Revolution to Resolution

Revolution to Resolution

A Poem by RabbiRebik

A 112-line poem that asks to questions to think of all that is going on in the world today and think about it all.

Trouble brews in the east;
Ukraine's fallen to grief.
Russia's reigniting serious trouble
And the Cold War's getting double.
America's military can't stand up
The burden's becoming too much.
Perchance a time would come
When we will have peace and love.
Yet I see no love to coming
Yet the Buddhists and the Krishnas are humming.
And with the trouble brewing in the east
What will happen to the tired beast?
Will he be put out like a candle at night
Or will he stand on his toes and continue the fight?
What happened when America fell?
Certainly I cannot tell.
Only when the armies fight on our orders
Will the war go outside its borders.
Israel will have no helping hand
As America throws off any promise it can.
The Prez is up in the house talking
And the average American is left gawking.
Yet we live on through perilous times
Breaking down every "freedom" sign.
Through the endless rage of a powerful storm
There is no ending to be forewarned.
America keeps breaking into being unfair
And it's people fight over senseless air.
An example to be given hence:
Why do we fight over sexual preference?
America was once the land of the free
Yet everyone is a slave, or so I see.
We cannot contain ourselves for much longer
As our resentment of authority only grows stronger.
Writings, writings, word and song;
Have they ever proven us wrong?
Is this the time of McCarthy again?
Another time when the Goyim call for sin?
Could it be that only hate is what will be
For all of the world who looks will see?
People say it's a time to end the American dream
And yet, it appears they are ever so keen.
Why must we give up what our ancestors fought for?
Are we going to end up closing our future's door?
Never shall there be another time like this
When only you have no other wish.
Can we not agree to get along
Why can't we sit back and realize that violence is wrong?
Should there be a time when hate is king?
And what kind of future will it bring?
Too many questions are being inquired
And there are no answers being sired.
Our children look up to the sky
Where someday soon fires will burn it bright.
And when they do, the laws will be broken
It will seem as though the Forefathers were joking.
America stands indebted to the largest country around
And blood will be spilled when no money can be found.
Jews are being forced from France and Britain
As though they were leprosy-stricken.
How long before they are forced from America's land?
And how many will make it to the Promised Land?
War has no pity in Europe's east
And the fighting will wage on and never cease.  64
Obama leaves the office in 2016
Will America have anything left to be seen?
Why can you not see the cause 
Of America's fall and loss?
The people need jobs, money and hope
I doubt even Francis I could tug on that rope.
Many are calling for the end times
And others are drawing battle lines.
They can build us up, but we always see
That our hope is gone and we are never free.
Yet the President swears there will be a change
I only see hate, destruction and vast pain.
The dogs of war continue to bark
And their senses tell them it's time to start.
Must we see only the future in shackles?
And watch our agony feed their evil cackles?
No, I say we will not
Americans will fight until they win or get shot.
We have never lost the freedom to throw a fit
And we will not sit back and take this ****.
There is no error in the ways of hope
And sling mud from each end of the slope.
Pray to HaShem for the future of our nation
And let H-m save us with much elation.
Let yourself realize that all is not lost
And there can be peace, no matter what cost.
Break the bonds Man has placed upon our feet
And fight until our heart gives its last beat.
Hopes can be had and we will see them
Just stand up for your dreams and call for freedom.
Hippies, Yippies, Muslims and Jews
Goyim, Krishnas, Hindus and, of course, you.
Charge for the fight
Recognize your right.
Realize that at any of its cost
We cannot afford to be forever lost...

© 2014 RabbiRebik

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Added on March 10, 2014
Last Updated on March 10, 2014
Tags: Hippie, Peace, Activism, Long Poem, Thought, Metaphor, 2014 Crimean Crisis, Fallen America, End Times



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My name is Rabbi Tyler Rebik. I am 21, I've published 7 novels and a book of poems. I love to write and read as well. I am an ordained Reform Jewish Rabbi and I run a small congregation in Oklahoma. I.. more..

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A Poem by RabbiRebik