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Meeting someone along the course of life. Never been so amazing.



Intergalactic Space Rail station

It’s just another typical day in the space. Aerial stood in the platform of the intergalactic rail station, the astro express, waiting for the next train to catch. Station’s loudspeaker announcing the delay of the trains and apologizing in a really monotonous tone, over and over again. There was a meteorite shower hindering the intergalactic connections
and jeopardizing the rail schedule. Not many people is present in here
due to this disaster.  ‘Gosh, it’s so hot again today... so boring’
aerial said it out while stretching out her hands.

‘How right you are! The same thing just crossed my mind.’ Aerial was bound to look over her shoulder hearing that mysterious voice. There was a boy sitting on the station bench. That boy had dark messy hair and deep eyes, like they are telling something but it’s hard to read and has a grin at the angle of the lips as if it’s mocking you, headphones
hanging around the collar of his jacket. Aerial was startled at first and stared for a moment. Pulling herself together she said ‘oh, yeah’ and perplexed what to say next. The boy rescued her from the situation. He stood up, slowly walk toward her. Aerial looked up as he stood by her. ‘He is so tall. Didn't understand it while he was sitting.’ He looked
at aerial and said ‘hey, I’m from Ursa Major constellation, so where are you from?’.‘I’m from Andromeda constellation but I’m heading for omega nebula and you are?’ aerial looked in the deep eyes of the stranger. The mysterious boy smiled little and said with a low voice ‘who knows where? I’m a solo traveler in this journey of life.... and destination?
May be into the deepest darkest abyss...into the endless void ‘. ‘Seriously? Are you for real? ’ aerial said with little bit of sarcasm. ‘well, of course not, who would go there..’ the boy laughed out loud and suddenly lowered the voice and said with a deep tone and sharp look in the eye  ‘... except alien or extra galactic serial killer? ’ Aerial jumped a step backward and thought ‘is he insane of something?’ ‘Gotcha, hey, I’m just kidding with ya, u should have seen your face...hey, don’t think I’m insane or something.’ He continued to laugh. Aerial just stared with disbelief and was bound to laugh at the end. ‘Why we are
standing here wasting our energy, let’s sit there’ pointing at a bench ‘train is not gonna come soon.’ The loudspeaker still going on and on about the deeply and how deeply sorry it was! ‘This boy has an arcane aura about him.’ Aerial thought as she followed the boy.

They both sat on the bench quietly. Aerial looked up through the huge glass roof of the galactic rail station.’ The space remains the ever unchanged.  Witnessing the galactic moments. Sometime I miss the familiar sky of Andromeda and vanilla twilight against my window.’ The boy followed her gaze and said ‘so, a bit of a star gazers, now are we? I had an old habit when I used to sit on the rooftop of my house with my headphones plugged in.’ that mysterious tone bring back aerial to the present. ‘Huh? Oh, kind of....i really used to gaze into the dark sky but it was a long time ago. Before i become busy as hell.’ Then he bent forward and asked with a serious tone ‘then what are you doing here?
Running away from home or get a phone call from an alien?’ ‘What? No. You always have the weirdest of ideas.  I have got an important business to attend to...so I’m here...but hey, are you a regular here? I haven’t seen you before plus you are a hard-to-miss type of guy.’ He turned to aerial and gave a vacant look and asked ‘hey you like listening to
music? ’ totally ignoring aerial’s question. Surprised aerial said with a pause ‘I do. A lot. But i think my choice will hardly be same as yours. I think you listen to heavy-hard core-dying-dead kind of song. Don’t you? ’ The boy gave a cute smile which mesmerized aerial and said ‘I hardly think so. But damn, girl, you are a hell of a listener. ’ Aerial
blushed and looked away. Suddenly out of nowhere the boy put tip of his ingers lightly on her check and said ‘Hey, you are blushing.....it’s so hilarious... but hey, I’m sorry if I said something uncomfortable.’ Aerial was so surprised that it made her jump to the edge of the bench. The boy laughed out loud and aerial thought ‘How come a person can laugh out so easily?’ ‘It never gets old...hey, now, don’t get me wrong. Now all jokes aside, what’s the job that you are doing?’. Aerial then sat straight and said ‘I’m medical personnel. I’m in neurology. And you are? Working on some kind of UFO? ’ in a serious voice while running her fingers through her long hair. The boy with his deep eyes followed her fingers and said ‘that’s a funny one....because I’m a scientist...working on stars and pretty much everything on this universe. So I switch from here and there through intergalactic rail way’ with a smirk. ‘You have a cool job....but hey then I’m hoping to see you in this space station soon enough.’ said aerial with a little
hesitation. ‘Don’t you know that hope is wasted on hopeless?’ said the
boy with a sigh.

‘But hey.......’aerial couldn’t finish but the loudspeaker of the station interrupted her speech announcing ‘Attention, all the passengers of the Saturn express, your train has just arrived. Please get on board immediately. Attention...  ’. ‘I believe this is time for me to go...before I get stuck in the moment here.’ Said that mysterious boy, smiling a little he stepped forward and waved his hand without looking back. When he stepped on the train but was bound to look back when aerial screamed out saying ‘wait up, I didn’t even get your name , my intergalactic friend’. With a clam voice that mysterious stranger said
‘Remember me by the name of...... ’. But the siren of the train drowned the name and the door closed behind him. Slowly the intergalactic express started its journey to infinity leaving aerial behind with nothing but memories.

© 2014 Mistress of mystery

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Added on March 26, 2014
Last Updated on March 26, 2014
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Mistress of mystery
Mistress of mystery

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