Towards Her

Towards Her

A Poem by R L. Amber

Grass greener then eyes have even seen lies untouched across forever roaming hills, gently swaying in the late noon breeze.

The sky is darkening, soon the crisp night air will fall into place, and the moon shall rain silver from the sky above.

A small delicate frame lies in the grass alone, the red and orange sunset dances off her pale white skin.

She is not awake nor does she slumber, she simply waits, for time to start turning, for that single touch to embrace her forever more.


Quietly he sits, beneath the tree of life, the leaves shading him for the soon rising sun. His arms are stiff from the nights chill and his skin is moist from rain.

Jungle like masses of trees surround him, roots entwine both ground and sky, an unforgiving landscape awaits.

He must go, but he does not know where, he must journey but knows not for how long.

A breeze rolls across his skin bringing to him a scent of sweetness, a fragile scent he has always known.

It awakens in him a yearning, an overwhelming desire for something he does not understand.

It pushes him to rise, to take his first step towards that he has always sought.

Towards that he has always known, towards that he has always desired, finally towards her.

© 2010 R L. Amber

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Added on January 23, 2010
Last Updated on January 23, 2010
Tags: love, romance, feilds, towards, journey


R L. Amber
R L. Amber

Perth, Wa, Australia

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