N&M: Chapter Twenty-four

N&M: Chapter Twenty-four

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter 24

Return to Normal


            Neil and Kris took the other girls home while the rest of us rode in Haley’s flying car. Along the way we went through the plan one more time. We were going pretend normal teenagers. We would train in secret. All of this just to avoid some guys in black who might be after us. When we reached Chicago, Haley landed the car onto the highway. Luckily, only a couple of kids saw us. Their jaws dropped as we crashed to the road. We drove through a crowd street to the main city.

            It felt like I was going through flashbacks. As I looked various places my parents took me. He rode through the city until we reached my neighborhood. It was beautiful with the sun shining on the houses and freshly cut lawn. I could hear the sound of Darius gagging noise.

            “This place is something else.” Kayla said looking at all the big houses.

            He said “They’re own by anyone who makes a six figures.”

            “Your father makes that much.”

            I admitted “No, but if he did I wouldn’t be ashamed of it.” Darius laughed playfully as we pulled up to my house. My mom and dad’s cars were parked in the driveway. I jumped out of the car before it stopped.

            “Thanks for the ride and see you school Monday.”

            I ran to the porch as the car pulled off. I didn’t know if I should knocked or just let myself in.  I was about to twist the doorknob. When the door opened, I quickly pulled out my sword. I wasn’t sure with everyone was okay.

            “Mom! Dad! I’m home.” There was my respond. I moved deeper into the home. I hug the well close to the living room doorway. I loosed my hand of my sword. I prepared myself to attack. “Anna, are you in?”

            I heard a faint grasp and I knew something was wrong. I took a deep breath and rushed into the room. I lifted up my sword. I was ready to cut down. One thing I wasn’t ready for was my grandpa’s glove. I would rather face an army of armored harpy the face him. There was he sitting in my living with the rest of my family. All of their eyes were on me. I dropped my sword behind my back. It collapsed into its stick form. I slid down my back pocket.

            “Hello everyone, what’s going on?”

            Aunt Lydia said blankly “Did you just have a sword out?”


            She said “What is the hell going?” She looked at my father and then at my mother. They were both my silent as they sat in their seats.

            My mother was the first to speak “Everything is okay. You guys really didn’t have to come down here.”

            “And miss the prodigal son finally returning. I think not.” Grandpa said not sounding too please. He stood up from his chair and walked over. He looked me in the eyes. The man who I wanted respected from so much. Right now I just wanted to hit him.

            “You caused your parents a lot of worry, young man,” He said finally away, “You have been reckless and immature.”

            I retorted “You know what Grandpa. I really don’t care. I have been through hell literally. All I want is to go to bed, wake up, get something to eat, and go back to sleep. So I say good day to you all.”

            Then I turned around and left the room. I head up to the stairs as I heard them arguing even more. I didn’t care. I was too busy soaking in the feeling of home. I walked to my bedroom. It hadn’t change since I left it that night with Darius. I had change, I finally knew what I was, Alan Steven son of Zeus. I fell onto the bed. The cushions felt so good and soft.

            I would have drifted off to sleep, but there was a knock on the door. I walked over and opened it. Before I knew, I was slapped in the face by my sister Anna. I was knocked backward.

             “Where have you been? Mom and dad have been worried sick, and Grandpa has been trying to start an investigation.”

            “I thought the FBI dropped that.”

            She hit me again. “That’s not the point, you never called. You just ran off in the middle of night. We didn’t know if you were dead or alive.”

            “I know and I’m sorry. That won’t happen again.”

            She sighed “So you’re done. That’s it no more dangerous quest.” She looked at me. I really wanted to tell her yes. I wanted to tell her that I was done and we could go back to our normal lives. Instead I just hugged her. For a moment we silently embraced each other.

            “Okay fine, then you can at least tell me one thing.”

            I replied “What is that?”

            “Where’s my car?” My eyes got big as I realized what I might have to tell her.

            I said “Let’s ruin this happy family moment, okay?” I released her and she walked out of the room. Not before giving me look indicating this wasn’t over. I dropped back onto my bed and quickly drifted to sleep. Finally I had nothing to fear as sleep was mine again.  

            I slept for what felt like days. It was a long time since I slept like that. Only to be awaken by hand on my head. I shot straight up to see my mother sitting by my bed.

            “Mom, what are you doing?”

            She just looked at me “I just to see if you were actually alive. You have been sleeping for two days straight.”

            I looked at the clock. I couldn’t believe it was Sunday. I had plan on doing some much this weekend. It was ruin by stupid sleep. I got up from the bed.

            “Sweetie, we need to talk,” Mom said then Dad entered the room, “It about these missions you planned on going.”

            I sighed, Anna’s big mouth. She must’ve told them about our little conversation. I didn’t much, but she must have picked up hints. Dad walked up to bed and sat next to Mom. Oh no, they going to team up on me. This was never a good thing. I could never fight off their combined inference.

            “Yeah, I’m going be running around lot. You doing this, doing that, and that kind of stuff.” I avoid eye contact.  I knew their game all too well.

            Dad said “We don’t want you to go. You will stay home, go to school, and live a normal life. Leave fighting to Darius and whoever can fight.”

            I said “I can’t do that. This is my fault. I didn’t stop Victor and Loki. Now people will suffer for it.”

            “What are you talking about?” Mom asked sounding genuinely concerned. So I told them everything about what happened this past week. All battles I fought, all friends I made, and also the enemies. They both sat there listening to every word. I could worry grow in their eyes especially when I should them my bandages. I unwrapped them and the wounds now scarves. That was too much for Mom.

            “That’s it. You are definitely not going.”

            I replied “I have to go.”

            “No, you are not listening. You are not going to be a part of this.”

            I shouted “No! You are not listening!” Outside of my window, the sun was fading away as the thunder roared in the air. “I have to do this. Fenrir escaped because I was too weak. I will not hide and coward while innocent people are being killed. I will find and throw his a*s back to hell. “I touched my mom’s cheeks.

            “And I will survive this I promise you.”

            Dad said “How can you be so sure?”

            “I don’t know, but this must be done.” I said looking out my window at the incoming storm. “This is only the beginning.”

© 2011 .quan.011.

Author's Note

Please tell me everything that is wrong with this chapter. Everything!

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I sure hope so because I reallly love to read. Now I need to charge thing and. Take a quick nap. I hope you will review my work as well and have a book two of this one all ready for me to read.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I am so happy he is at home now I love the book thank you for sharing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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