A Toxic B***h

A Toxic B***h

A Poem by HushChild

I wrote this about an ex-girlfriend of mine who sucks the energy for everyone around her. She has yet to, and may never, grow up. I hope you wrote in Hell, you pathetic b***h.

Your kiss is like a pressed flower.
     Dead and flat.
Your kiss is like candy.
     A thousand Warheads dipped in acid vats
Burning holes in my tongue and cheek.
Shut the f**k up b***h! You do get to speak!
You are a sick toxic b***h!
Haw many months did I waste on you? Six?!
She is hurt by you and her own hand from the words you say.
My love for you was raped away!
I mean f**k, do you not see what you do?
You always hurt us but we'd never hurt you.
And he's shelling out bucks
In hopes you two f**k.
Doesn't that make you a prostitute?
I guess you always were f*****g up lives for loot!
And then you beg for sympathy.
'Oh, I hate my cousin. Wanna make out with me?'
And you wouldn't kiss me at school.
Angel face, I was a fool
To think you could show compassion.
Or maybe you did. Just in your own fashion.
Baby girl, Panda lips, or what ever you are,
I grew my nails longer to claw my way out of your black hole heart!
But always remember,
You are like a bank robbery.
     You stole everything from my heart.
And you love was like theatre.
     It was fake from the very start.

© 2012 HushChild

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Added on July 10, 2012
Last Updated on August 12, 2012
Tags: Anger, lovers, hate, rant, girlfriend, best friend, love, sex



Wonderland, GA

I have been on the razors edge far too many times before. I have fallen in and out of love far too many times. I have written and wasted far too many poems. more..

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