed Haley from behind hold her arms. Darius knocked the shield out of her hands. Then he checked on the person. She struggled as she tried to free herself. She kept hitting me. Man, she hit just as hard as Jessica. The only thing that stopped me from punching her back was my patient.

            “Get off of me!” She screamed like a wild woman. She hit me again from sixth time. “What do you think are doing?”

             I said “What am I doing? What are you doing?” She hit me again. I had enough so I pushed her away. She stumbled for a bit, but quickly regained her balance. She tried to hit me again, but I blocked her attack.

            “The wolf is down. You don’t have to kill it.” I continued.

            She retorted “It’s a beast. It deserves to die.”

            Darius said “Are you kidding me?” We turned to him and looked at the person. It was young girl no older than fourteen. Darius took off his jacket and covered the naked girl boy. She was shaking with fear. She was no long any threat to us.

            “She is a beast and our enemy. Do you really think they would do the same for one of us?” None of us answered, but I didn’t care.

             I didn’t see a man eating wolf, but a scare little girl. I kneeled down to the girl. She looked up at me with her cloudy gray eyes. Then she snapped revealing her fangs. She charged at me. Darius and I both grabbed her neck forcing her back.

            “If you don’t stop, I’ll snap your neck. It’s over. I don’t want to kill you, but I will.” I told her looking very dangerous.

            She smiled “Go ahead. It won’t change anything. The seer will be ours.” We released her neck. She put her fangs away.

            “I don’t think so,” I said getting up, “Come on, guys we have better things to do. Go back to your pack, little wolf.”

            I started walking away as the girl transformed back into a wolf. Darius picked up his jacket. Then she ran off into the wood. She let out a howl. I wasn’t sure if it was for us or for her pack. I kept moving not looking back. Darius and Haley finally caught up to me. I looked at them both. Darius looked somewhat impressed with a slight grin. Haley looked angry. I already knew she probably always looked that way.

            “Are you really going to let her leave? She will be back with her whole pack.”

            Darius replied “He already did and you are right. She will be back with some more wolves. If you wish to keep fighting then go on and chased her down. We have a seer to protect.”

            Suddenly she cut right in front of us. “The protection of Kayla is my duty. It’s what my father asked of me. I would rather die a million times over than let those filthy dogs touch her. I don’t need some rookies getting in my way.”

            My anger was burning white hot. Here we were risking our lives helping her. She thought we were useless. Luckily, it didn’t matter, Darius and I was here to stay. At least until we came up with a better plan. We pushed past her and continued walking through the baseball field to the school entrance. The moment we entered the school, a security guard turned the corner. He was a short chubby underneath his uniform and looked like he didn’t take any s**t from anyone.

            “Hey you kids. What is going on over there?” he said. He marched over as we looked each.

            Haley said “Hello, Officer Ross. I was just showing our new students around. This is Peter Smith and Roger Kent.” Darius and I waved at him. He didn’t look like he was buying it. He looked at Haley up and down. I noticed that Haley’s appearance and realized what he was thinking.

            “Okay, so let’s see your schedules.” He asked his hands was on his radio. I looked at Haley who became very quiet. Officer Ross just stood there waiting patiently. I started thinking of something. The way Ross was staring at us, anything I say he would instantly think it’s a lie. I turned to Darius hoping he might have thought of something.

            Darius said “Screw it.” Then he punched Ross in the jaw. That was not what I hoped he would do. Ross hit the floor hard. I looked at him and then at Ross.

            “What the hell?”

            Darius replied “What? Did you have any better ideas?”  I shook my head. “I thought not so I had to improvise. Where is the supply closet?”

            “It’s down the hall the third door on the right.” Haley said. He threw the guard over his shoulder.

            He stated “Okay, you guys get the girl. I’ll hide this guy.” Then he went one way while we went the other.

            We ran down an emptied hallway. All the classroom doors were shut like the school was on lockdown. I could hear the sound of people talking coming from the other side of the door. We kept moving until Haley stopped in front of door that labeled Room B23. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. I looked inside it was completely dark yet I didn’t see some light.

            “Are you sure this is the right room?” I asked her.

            She replied “Of course, it’s the right room.” She knocked again and the door finally opened up. “I could feel her in there.”

             On the other side of the door, Kayla emerged from the darkness. She was ready to go with her coat on and book bag hanging on her shoulder. I couldn’t help notice something was wrong. I walked past the girl and searched for a light switch. When I finally found the light switch, I turned it on. I found the classroom completely emptied.

            “What is going on? You two are not suppose to be here?” she said. She seemed very surprised to see us.

            I said “Yeah, I guess the future isn’t set in stone.” That might have been cheesiest thing I had ever said. I held out my hand to her. She walked over and took my hand. Haley rolled her eyes before walking out.

            “Come on guys. Let’s get out of here.” We ran out of the room and down the hallway to the entrance.

            As we reached the door, I heard a familiar voice said “Hey.”

            I turned to find Darius beside us. He gave everyone a nod and then he opened the door. The sun shined on my face as I found the courtyard to be cleared. I was surprised. I had a weird feeling the police or someone would be waiting for us. We ran down the stairs through the grassy courtyard to our car. Even as we drove away from the school, I still felt a little uneasy.

            It was all a little too easy. My friends didn’t think so. They were too busy laughing at each other. I guessed I was the only getting this feeling. I drove through the quiet neighborhood. I didn’t have clue where to go from here. I wanted to take them somewhere same and well hidden.

            “Where can we go?” I asked. Everyone became silent for a second when Kayla answered.

            “I know where we could go?” she said.

            I had asked “Why were in that room by yourself?”

            “Because I told her to go into that room to hide,” Haley replied in the back seat, “I didn’t need her around people who could get hurt.”I smiled realizing she really did have a heart. I expected her be a bit of cold heart-

            “What are you smiling at?”

            I replied “Nothing.”

            Following her directions, I drove us to an abandon church right next to the town square. People walked by staring at us as Darius ripped the blocks of wood off. I nodded pleasantly at them, before turning around. I pushed the door opened to a dusty altar. The seats scattered everywhere in the room. Most of the windows were still enacted. As looked around, the others found seats.

            “What is this place anyway?” I heard Darius asked the girls.

            Haley said “Saint Madrilène Church, it has been for centuries. No one goes here anymore. People think it’s cursed.”

            “Why would they think that? I smell a story.”Darius said

            Kayla answered this time “Because five pastors were killed in this place and no one found the killer yet. Every death was a horrible and slow. First was burnt alive in front of elementary, second was drowned, third got the air sucked out of his lungs, fourth was crushed by a stone gargoyle ,and last was driven insane. The last one end up murdering a lot of people before the cops finally caught him.”

            I stepped in “How do you know all of this?”

            Kayla sighed looking down at her feet. “The last one was Pastor Jacob Ritter was my grandfather and his last victims were my parents. He killed his own daughter and son in law. He would have killed me too.” As she said these words tears escaped her eyes.

            I walked over and wrapped my arms around her in a hug. She embraced me, but I could tell it wasn’t hoping.

            “I’m sorry.”

            She replied “Thanks. Alan?”


            She said “You’re crushing me.”

            “Sorry,” I said quickly releasing her. Then I turned to Darius, “Yo, I’m going to go look around the place. Watch over the girls.” Darius nodded his head while Haley stood up angrily. Her arms were folded and her face looked screw up.

            She said “I can look after myself.”

            “Good girly, then you don’t mind staying here while I go get us some food.” Darius said jumping up and started heading for the door.

            Before we could say anything he was already gone. Then they turned to me as if I should say something. I shrugged and started walking to one of the door. It hard to open at first, but I slowly got it going. Once through the door, I found a hallway just as rundown as the altar. There was dust everywhere; holes on floorboard and walls, and all the doors were closed expect for one. Even though, my conscience was screaming not to go in there.

            What can I say? My curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to know what was in there. I rushed down the dusty hallway through the doorway. As I step on the other side, the door closed behind me. I looked around the room. It looked like a normal office with a desk, bookcase, and a fireplace. The only thing wrong about was so clean. Suddenly the fireplace lit up. I pulled out my sword and searched the room for anything. Instead I heard a rumbling beside me. I saw the bookcase opening with a mirror inside of it. Inside of it I found a guy looking at me.

            “Boo!” he said before laughing. The man in the mirror smiled and winked at me. I stumbled back almost knocking the desk over. I walked over and examined the mirror. It looked like an ordinary full body mirror. Yet instead of showing my reflection, there some guy I didn’t know. He was a tall skinny man wearing a nice business suit. He had wavy black with clean shaved chin, a perfect face from his high cheekbones to strong jaw line, and dark blue jewel like eyes.

            “Oh a nephilim, I haven’t seen a nephilim in years.” He said with grin. His voice was as smooth as ice. “So tell nephilim. What is your name?”

            His voice was strange. It ran through me trying force me to answer him. I shook it off and looked back at him. He looked somewhat surprised as one of his eyebrows rose up. The smile never escaped his face.

            He said “Well look at that. It seem my power of suggest doesn’t work on you. Your will is strong. Well so were the priests at first before I broke them.”

            “So it was you killing off the priests.” I said’ 

            He put his hand on his mouth trying to look shock. “I didn’t touch a hair on their little heads. Although I didn’t have to, they did whatever I wanted and so will you.”

            I said “I doubt that.” I made it sound like I was challenging him. I walked toward him until we were face to face. It was kind of weird.

            “Really, let’s find out,” he said smiling, “Pain!”

            That word echoed in my head and suddenly it felt like my whole body was under attack. It was like I was being slowly roasted alive from the inside out. I fell to my knees as I tried to hold down my screams. I looked up at the guy. He was still smiling as he kneeled down to me.

            He said “Wow, look like your threshold for pain has increased. From what I have heard you screamed like a w***e when the hydra bit you.”  He started laughing when we heard a knock on the door.

            “Alan, are you in there?” Kayla said pleasantly. I wanted to tell her to run, but I lost my voice. He winked at me and stood up.

            “Yeah, I’m here. Come on in.” he said in my voice. He had my voice. The door opened up and I could hear footsteps entering the room. I assumed it was Kayla’s.

            She said “So you finally shown yourself.” I tried to move my body, but I was still in some much pain. “It took you long enough.”

            The man looked little confused as he stared at her. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

            She appeared beside me as she smiling at me. “Yeah, but you remember Pastor Ritter right? I mean he was the man you drove insane, and made him kill his family.”The man smiled looking very please with himself.

            She continued “Yeah, will the people he murder were my parents.”

            “So all of this is for revenge, you think you can kill me little girl.” He said cocky. She wasn’t afraid as she looked at him straight in the eye.

            She said “Of course not, you are still in hell. I advise you to stay there.” She turned around and grabbed a vase from the desk. She threw it at the mirror. Mirror became cracked and strong wind escaped it. Suddenly the pain stopped and I could move again.

            “You b***h.” The man shouted reached through the glass and a giant dark hand appeared. I pulled out my sword as it reached for Kayla. I swung my sword slicing of the man’s hand. Then I pushed her out of the way. I stabbed the mirror causing more cracks. Then it just exploded knocking me back. I looked up to the mirror that turned dust.

            “At least that’s done.”

            Kayla said “No, he is still alive. Someday I will change that.” This was revenge for her. I could see in her dark fury in her eyes. This was far from over. Then a strong gust of wind that blew us away. Then all there were was darkness.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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No wonder I don't like mirrors. Never did care for my refliction. Awesome chapter. Lots of wrong word usage.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow I hate that kayla's grandfather killed her mom and dad that is so sad but an amazing book

Posted 9 Years Ago

I enjoyed the suspense, power, and emotion you put into making this chapter. I REALLY want to read more!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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