Story with a twist.

Story with a twist.

A Story by Rahul Bakolia

She:- You are coming na?

He:- What do you want? 

She:- of course you have to come. If you will not come then…

She was going to say something but then controlled herself. She stopped and he understood but still

He:- Oye…If I will not come then how will you get engaged huh?

She:- (in a low tone) hmm.

He:- Oh hello! Don't hmm me.

She:- I will hmm you huh!

He:- You know yesterday mom and dad brought gifts for all the relatives who are coming in engagement. And I am going to look super sexy in my new dress.

She:- You already look sexy!

He:- Yaa I know…But still, I will look sexier haha! Other girls will get impressed na!

She:- Shut up!

He:- Why are you jealous? I will impress other girls huh.

She:- you just come for the engagement in the evening then I will show you, idiot.

He:- Haha!

In the evening (Engagement Time)

Her Sister:- Take the ring.

She holds the ring in her hand and then looks at him. He was also looking at her.

Her Sister:- Where are you looking. He is waiting for the ring.

She now looks away from him and puts the ring in the groom's finger. Everybody claps but he just disappears from there. She too felt the pain but still smiled forcefully!

P.S.:- And in this way, two best friends since their childhood lost their love. Caste is more important than love in India! Cheers to casteism!

© 2019 Rahul Bakolia

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Added on March 2, 2019
Last Updated on March 2, 2019


Rahul Bakolia
Rahul Bakolia


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