N&M: Epilogue

N&M: Epilogue

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Final Chapter, people thank for all your review. Now a lot of revising to do. Thank again.




            Inside of slimy pink substance, a body of a young boy was sleeping peaceful. Not for long as his eyes shot opened. The first thing he did was screamed to heaven. It was his first breath ever took. The first thing he did was screamed to the heaven. He looked at his slimy hands shockingly. He looked around the room and all he could see was machines every. They were making some much noise. He wanted them stop. He tried to stand up, but stumble und his own feet. He looked around very confusingly. He started to cry like a baby. That was what he was a man-sized baby.

            Then he heard something coming from behind him. He turned around to see a skinny man wearing some strange clothing. He was holding a robe.

            “Like your new body my son,” the man said walking over. He helped the poor boy up and then threw the robe over him. “Do you know who you are?”

            The boy looked at him quizzically. The boy could remember the face, but not the name. The face of the man was familiar yet it was faint. Suddenly he could see images of massive snake, half-dead woman, and the man standing side by side. Then he saw a village burning around. It was so real, he could even feel the heat, and smell the smoke. People screamed as they ran. He ripped through them, tore them apart, and killed them. What was his name?

            “Fen...Fen…Fen...Fenr.” he stopped for a minute.

            The man smiled “Come on, use that new mouth. What is your name?”

            “Fenri…Fenrir! Fenrir! Fenrir!” Each time he said. He sounded more aggressive, “My name is Fenrir.”

            The man said “God now, who am I?’

            In the blink of eye, Fenrir grabbed the skinny man around the neck and lifted him up into the air. “You are Loki, the scum of Earth. A raven starver bowlegged b***h of a father, you left me and my siblings to the hands of Aesir.”

            “I had no choice. I had my own personal hell to deal with.” Loki squealed. Fenrir didn’t seem to care and began squeezing his father’s neck. Only to have Loki slipped through his grasp. It was another one of Loki’s tricks, Fenrir though looking around.

            “Come out! Come out and face me, Father!”

            A faint voice said “Not until you calm down. I don’t want to hurt, but I will if I have to.”

            Fenrir laughed “I like to see you try.” Suddenly he knocked off his feet. He hit the machine and wires burst out. It wrapped itself around his hands and feet, He smiled as if it was nothing. Nothing could bind him for long. He tried pulled himself freed, but he could break through the wires. He was too weak. He was weak, I could it be. He pulled and pulled until he was too tired to do more.

            “Haven’t you given up already? Wasn’t it your arrogance that got you entangled into the dwarves’ chains in the first place?” Loki said walking to the room.

            Fenrir growled “What do you want?”

            “I want us to be a happy family again; you, me, Hel, and Jormungand. I need your help to make that happened. Not now, I need to sleep and regain your strength. You get use to new body.”

            He said “What nonsense do you speak?” Loki waved his hand and Fenrir was released. He dropped into the floor and looked at his hands. Wait, this was not his hand. Yet, it moved at his command like his hand would.

            “Give me a mirror. I must see.”

            A full body mirror suddenly appeared in front of him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. This wasn’t his body. It was small, squishing, and hairless. Worse of all, it was human. He was human. How could this happen? He grabbed his short black flat hair. This used to black fur and it used to cover his whole body. He touched his nose that used to be his snort. He looked that his hands and feet used to be his paws. He turned to Loki.

            “What have you done to me?” he shouted.

            Loki answered “I done nothing. When Aesir captured you, they turned you into a human, and they tortured you for centuries. Your old body was broken and useless. So I made you a new one. Give it some time. You will get use to the new body. You might grow to like.”

             He walked to the door and opened the door. Before he went through it, he turned around.

            “Sleep well my son. Tomorrow we will start planning on how to get our family back.” Loki smiled and walked through the door.

            As the door closed behind him, Fenrir laid on the cold floor. He drifted off to sleep. He dreamed of field of fire and lava all around him. He found himself unable to move. From the lava, a blurry image of a woman appeared. She walked up to him and placed her hands on his cheeks. She started kissing it. He expected it to burn yet they were as cold as ice.

            She whispered in his ear “The Darkness will raise my son, and we will kill them all.” Fenrir smiled as the woman stroked his hair. Then she kissed him on the forehead.

© 2011 .quan.011.

Author's Note

Please tell me everything that's wrong with this chapter.

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So far I love all your books and hope to see them in stores one day so I can buy them because they are so amazing

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