N&M: Chapter Twenty-two

N&M: Chapter Twenty-two

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter 22

The Wolf God


            Pummeling to the ragged rocks sticking out of ocean as the air whipped around us. I held onto Victor tightly. I was to die I was taking him with me. He struggled, punching me in the face trying to get me off him. I punched him in the side. I could see the waves of ocean hitting the cliff. Suddenly the water started to glowing and rising to us. Before it could reach us a black hole appeared. It swallowed us a hole.

            I didn’t know what it was, but going through it was like riding a roller coaster. I pulled all around over as inch of me was stretch. It only last five minutes, but it felt like hours before I finally hit solid cold ground. I looked around for Victor. Instead I found myself alone in a pile of snow. Snow was falling from the sky. I was surrounded by forest of dead trees. As I kept moving until I found a sign covered in snow.

            The icy cold wind blew sending chills through my body. My arm started stinging from the cold snow laying on it. I wiped that sign cleaned with my hand.

            In black letters the sign read: Welcome to Clayton Village, the Second Salem. Clayton, that name sounded so familiar. I tried to remember. I focused hard on the name. Then it hit me, Clayton Village was a museum that show how hard it was living in the old days. My dad took Anna and me here when we were little. That I must meant I was in Massachusetts. I continued walking to a faint image of small village appeared through the snow.

            There were only few houses and it looked well kept. It probably looked a lot better than they did in the past. I walked to the village center. There was still no sign of Victor. This was bad. Victor could open the gate and released his wolf god. I started searching through the houses. Everything inside was gone. They must have to clear it for the winter. It looked nothing have been touched for a while. There was dust everywhere and on everything. I searched the building from top to bottom. I found nothing so I moved onto the next house.

            Where the hell was he? I searched all of the buildings from the houses to different kind of stores. He wasn’t in the village so I checked the forest on the outskirt. Every step I took was wasting more valuable time. My hands were beginning to get numb from the frozen. Even with that, I still pressed on. Only a few meters from the museum, I saw multicolor light hovered from above.

            It felt like a beacon so I walked toward it. The further I walked the weaker I became. When I got the site, Victor was standing round a campfire. Stones with weird written letters were all around. They started glowing in different color from blood red to sky blue. I moved closer to him when he turned around.

            “You are just in time,” Victor said grinning at me with a vicious smile, “I’m about to summon the gateway”

            I don’t think so. I pushed my muscles to its limit as I ran to him. The lights grew even brighter. I swung my sword aiming for his head. He snapped his fingers and blade stopped. It was as if I hit an invisible wall. He pointed at me and a beam of lightning hit me. It knocked me straight of my feet. I crashed into ground as he laughed.

                        He said “You got to admit it’s ironic of hitting you with a lightning bolt.” I started getting back up. He hurled another bolt at me. I knocked backward again. “That’s look like hurt.”

            I jumped up to my feet as another bolt headed toward me. I moved it’s out of the way. He hurled bolt after bolt at me, but I kept dodging them. His lightning bolts destroyed everything it touched. It burned through the nearby trees and caused explosions. I started moving toward him.

            He laughed “I wonder how long you keep this up?” He hurled more bolts from his hand. I knew I could this up for long. I was starting to slow when a bolt was about to hit. I unleashed my gladius and deflected the lightning. It knocked the sword out of my hand. I didn’t slow down as I was getting close to him. I could see the desperate in his grey eyes. He sent to lightning from both his hands.

            They hit me right in the chest pushing me back. I kept advancing getting closer to him. I knew I need to do was to break his focus. I punched him in the face and lightning stopped. Stream was coming off my body. At least I wasn’t cold anymore.  I was surprised that I was still breathing. I wasn’t done with him. I pressed on the attack. I hit him with right hook. I put my whole weight into that punch. He fell to the ground. I was able stomp on his throat.

            “I see playtime is over.” He said gently. His fist came rushing to my face. I threw my hand blocking it. I could swear he was getting slower for a second. But that quickly change. As he hit me with some light jabs and kicked me to the ground. He grabbed me by my hair and kneed me in the face.

            He incited “Ketten von unten.” A long iron burst through ground and wrapped itself around as if it was snake. He walked over to me and pulled out his sword. It started glowing as it shrunk down to a knife.

            “This is how you are going to kill me. This is not how a true warrior fights.”

            He said “I am the descendant of Trickster God. Honor doesn’t mean s**t to me,” He stabbed me right into the leg, “I’m not going to kill you. I am going to sacrifice you to Fenrir. He has been in Hell for centuries. I’m sure he could use a nice snake.”
            “This is your endgame feed to your freaking god.” I said struggling to get free of the chains. Man, those were so strong chain. “Do you even know what he’s going to do?’

            He smiled “He’s going to kill everyone, your friends, your family, and every human on this planet. You’re going know that it was all your fault.” He said holding up the knife so I could see it.

            “It is the key, the blood of Zeus.” He said heading back to the camp. “It was Odin and Zeus who made the hell door during the first dark war. They need a place to put all of the monsters who survived the slaughter of Demi-gods.”


            He said “Tartarus, Hell, The Flaming Field all named for the perfect prison created The Creator itself to hold all of the evil in the world.”

            “You are going to open a doorway to that? You’re insane.” I shouted.

            He said “Maybe or I am just tire of being afraid to walk the street. I tire of being afraid that one day my race will end.” He reached the campfire and held up the knife. I looked around for my sword. I couldn’t find it. I need more time.

            “Why did you need me?”

            He replied “I need to blood of Zeus and since there was no way we could get it from a god. A half breed had to do. I was surprised when I couldn’t find many of you. Your father isn’t known for keeping in his pants.”

            Suddenly beams of light came out of the stones and connected the knife.

            He said “Mit dem Blut der Götter, rufe ich die Tür zum dunklen kommen in die Welt des Lichts. Schwemmt es.” The ground started shaking as the knife started glowing brightly until a burst of energy shot up from clouds. It spilt the dark clouds as the sound of thunder roared. A huge iron door slowly came out of the ground. It looked like it was made for Giants and Cyclops. It was covered in skulls, but they looked faked.  Victor stepped back in excitement.

            “You have to stop this. You are going to destroy the world.”

            He laughed “Why should I care? I am not human. My race will survive.” I used every ounces of my strength getting up. Then I ran to him at top speed. I could change this zealous man mind then I would have to do something else. The door was fully emerged from the ground. Still holding the blood covered knife, Victor walked toward the door. Before he could get to close, I tackled him. The knife fell out of his hand. I started go for it, but Victor pulled me back He started punching me in the face.

            “I have spent all of my life training for this moment. I will not let some b*****d of a horny god take away my destiny. “

            He pulled me and himself up from the ground. Some crazy weird strength, he hit so hard that I send flying. I crashed into a tree and hit the frozen white ground. A pile of snow fell on top of me. I could see Victor picking up the knife.  I got back up again. I had to stop him. I started running again back at him. I wasn’t fast enough.

            He plunged the dagger into the door. Then he turned it as if it was an actually key. The ground started shaking again as the door slowly opened. I was out of time. Snow hit my face as a gust of air escaped the door. I found my sword lying at the snow. I rushed over and started rubbing the chain against the double edge sword.

            I picked up the sword and started charging in. By the time, I reached Victor the door was already fully opened. I had failed. I stood with my knees wobbling as I could barely stand. I felt s**t and knew I could take Fenrir. I looked inside and saw nothing but darkness. I still hear some groaning coming from inside. A man appeared in chains like I was. He was hanging from the ceiling.

            He looked a lot worse than I did. He was skinny as stick with long white hair. He looked like he was dead already.  His eyes were closed and didn’t look like he was breathing. Victor and I didn’t believe our eyes. This weakly creature is the feared Fenrir. He was the one who was to bring the world to its knees and lead his follows to war. I turned to Victor, he was uneasy. He walked toward the man.

            “This can’t be Fenrir,” he said entering the darkness, “He was supposed big with black fur and vicious.”

            I retorted “What did you expect? He has been tortured for past centuries.” I should shut my damn mouth.

            “You are right. He’s probably hungry.” He held up to the man. Then I could hear a thumping noise. It was slow yet very powerful. It happened again and again. It was becoming louder and faster. He was using my blood to wake Fenrir up. “He just needs some food.”

            He turned to me with a fearful insanity smile. He rushed at me with his dagger held up high. When he got close enough, I grabbed his dagger arm, and flipped him onto snow. I got on top of him and started punching him repeatedly in the face. He grabbed stone and hit me. I fell off of him. He got on top and was about to stab me. I grabbed his hand and rammed my elbow into his neck. The dagger fell out of his hand. I quickly pick it up and stabbed in his side.

            He stumbled off of me and pulled the blade out. He looked to find my shoe hitting his face. He rolled over and didn’t move anymore. I turned to the door. Fenrir’s heartbeat was even louder now and faster. I hoped he was still chain up. I pulled my body along. I knew it was only a matter of time before Fenrir full wake up. I grabbed the door and began pushing it. It wouldn’t move no matter how hard I try.

            “It took magic to open the door. It will take magic to close it.” a familiar voice said behind me. I turned to see Mr. Banner looking at me. He had the knocked Victor under his arm. He walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. Then he gave it a confident squeeze.

            “Well done, you won against all odds. Your father would be proud.” He smiled. Then he was heading closer to the door.

            I questioned “How did you find me?” He suddenly dropped Victor to the ground and turned to me.

            “It takes a lot of energy to summon this door. I would be surprise if every god above felt it appeared,” He said touching it, “I am here to help you.”

            I said ‘Fine, lets close this damn door then.” I walked to hm. “So how do we close this thing?”

            “I don’t know how to close the door” he said still examined. Okay, that was it. I pointed my sword at him. I knew he was pulling my leg.

            I retorted “I thought you came here to help me.” He turned to me and smiled. He pointed his hand at me and light blue beam escaped it. It was fast I didn’t have time to dodge. It hit me and I felt a cold icy touch on me. Suddenly ice formed all over my body until it stopped at my chin. It was cold.

            “I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to my son.” He said looking very proud, “You don’t know how long have been waiting for this.”

© 2011 .quan.011.

Author's Note

Please tell me everything at wrong with this chapter.

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Ok that twisted my mind in places I. Did not think about, yet it does mak perfect sence. Turning the page.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow what an awsome chapter I love it you are amazing writer I have enjoyed reading you books and can't wait to read more of your books

Posted 9 Years Ago

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