Slip Slidin' Away

Slip Slidin' Away

A Poem by Darrel


Slip Slidin’ Away
Like a trick at a magic show,
I pretend I’m asleep and it’s only a dream.
A dream where I lay in bed and desperately
try to fall into unconsciousness.
Unconsciousness always toys with my emotions.
Like my brain when it comes, my mouth is dry
without moist and spoiled like morning’s sour.
The silence creates a loudness that rings
undisturbed throughout my aching head.
The musky odor plays dumb to my
already immune sense of smell.
Everything is black, but I like it that way.
The way Jack Melbourne welcomes the morning
in his windowless home on bright street.
Bright Street is always sunny.
It’s not that sunny really.
Even in the dark part of town
light still creeps in through the cracks.
With a singing voice that no one knows
beautiful and piercing but unrecognizable.
Like a polythistesiack that cannot be cured.
It sways and moves with the wind
flowing tenderly like a concrete statue.
We were all just misfits
in a world that was only ever Slip Slidin’ Away.
There’s a women here, who became a wife
these are the very words she uses to describe her life:
she said a good day ain’t got no rain,
she said a bad day is when I lie in bed and think
of things that might have been.
We all thought she was crazy: logically insane they’d call it.
Then we’d chalk up her cracky drive way
with a graffiti intent, but no matter what
it always ended up looking like an artist’s mural.
hasta la vista baby!
That’s what we said when she left
but I never believed it.

© 2009 Darrel

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Added on March 27, 2009



Sandy, UT

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