Midnight Meanderings

Midnight Meanderings

A Chapter by Megan S.

I was already “awake” when midnight rolled up to meet the world. Uploading didn’t take long, so I was good for about forty-eight hours. I wasn’t lucky enough to have been placed near woods, a lake, or anything to spark my wires into stimulation, but I went for a walk anyway.

Walking the night was nice. The cooled breeze touched my human skin feeling smooth, like slipping a hand beneath water. Everything always felt foreign, the darkness of night changing even the houses’ outlines into something odd.

Having no idea where I was going or what I was looking for, just going, wasn’t rare for me. It was like my modem processed so fast that if I sat still, it overheated, like it needed something to process to keep from over-working itself. So, every time I came to a new house, I’d explore, find somewhere to go to keep me occupied throughout a night without sleep.

I remembered as I walked, back in France, the first time I had ever been introduced to the real human world. It was me, Five, and Seven, then. The guy I’d recently met- Andre- had been talking to his other friends, and I had listened, completely appalled, as he told them how tired he was after only an hour of sleep.

When I’d related this to the Hospital, they’d just laughed and informed me that humans needed more sleep than the Fourteen- which they’d forgotten to inform us of, forgetting for the first time that we were inhuman.

Since then, they’d always given us all of the info we’d need for a test. I wondered again why they’d started the research project. Once, I’d asked them why, and they’d said that it was not for us to know, but that they could say it was for the good of the world.

That had been enough for me, then, but I found myself wondering about it now. What good could we do for the world, and what could the tests mean?

No. I shook the thoughts away, and when I finally looked at where I was, I saw a park sitting a few feet away. I smiled and headed in. This was what I’d been looking for- something new and interesting.

There was a huge slide standing, greeting me first, and I had a sudden urge to climb the steel rungs. That I did, finally standing at the top, and presently slipped and slid down the slide. I actually surprised myself by barking out a laugh as I came to a stop.

I looked out at the rest of the park- swings, balance beams, monkey bars. Standing up, I grinned and took off.


Four and a half hours later, I had not only used every single bit of equipment at least twice, but I had enjoyed myself. It was an experience I’d never had before. I looked regrettably back at the park for a moment, and then made my way back home.

he entire way, I was thinking that that must be what normal four year olds feel like. When I was four, I was being wired and rewired, fixed and tweaked as I went through test simulations- just like the other thirteen did.

Three had made my days a little better. She was good at things like that. She knew how to laugh and joke. She was probably the closest thing to a real human being in the Hospital. Even the researchers and doctors seemed to be cool and inhuman, caring only for how their tests were going and whether or not their test subjects were performing correctly.

Back then, that had been normal, but now I found myself more and more restless and wanting every time I was sent back to the hospital to report my test results. Three already hated the hospital  already. She couldn’t stand their cold practicalities after spending so much time with humans.

It’s why I always tried to keep her from making too many friends when we were on test together. It seemed that the more friends she made, the more human she became. Soon, the Hospital  would want to do something about it, and I didn’t want to think what that something would be.

Finally, I was outside my test home, just looking at it. It wasn’t a bad home. It was fairly large, newly painted and the gardening was impeccable. Mrs. Harroldson was absolutely anal about her gardens, but in a nice way, of course.

Everything about the Harroldsons screamed the word nice. I didn’t think they had it in them to be mean at all. I actually found myself smiling, and I started up the front drive.

If I missed breakfast, they’d come up and look for me, and I could only imagine them finding me gone. Mrs. Harroldson would start to tremble slightly and she’d start to cry, and Mr. Harroldson would pat her hand slightly and tell her it was okay, that they’d find me.

When I came in I’d get hugs from her and glares from him. Then he’d take me into his study where he’d tell me the rules of this house and how I just can’t do things like taking off in the middle of the night.

I shook my head and smiled again, starting to think I might get used to this family idea. My real mom and dad had never really been anything prominent in my life. Sure they were around, but it was different. Not like real family.

Mom and Dad were the ones who had me given as the first test subject. Dad had been working in the research lab we called the Hospital for about four years when Mom had me. She, as a technology expert, was recruited as well, and two years later, she and Dad had thought it perfect to put their own kid into the study they’d been working on for so long.

I couldn’t hate them for it. I mean, it was something they were passionate about, and they did it before I would remember anything of a different life. Plus, being a manchine wasn’t so bad. I got to see more of the world than most of the teenagers I met.

I got in and went to my room so I could change and clean up; then I doodled for a couple hours. Went I went back downstairs, my backpack slung over one of my shoulders, my adoptive parents were sitting at the table.

“Hey, Mace, c’mere boy.” I smiled and walked up to Mr. Harroldson.

“Yes, Sir?” I asked.

“You got everything ready for school?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Okay, then; well, you missed breakfast, and if you don’t hurry you’ll miss the bus too.”

I nodded, and noticed Mrs. Harroldson tapping her foot and looking at me. Her husband might still be a bit awkward with me, but as far as she was concerned I was her boy. She expected a hug every day before I left, and I gladly walked toward her now.

She stood up and wrapped me in a hug like she always did. “You be good, y’hear? And be safe. I’ll see you back home tomorrow, and don’t forget to do your homework when you get in.” I smiled, nodded, and headed out to the bus stop.

The bus pulled up, meeting me there. Yeah, I thought as I mounted the steps, this is definitely something I could get used to.

Then the bus doors closed behind me, and I forgot all about emotions and family.

© 2011 Megan S.

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he entire way, I was thinking that -the
It's ncie that we got some background, but now I'm ready for some action instead of a long narrative. Please send me a msg when you post the next chapter.

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