N&M: Chapter Twenty-one

N&M: Chapter Twenty-one

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter 21

The Oracle Rite


            The sun had finally set shroud the area in darkness. Luckily the wolves had lit torches. I could see Victor standing on stage waiting for the girls. The arena was at an uproar, people who were still in human applauded while others were howling in their wolf form. The ladies’ escorts carried through the crowd as they received pat on the back. It was like a mini parade. I focused on Victor who gently clapping his hands. As the group approached him, he had his arms opened like father welcoming his children home. They dropped the women at his feet.

            I turned to Haley “How good are you with the spear?”

            She smiled “From this distance, it’s impossible for me to miss.” She quietly stood up and took her chain. It transformed into a spear. “Who am I killing?”

            “The guy behind the girls, he’s the leader. So you can’t miss.”

            She said “Battle tactics 101, kill the leader to cause chaos through the ranks.” She threw the spear through the air with all of her might. It flew like a deadly missile over the audience heads. It was moving so fast I believed nothing could stop it. I was wrong as it stopped midair inches away from Victor’s hearts.

            I turned to Haley even she looked surprised. Everyone started panicking as they looked around. Victor pointed directly at us. All the wolves started running at our direction. I pulled out my stick and it turned into a sheath sword. I pulled it out its sheath as the first wolf rushed off. I lunged at it with my blade aimed at its throat.

            I looked upon stage when I heard Victor laughed, “Oh sorry, but nice try.”

            Then a glimmering bronze sword approached his neck. Victor quickly grabbed Haley’s spear and parried it. Standing behind him, Darius had his sword .They pressed each other with all of their might. They were equally matched. Darius pulled out his second blade and started taking the offensives. He attacked with a furry of movement. He kept Victor at defensive.

            Haley extended her hand and looked like she was focusing on something. A grey wolf ran to her, but Kris and I advanced in front of her. We hacked and slashed the beast until it fell to the ground.

            She said “I can’t summon it back!”

            ‘Fine then we will do it hard way.” I said rushing down the hill. I summoned my shield. Haley and Kris followed behind me. A small army of wolves were charging at us. I bashed one of them in face with my shield and cut down another one. I kept moving when a big muscular man ran up and swung an axe at me. I felt it impacted my shield. I pushed the axe down to the ground and stabbed him in the neck. He felt to the ground as Haley ran up. She grabbed the axe.

            We kept moving toward the stage. We cut, slashed, and chopped through the ranks. A brown wolf lunged at Haley. She swiftly moved out of the way and dropped her axe on its head. Even as more wolves came, we continued to press on. It made wished we had more people. I cut down another grey. I took a deep breath trying to calm down. A wolf hit me from behind knocking me back into forest.

            I could hear Kris yell out “Alan!”

            I crashed into a boulder. I picked myself up as the wolf came up to me charging in. It was one eye. He was ready for battle and so was I. I dived out of the way making him crash into the boulder. This was good, since now he had his back against a stone wall. I cut and slashed him to keep him there. I lunged at him ready drive my blade into his chest. He leaped out of the way and moved in again. I leaped onto his back.

            He sprung around like a mini-tornado trying to get me off of him. He grabbed hold off my arm and pulled me off. He smashed me onto the ground. He started biting me all over. I tried to move my arms, but he had them pinned under his paws. I screamed in pain when he finally got some flesh.

            “Get off of me!” I shouted kicking him off.

            He flew a couple of inches off the ground. Once landed, he rushed me again. He grabbed the back of my jacket and started pulling it off. To break free, I took one sleeve off. He moved onto my actually shoulder. I let out a low grunt as warm liquid took on my skin. I ignored the pain and threw my sword to my free hand. I tried to stab him, but he moved out of way. His brown eyes were on me. His mouth was dripping with my blood.

            I took off the jacket. It was hurting arm just by lying on it. I focused on the timber wolf. He grunted loudly before charging at me. I rolled out of the way barely missing his mouth. I punched him in bad eye. He howled in pain before turning around. He charged at me like a mad bull. I dropped my sword low like I was surrendering. When he got enough, I spun around avoiding his tackle. I sprung my sword slicing off his back foot. He crashed to the ground. He tried to get up, but I wasn’t going to him.

            I stomped on his head. He tried to push me off, but I was too strong. I looked into his eyes. I didn’t see regret, fear, or even surrender. All I saw was anger and a thirsty for vengeance. I knew if I didn’t kill him. He would definitely kill me. I lifted my sword above my head with both my hands. I swiftly swung my sword in a downward cut. The blade went through his fur and flesh. His head rolled away leaving his body motionless.

            I looked down at the body. I felt emptied. I didn’t feel victorious or calm. My moment of silence had end with sound of gunfire. I started running back to the others. Then I saw a bright light and I knew it was Haley. All of the worry I pushed away were coming to the surface. I started thinking what might happen to them, Kayla, Kris, Haley, and Darius.

            The light was gone. It was replaced with moonlight. As I reached the arena, I noticed Haley and Kris were still fighting off the pack I looked at the stage. Darius and Victor was still fighting each, Victor was using Haley’s spear to fight him off. Darius couldn’t get through his defenses. He swung his swords effortless, but it only with spear’s metal shaft.

            Victor spun behind him and hit his back. Darius fell to the ground. He rolled out of the way as Victor thrust his spearhead at him.  Darius finally stopped and started parrying it with his swords. I knew I had to act now. I leaped down to the arena audience seats and started heading toward them.

            I shouted “Haley now!”

            I didn’t know if she heard, but the spear yanked itself free of Victor’s hands. His mouth was opened as he looked at his empty hand. Darius smiled as he got up to his feet and kicked him in chest. Still running to stage, I saw a brown wolf and a man blocking my way. I first sliced up the wolf’s front leg and then knocked the man out of way. When I arrived at the stage, Victor was dodging Darius’s attacks. Darius was unleashing a fury of attacks, but all he could hit was air. Victor leaped behind me.

            “Why don’t you fight?” Darius said aggressively. He was breathing kind of hard. Victor just laughed at him.

            He said “Because I don’t have to. I just need to buy some time.” Then in second, Darius was pushed away. It was like he was hit by some invisible fist. I turned to Victor swinging my sword at him. Victor quickly pulled out his own sword, and met mine in mid swing. It looked similar to mine in both size and length. It had gold handle and iron blade.

            He was good, fighting I could see how Darius was having a tough time. Our blades clashed as we attacked, parried, and attacked again. I swung my sword aiming for his head. He ducked underneath the blade and thrust his at my chest. I slammed his to the ground before it could touch me. Then I punched him in the face. He stumbled backward for a minute. Blood came out his mouth.

            “Time is almost running out.” He said smiling.

            I replied “Don’t worry. You’ll be dead by then.” I advanced forward swinging in flurry of sword blows. He parried my every blow. Then he knocked my blade and hit my stomach with his knee. I stumbled back for a second.

            “Give up you lost.” He announced.

            I smiled “What make you say that?” He pointed behind me. I didn’t know if I should look. What if there something important or what if he was playing a trick. I decide to take my chances. I slowly turned around. The wolves had Darius and the others surrounded.

            “What is going to be Alan? Stop me and save the world or save your friends.” He smiled as if he already knew my answer.

            I said “This coming from the man who told me he was going to kill me. What a coward.” Suddenly I heard unnatural rustling sound of the wind. A helicopter appeared behind us.

            “Put down your weapons, you are all under arrest.” Someone in the helicopter said. I expected the wolves to start running away. Instead a couple of wolves charged at it, leaping into the air, and biting various parts of it. They brought it down around us.

            Then sound of gunfire was echoed in the air. Men wearing all black combat gear emerged from the forest and started open fire of the wolves. Wolves turned their attention to them. Darius and the others continued fighting as wolves raced by them. I turned Victor who looked very unpleased gritting his teeth. It looked like the table had turn. I started attacking again even though he parried them. I forcing him back and kicked in the chest. He fell of the stage landing next to the girls. I almost forgot about them

            “Kayla?” I asked jumping toward them. She didn’t respond. She and the other girls stood still like little pretty statues. Their eyes were glowing like the moonlight.

            Victor said “I told I was just buying time for them. So sit back and enjoy the show.” Each opened their mouth and mist came out of it. Then a strong gust hit me, but I was able to stand my ground. The mist fell to the ground and slowly overwhelm everywhere around us. I lose sight of Victor as his image shimmered away. I didn’t know what was going, but I wasn’t afraid. I started moving, but the mist was thick. It made it hard to see. Then an image appeared. I didn’t look like Victor as it was more femininity. I started walking to it. The closer I got, the further it got.

            “Come on, who are you?” I asked stupidly as if the thing was going to answer back.

            An angered voice replied “Who do you expected,” A woman stepped out of the mist, “Santa Claus?’

            If she was Santa Claus then I was a very, very, very, naughty boy. She was breathtaking with tall petite. She pushed back her long brown wavy hair as her blue eyes fell upon me. I found it hard to speak to her. Hell I found it hard to think at all. Then she smiled sweetly at me.

            “Awwww isn’t this cute you are tongue tie.  It is so sweet. I guess I will go first.” She said sighing, “Yes I am the Oracle. No, I am not Aphrodite. I hate that b***h.  No sorry sweetie, but I won’t date you.”

            Wow, what a way to break my heart.

            She continued “Sorry about that, but you have a cute girl waiting for you back home.”

            “Are you reading my mind?” I asked. The answer instantly popped. She just smiled knowing that I already knew.

            She replied “Bingo! Okay, hun we only got a few minutes so we got to make this quick.”

            “Okay, how about this? Don’t tell Victor where the door is.”

            A familiar voice said “She can’t.” I turned around to see Victor emerging from the mist. “She has to answer every question a person asked.”

            She looked at him and then at me “No, hun I only do riddles for mortals who ask me stupid question like if it going to rain or is my husband cheating on me. You don’t know how many of those I get.”

            “Stop wasting my time,” Victor shouted pointing his sword at her. “And tell me where the door to hell is?” I stepped in front of her ready to defend. She walked around me and walked to him.

            She rolled her eyes “Wow, just trying to have a little small talk.” She touched his head and her eyes along with his started glowing. I still had to stop him. I lunged at him aiming for his heart. Before my blade could even get close, I knocked backward.

            “Happy now?” she said her eyes were back to normal now.

            Victor replied with a devilishly smile “Ecstatic!”

            I said “I’m not, if anyone cares.” I rose from the ground. The oracle looked at me and mist started becoming clear.  I could see what she was showing me.

            “We don’t, he retorted, “Thank you for everything, miss. Your services are no longer required.”

            She said “I want to see how this plays out.” I ran to him in top speed and tackled him. I carried him right off of the cliff. He might have known where the door was. The secret was going to die with him and me. 

© 2011 .quan.011.

Author's Note

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Very griping chapter filled with action. I must turb the page to see what is going to happen next.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very good chapter. Love all the action.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is amazing book I hope Alan didn't die but I hope victor did

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really enjoyed reading this. Excellent job. Keep going, you'll get far.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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