Farewell to What Once Was

Farewell to What Once Was

A Poem by Carissa

Just sitting among the clouds

Feeling weightless

Loved and adored

Nothing could bring me down

Not from way up here


Cloud nine had nothing on the way I felt

When you were with me

Your very name brought a smile to my lips

Hearing your voice was the sweetest sound

I never thought this kind of happiness existed


I shared some of my brightest moments with you

For you, my dear, were my sun

You showed me how it felt to be truly happy

Light, love, and laughter filled my heart

I can still remember how I felt once upon a time


Though joy, happiness, & love were not all I felt

After some time, the darkness came out

Fighting over little things

Distance began to grow

After awhile, I couldn't touch your hand anymore


The light in my heart began to fade

I started to fall from the sky

Seas of lonliness took me

Tried to drown me

Struggling to keep my head above water


We fought over stupid things

Your voice became rough

Hurtful words fell from your lips

Cutting my skin like knives

Piercing my heart


Then the rain would slow

The waters would still

Peace would find its way back into my heart

We'd make up

And all would seem well


I would start to feel whole again

But things would be going too well

And the fighting would start again

The waters would try to take me down once more

The storm felt neverending


I pushed, you pulled away

So many mistakes made

Never able to get it right

Though we tried many times

Somehow we always stayed connected


But distance this time brought real peace

In my solitude, I was able to make sense of things

I was miserable more than I was happy

It doesn't take the joy away from the good times

It can't take away the love that was shared


What it did however was bring perspective

We brought out the worst in one another

I tried too hard, you tried too little

We were harsh, unfeeling

It never should have gotten that way


I grieve for what was

For the love you gave

That is now gone

For what could have been

But now never will be


You're no longer my sun

Though I now see

That no one should be

I should be able to stand alone

To feel whole without another


In that true sense of peace

Loving who I am

This is when things will come together

And we will bring out the best in one another

The sun will then shine on us both


I cry as I say good-bye to yesterday

To what was

To old dreams

To cherished memories

To you


I reflect on today

On what is

On new dreams

On the memories to be made

On tomorrow


I'm no longer bitter

There's no need to be

I think of you and wish you the best

For I still wish you every happiness

As I always have and always will


Walking ahead

The light is stunning

It takes my breath away

It tells me all will be alright

Not to fear what's to come


Don't look back

You're not going that way

Follow the path that is in front of you

The first steps are the hardest

But you can do this


For so long I feared change

To leave what I've known for so long

That is a big reason why I stayed

Why I never really tried to move on

The unknown was too much for me


Now I embrace change

Seeing what is around that next corner

Leaning forward

Trying so hard to see

What lies ahead for me


Well this is it

It's time to go

One last farewell

Now I dry my tears

And begin to move on

© 2012 Carissa

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Added on September 30, 2012
Last Updated on September 30, 2012
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Waukesha, WI

My name is Carissa. I'm from Waukesha, Wisconsin. I have a nine year old son, who is the light of my life. I have been a writer since the age of 10. I write mostly poetry, but, I have been known to da.. more..

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