N&M: Chapter Twenty-three

N&M: Chapter Twenty-three

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter 23

Fathers and Sons


            Mr. Banner looked at me with a mischief smile. His appearance morphed into a new form. His bushy beard faded away giving him a baby smooth chin. His brown eyes showed even more mischief. His face had been badly burn, but looked like it had been healing. He was wearing full metal hauberk that went down to his knees, covered it with a blue robe, and brown pants. By his was a metal sword and small dagger. He looked more godlike, strong, pretty, and I want to hit him.

            He walked up to me, “Do you know who I am?”

            Through my clattering teeth, I said “Loki, the god of Mischief and Chaos. You tricked us. Why? You could have release him anytime?”

            “You think I haven’t tried. I had to escape my own prison first. You ever had venom dripped on your face,” he asked. I shook my head with little movement I had.

            “Not pleasant, anyway when I did break out. Odin moved him around so I couldn’t find. I couldn’t get past the door anyway. I need to stupid boys to do it for me. I love it when a plan comes together.” He said proudly

            The he turned around and head back to the groaning Victor. He waved his hand and turned Victor changed into a splitting image of Fenrir. He was going to replace Fenrir with Victor. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even struggle. I watched helpless as he lifted up the new Fenrir. He carried him through the door into the darkness of Hell. He waved his hands and the chains released the wolf god’s arms. He dropped to the ground. The chains moved to Victor’s arms. It pulled him in and he was the one hanging.

            Loki picked up his son and carried away. Once he got Fenrir out of the darkness. He turned to the door and waved his hand. The door slowly began to close.

            “I’m so sorry Victor, but there was no other way. I promise your sacrifice will not be in vain.” He said before the door completely closed. The door began sinking back into the ground. He turned to me and walked over. I felt my cold beating heart actually skip a beat.

            “Now what am I going to do with you?” he said thinking for a minute, “I want Zeus to watch you die. What better way is there than watching you freeze to death?”

            He touched my face and even that began to freeze. The he walked away carried Fenrir over his shoulder. I just stood there completely frozen in ice. In worse I had to go to the bathroom. I watched as the campfire died down and even the stones sunk down too. It felt like hours had pass yet nothing. My legs began to go numb, and my arms were beginning to follow. I began to wonder if Zeus was ever going appeared. Would he save me or just leave me here to die?

            Then I heard a screeching scream. I couldn’t look around to see what it was coming from. It didn’t sound like a crow or vulture. I couldn’t look up, but felt a tiny added weight on my shoulder. I moved over my eyes over to my shoulder. There was an eagle pecking on my arm. I wanted him to stop, as he might take off my freaking on. He kept pecking his beck through the ice until it stopped for some reason. It screamed shouting again right in my ear. There was something weird about this bird. It sat on my shoulder not leaving my side. It kept screaming until I heard something coming from me.

            “Hey, I found him. Get the others. Holy crap, he’s frozen in solid ice.” A familiar voice said. Then I heard some movement through snow. Kris appeared right in front of me. She looked very worried as she ran her hand down my icy cold chest.

            She said “We are going to have a hard time getting you out of this.” Darius and Haley waited up to us. Darius quickly walked up to me. He lifted hand that was burning red up to my face. I quickly felt the heat coming through the ice. Then I felt the ice melt and cold water on my face.

            “Okay, that’s enough dude. My head is free.” I said between taking hard breath. I was suffocating in that ice. Darius moved onto my arms. The ladies instantly started barricaded me with questions. “Hold on, one question at a time.”

            Haley was first, “Where is Victor?”

            “He’s… He’s in Hell” I said still quite cold.

            She said “He’s dead. That’s great. The little b*****d got what he deserved.” Soon my arms could actually move again.

            Darius said “Maybe we wait until after we get Alan to warm place then question him.” Haley became quiet, but Kris had other plans.

            “I am sorry, but this is too important” She said looking at Darius and then she turned to me. “Alan, did Fenrir get out?”

            I hung me low not looking her in the eye. I simply nodded my head. I heard Haley grasped in shocked. Darius and Kris reminded silent. Through my cold lips, I said one word.


            Haley suddenly snapped to life. “Loki, what about Loki?” I couldn’t say anything more. I was so weak. She turned to Kris. “Fenrir is free. We need to hunt him down.”

            Darius announced “What we need to do is get Alan out of here. Then we think of our next move.” Suddenly I felt my legs collapsed to the ground. I looked down to unfrozen legs also…

            “Dude, why am I wearing ice underwear?”

            Darius replied “I have my boundaries.” He and Kris pickup me from ground while Haley went to the campfire. She walked examining the area where the stones were.

            “What is it?” Kris said.

            She said “He must have used the rune stones to summon the door. No matter, let’s get Alan to somewhere warm.” 

            I was still cold even as they put Haley’s warm car. I couldn’t stop shaking no matter how hard I tried. Kris placed my head in her lap. I could felt warmth coming from her body. Yet I was still cold, and started getting to get sleep. My eyes were getting heavy. Kris looked at me.

            “Alan, whatever you do. Do not go to sleep. If you do, you might not wake up.”

            I replied “Yeah sure.” I was so weak and so tire. My eyes slowly began to close and I drifted off the sleep. I began to dream.  I dreamed that I was being bathed in a beautiful white light. It felt like I was finally home. Through the light, I saw a blurry image of bird coming toward me. I was quite sure if I should be afraid. Then it transformed into a man. I still couldn’t quite see him, but others appeared behind.

            “You have made me so proud, my son” the man said sounding just that. I couldn’t believe.

            I replied “How? I failed. I got my a*s, Loki and Fenrir escaped, and they are probably planning something big.”

            “That they are, but you shown incredible amount of courage. You didn’t give up even when your strength was waning. You were prepared to fight to last breath.”

            Another deep voice said “Your journey is not only. You and your companions must been ready.”

            “We are only four people. What do you expect from us? You guys are all powerful being. Why can’t you fix this?” Everyone became quiet.

            Then emerged a light girly yet still strong voice emerged “We can’t infer in humanity. Gods mustn’t do what man must do for themselves.”

            I shouted “Why?”

            “Because everyone no matter how powerful they are has a boss,” I turned around to see Thoth who walked through the crowd, “We are just following orders same just like you. Don’t think you are alone. You are never alone.”

            I awoke up wanting to bang my head against wall. Actually I felt I had already been banging me against a steel wall. I found myself lying next to a blazing fireplace. I wondered where I am. Everything looked somewhat familiar. It looked like I was in a fancy living room with television set, couch, and coffee table. I walked to the light switch and turned it on. The room illuminated and did more than light up the room. It help me realized I was back in Neil’s place. I looked at the books he had. I felt a sharp pain in my chest.  I looked into my chest and found it wrapped in bandages.

            “You are awake.” I turned around to find Neil standing on a balcony. He dropped down and land beside me. “Good, I almost thought we lost you.”

            “Where are the others?” I asked him still feeling weak.

            “They are safe. They are in the other room waiting for you.” He helped me move into the room, “They are eating pizza the last time I checked.”

            We walked across the room and through the door. I could hear the excitement coming from the other long before Neil opened the door. I found mountain of pizza on the table as Darius, Haley, and Kris was sitting around it. They were laughing as they ate a few slices and drunken Mountain Dew. I stumbled into the room as Neil lead me too one of the empty seat.

            Darius said “How are you?”

            “Like crap, but I am still alive.” I replied sitting down.

            Haley said “That’s good. Now we all like to know what exactly happened to last night.” I could see in each of their face. They were thinking the same thing.

            “Only if you are up for it, we don’t want you to strain yourself.” Kris added.

            I said “I’m okay.” I told them everything about Victor and I fought each other. How he used my blood to open the door. How he planned on sacrificing me to Fenrir. Then Mr. Banner suddenly appeared. He gave me praise only to betray me in the end. He revealed himself to be Loki, took Fenrir, and turned into a human Popsicle.

            “This is bad. Fenrir walks the earth” Kris said frighteningly “he will…

            Darius interrupted “Yes, he will destroy the world. We heard it all before. Now what are we going to do stop him?’ Everyone become quiet as we all started thinking what we can do.

            I added “He not going to be doing and attacking anytime soon. When I saw him, he was half dead. Loki is the one we have to worry about.”

            “Impossible, how could he escape?” Haley said shaking her head, “Loki is supposed be in his own little hell. Chained up to boulders with snake’s venom dripping down into his face.”

            Darius said “Wow, that one hell of way to torture someone. I wondered what his crime was.”

            “He killed someone important. Now he is free with his son.” Haley replied.”What could be his next move?”

            Neil asked “What is the first thing a parent does after coming out of jail?”

            Kris was the first one to answer. “They go see their children. He’s going to release Midgard Serpent and Hel.”

            “Wait before we all get on our war horses,” Haley said sounding a little uneasy, “You should all know that Midgard Serpent is guarded by powerful magic. Loki couldn’t break in. Not with help. Hel made it well known that she hates her father. I doubt she will help him.”

            Darius said “So what do we do? Wait for him to strike.”

            “That is exactly what we will do,” Neil said. He was quiet. I almost forgot he was in the room. “Loki isn’t going to pull anything. If what Alan said is correct, he’ll wait until Fenrir is back to full strength.”

            I added “From the way he looked it might take a while.” The door burst opened and the Seer girls walked into the room. They looked liked all in some kind of trance. Their eyes rolled in the back of their heads.

            “Children of the Divine, a war is coming, it destroy the very foundation of the earth. Only strength in arms and strength of hearts could it be defeat.” They said in unison.

            Then they snapped out of it. Kayla looked around the room and at us. We were a little shocked at their little prophecy.

            Kayla said “What? What did we do?”

            “Nothing, you just told us what we need to know.” I said with grin. “Anyway we have other things to worry about.”

            The girls started taking seats at the table, grabbing some food, and drinking some soda.

            “Like the people in black who attacked us in the forest and at the church. I don’t know who they are, but they are humans. I think we should assume they are a threat.”

            Kris snapped back “You think we go around attacking humans now.”

            “No, that’s not what he’s saying Kris,” Neil said with a calm voice, “He thinks we should give them a reason to attack us.”

            I continued “Now, we act normal. We should go to school, hang out with our friends, and do everything a normal kid does. We should show our powers. To outside world we are normal kids.”

            Darius said “I can live with that as long as no a*****e pisses me off.” I could he was joking.” Everyone else seemed to also agree with my idea.

            “Okay, then one more thing I need to know before we go home. How did you guys find me?” I looked around the room at Kayla and the seers first, but they shook their heads in unison again. It was getting kind of creepy. I moved onto the others.

            Darius said “We followed an eagle. It led us right to you.”

            I was shocked. I knew that the eagle was symbol of Zeus the same as lightning bolt. Could he had possible had lead them to me. I need fresh air. I stood up and left the room. I head outside. I could hear the salt ocean smell in the air. I stood on top of the deck looking out at the docks surround me. The seagulls were flying in air looking for something to eat. For some reason I found peace in it all.

            “Mind if I join you, our trusted hero?” I turned around to see Kayla.

            I grinned “I am no hero. A hero comes back triumph. All I did was starts a war that we fought so hard to try to stop.”

            “It was going to happen regardless. It was fate.” She said.

            I replied “I don’t believe in fate.”

            “Of course, heroes don’t. Anyway I really came here to give you these.” She handed me my jacket and gladius. “I have a feeling you are going to need it, general. I saw the way you took charge back there. Neil seemed impressed too.”

            I threw on my jacket and sword turned back into it collapsed form.” So now am I a general.” Kayla touched my hand.

            “Don’t worry you will be a good one. I will help you as much as I can.” We stared out into the sky as the sun was being to rise.


© 2011 .quan.011.

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I am always sad when things come to a end. I am also hoping you have another book. For me to read. . Moving to the last page.

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Awsome book can't wait to read the next chapter

Posted 9 Years Ago

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