Cupid's Lesson

Cupid's Lesson

A Poem by Raging.Skies


Surrender, oh Cupid, your arrows
For my heart does sorely weep
I have carelessly fallen in love
With a man I cannot keep

One request I ask of you
Have mercy and accept
Please make him fall in love with me
For I seem to be inept

He is willful, change not that
But more accepting he must be
Persuade him to fear love less
And in thought to be more free

He is all I have ever wanted
All I wish to apprehend
If not for me then for loves sake
The rules of love must slightly bend

CUPID: I cannot do this thing you ask
In the end free will decides
Love, it is a fragile thing
Without will, then love, it dies

LOVER: I beg of you, persuade a little?
You need not change his mind
Nudge him in my direction
My heart is breaking be thou kind

CUPID: My dear, he has made his choice
He had his chance and walked away
I cannot perform this thing you ask
For I cannot make him stay

LOVER: But he is all I have ever wanted
All I wish to apprehend
If not for love than as a favor
A single arrow might you lend?

CUPID: This goes against my better judgment
I cannot condone this sport
My arrows are meant for passion
Not for hunting of this sort

Then Cupid turned his back
As the lover wept and grieved
But what Cupid had not known
Was of the arrow she had thieved

She walked away without a word
With a smirk upon her face
The only thought upon her mind
Was of her lovers sweet embrace

She did not think before she pricked him
With the arrow she had thieved
And it wasn’t before long
That again her heart was grieved

Again she went to Cupid
And she admitted what had been done
She explained the arrow worked
Though still his heart she hadn’t won

He was with her, yes he was
And they were lovers, yes indeed
But love cannot perform
When it is taken out of greed

Cupid tried to tell her
The error of her thought
She could not attain true Love
For Lust was whom she sought

© 2010 Raging.Skies

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Wow... this is really well done. The flow and the rhyme are perfect and though I really hate all this sentimental, romance, unrequited, whatever type of stuff... I enjoyed reading this. You really have a great rhythm to this poem that allows the reader to absorb the words as though they're witnessing the conversation between the lover and cupid. You can really hear the words. I especially liked the section where they each had their own designated speeches. This is a wonderful poem, well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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like this one really, picture is nice too :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thank you very much! Much appreciated. :)
this has lota truth to it love is on choice and free will if they don't love you can't force one to love you love this poem strangly i think many been in this situation not the cupid but love per say i know i have it was when i was a teen and was some one i had no Chemistry with him and i did'nt click and it did'nt go to his mind so well and i did allow him to know i only wanted to be friends and he was'nt my type of guy either Yick's he lost a friend over it also cause he wanted to force me to love him or be with him was'nt gonna happen he thought i was gonna marry him. thankfully he's been dating a friend of mine for a long time now she knows i don't like him never have she's short but one Tough Little cookie so he listens to her when she say's to do some thing lol not with her i just mean the ones that try in make some one love them when they don't in that way shows How selfish one's can be with love we can't control others and some times it just is'nt ment to be and that how it's to be for me i asked God for my husband and i feel he brought us together. Nice work here love it

Posted 10 Years Ago

You're Very Welcome!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very bueatiful.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Thank you! I feel very honored and complemented... made my day to win the first place ribbon

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was just fantastic!
A lesson to be learned; for one and all
Congrats & Thank you for entering my contest!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Dayton, OH

Hmmm, lets see, where should I start? Well, I am dyslexic, so if you see any errors in my writings please let me know, I miss a lot of those, my dyslexic eyes just can't seem to catch them. ------.. more..

Sister Sister

A Poem by Raging.Skies

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