Rayndon Copperwynd

Rayndon Copperwynd

A Story by Richard D. McGehee

Forbidden LOVE!

Rayndon Copperwynd
Richard D. McGehee
Rayndon Copperwynd has been and always will be one of my best friends. His handsomely rough exterior is but a face that he shows to the outside world. Rayndon hides his true self from the world for fear of a small town’s wrath and hatred toward openly gay men.
Today Rayndon is pacing around his clutter-strewn living room cracking his knuckles in frus...tration. His usually well-combed dark brown hair is as disheveled as a storm-ravaged bird’s nest. His deep brown eyes are focused intently on nothing in particular as he continues his pacing, deep in concentrated thought; he stops briefly, cracks his knuckles again, then continues his agitated pacing.
Finally he stops his breath a whirlwind of fury and uncertainty. His sweat-covered back faces me, so he turns his head in my direction. His deep brown eyes stare at me with wonder; his soft, perfectly formed lips break into a smile. A slight twinkle fills his dark brown eyes.
Rayndon makes his way across the cluttered floor, his silver Under Armor shoes, stepping on a naked Barbie left behind by one of his three daughters from his first failed marriage. He plants himself next to me with a swift, free-falling sprawl; dust flies from the cushion. 
Once he has settled himself into the lumpy old battle-stained cushions, the sweet aroma of Old Spice, sweat, and tobacco settle around us like a comfortable and familiar blanket of protection.
As Rayndon sits next to me I can hear his breathing begins to soften and level out into a more relaxed rhythm, much like a jet engine winding down from a long laborious flight. 
I place my hand on his well sculpted chest, and the very moment my hand touches his warm skin all the fight evaporates from his body and he becomes calm once again. He places his right hand on top of mine and says in a voice that is as soft and gentle as a warm summer breeze. “You know I love you...right?”
I can only nod stupidly as I look into the great depths of his love-filled eyes, where I find the truth of his words.

© 2014 Richard D. McGehee

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Added on October 28, 2014
Last Updated on October 28, 2014


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