The Darkness Casts It's Shadow

The Darkness Casts It's Shadow

A Story by Quentin Moyer

My trip to Hell


One dark, stormy day I was walking through the woods of an old abandoned town called Lakewood. I was all by myself and only 13 years old.

I approached what seemed to be a cellar. I slowly stepped toward the cellar and opened the doors.

I looked down and saw an old staircase, covered with cobwebs and dirt. I stepped foot on the first stair and it made a terrible squeaking noise. Below the 2nd stair was an ocean of pitch black.

In my back pocket was a lighter. I grabbed the lighter and flicked it on.

I began taking steps down the squeaking stairs. Squeak after squeak I slowly tip toed down the stairway that never seemed to end. Fear flooded my body and my heart was pounding. I didn’t know what was at the bottom of the cellar.

By the time I reached the final stair my thumb was throbbing with pain from the lighter burning it. When I stepped off of the final stair I stood, silent.

I looked around me and all I saw was satanic symbols and blood on the walls. I looked up and there was animal limbs hanging from the ceilings. I looked down and blood flooded the floor. My heart was pounding so hard, I was terrified by the sights I was seeing. I looked to my right and saw a table with a book on it.

I approached the table; tip toeing through the blood that covered the floor I finally reached the table. The book had a satanic pentacle on the cover followed by a few words written in Arabic letters. I thought it was the Satanic Bible, but clearly it was not.

I opened the first page. I understood some Arabic; the words said “Read thy spell and thy soul shall be sold to thy Master

I read on. I thought the book was fictional. I read the spell aloud. I reread and reread the spell. Louder and louder I read, until I was shouting it!

Then all the sudden the book slammed hard onto the cold, blood infested floor. My lighter burned out and all I could hear was the deep terrifying voices. I didn’t know where the voices were coming from. The voices were saying to me “Prepare for Internal Damnation, Death shall conquer you”. The unknown voices kept repeating it, over and over again until there was a flash of light.

The light was blinding white, it lasted for only a split second and then all went dark.

Complete darkness surrounded me. I heard nothing and saw nothing. Then out of the mists of the darkness came a red glow. As it approached me it seemed to be heading towards me faster. The closer it came the brighter it seemed to become. Then there was a flash of bright red, like the white light it lasted for a split second, but this time when I opened my eyes and looked up at a gate.

The gate was rusted and there was dirt surrounding it. I approached the gate and stood facing at what was behind the rusted metal bars.

Fire covered the floor, the screams of humans could be heard and the sound of it sent chills through my back. I was terrified that the spell that I have read sent me to Hell.

Suddenly I heard a deep, dark voice that said “You think you can disobey Satan’s orders?” and I stood silently still focused on the fire that was burning on the other side of the gate.

Answer me!!” The deep voice screamed. I began to speak but the words wouldn’t leave me mouth. “Ummm…no sir...” were the only words that could escape my mouth.

Then how dare you read the spell aloud?” the voice answered.

I…I don’t know…I thought it was fake…” I replied. My heart was pounding and my blood felt colder. I didn’t know if I was in Hell and I was talking to Satan or not.

Fool, you have read the spell to send you to Hell! For that you shall live in Hell for eternity!” At that moment I knew that I was in Hell and I was talking to Satan himself.

My eyes began to water but before the first tear could roll down my face I felt pains going through my back. Again and again I felt it. After every pain was a whip sound. I knew I was getting whipped and the pain was unbearable.

I tried dropping to my knees but my legs would not fold. I was like a statue. I stood straight up and took in the pain. Whip by whip the pain was multiplying. I could hear the demented laughter of the man who was whipping me.

He was a tall man with long black hair that covered his face. I tried pleaded with the man to stop whipping me.

Please sir…stop whipping me…it hurts so much…please!” I begged.

The man finally stopped. He looked at me dead in the eyes. His eyes were as red as the fire surrounding us.

Son…do you know where you’re at?” He asked me. His voice was deep and scratchy. I could barley understand what he said to me.

I’m in Hell…aren’t I?” I answered.

Yes you are. In Hell there is no mercy. Hell is full of hate and pain. I’ll be nice to you today since it’s your first day…and I can’t believe you did something so stupid and read the Spell of Satan…but after today don’t expect me to go easy on you…” He replied.

I was scared. I didn’t know if I was going to die or if I was going to live. At this point I wanted to die. Staring hard at the fire surrounding me and realizing that this is my fate just killed me inside. I couldn’t imagine staying here forever. I didn’t want to stay here. I hated it here.

A tear escaped from my eyes and before it rolled past my nose and flash of red light covered my face. It was hot and it was burning my face. I was in so much pain and I couldn’t move. I started screaming at the top of my lungs. The pain was so horrific and I didn’t know what it was. The burning stopped but the pain was very much there.

I dropped to the floor and all I could see was pitch black. I couldn’t open my eyes, and when I tried the pain was unbearable.

I lay on the cold, hard floor moaning in pain.

I forgot to mention…if you cry…your face gets burned.” The man said to me.

I was still on the ground in agonizing pain, wishing to be dead, wishing that I could just go home, but that will never happen.

I finally got the strength to stand up. My face was still throbbing in pain. The pain from getting burned in the face hurt so much more than getting whipped.

I was getting tired. I asked the man where we sleep at.

Come with me” He replied.

I followed behind him. As we walked by the fire the shrieks of humans getting burned was piercing my ears. The cries from children being burned to crisps and begging for mercy were just too much for me to handle.

The man and I were walking through the pathway to the cabins in which we slept. We approached the door of our cabin and the smell of urine and feces filled my nose. The stench was so terrible that I began to feel lightheaded.

Sir…this stench is too much for me to handle” I said as he unlocked the front door.

Too damn bad” He replied.

I slowly peeked my head into the cabin. The walls were filled with feces and blood. The beds were soaked in urine and the floors were flooded with throw up. My stomach turned and I wanted to gag.

You get the 2nd bed” The man said to me.

Yes sir…but may I ask one question?” I asked.

Yes?” He responded with a quick and angry tone.

What is your name?” I asked. I was scared to ask because of the way he snapped at me.

None of your f*****g business! Now get your a*s into the 2nd bed and go to sleep now!” He screamed at me.

Yes sir!” I said quickly as I darted to my designated bed.

I lay on my bed, trying to fight the horrific stench of urine. I slowly drifted off to sleep. Before I knew it I was getting slapped in the face to wake up.

I woke up and I was faced with a wall of fire.

I looked up at the man,

Satan needs a sacrifice…and you were chosen.” He said. My heart began to race again. I began pleading with the man not to let me be thrown into the fire.

Please sir! I beg of you not to throw me into the fire! Whatever I did I promise not to do again! Please!” Tears were pouring out of my eyes. I was shaking and hoping that they would spare me and chose someone else. The man looked down at me, and started to laugh at me.

You are so pathetic! You deserve to be burned! And that’s what we shall do!” He lifted me in the air. I began to scream and cry as I was slowly being taken closer and closer to the fire.

I was face to face with the Great Fire of Hell.

The Great Fire of Hell was the hottest fire in Hell. The heat from the fire burned my skin. My skin began peeling off of me and I was turning a crisp black, and I haven’t even been thrown in the fire yet.

The man stood up and yelled


And cheers began to roar as I was thrown into the fire.

As soon as my body hit the fire a great white flash sparked and I felt no pain. I opened my eyes and I seemed to be back in at my house in Tampa.

I looked up and I was in my room. I was never so glad to be home before in my entire life!

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I washed my face and looked into the mirror and the numbers “666” were printed directly in the middle of my forehead.

© 2011 Quentin Moyer

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A powerful dreams that came true. I like the strong description and how you weaved this story. Allowing the reader to feel the pain of the writer. I did like the surprise ending. Some dreams can come true. Thank you for a excellent story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

your imagination is great..good story and well on metaphors and descriptions ..

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Thanks for the advice Pierre Aberrance, I agree that the paragraphs make for much easier reading, I just didn't know where to make the paragraphs and indentations, but I looked up some tips and it helped a lot. Thank you for your constructive review!

Posted 12 Years Ago

This isn't about liking the piece or not, but the first thing I would suggest is breaking up your story into paragraphs, with indentations. It makes for much easier reading. Just a thought.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I like it, it really makes you want to read on till there's no more to read

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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