Index 2 Q215.3

Index 2 Q215.3

A Story by Squid

The second story in a collection of stories that revolve around Fenton Umbren and his work with the IIA


Fenton was lounging back in his chair, working a rubik's cube, waiting for a call to come in, and at around 6:30, one did.

“Q215.3 reported in the Willas woods by 2 hikers.” Came the Operators voce with his usual calm collectedness

“Well, at least its something interesting this time, any known victims so far”

“None yet sir” 

“Good, let's hope it stays that way, no one needs to die”

And with that, Fenton rose from his chair, and strode to the armory, taking a hunting rifle, loaded with silver bullets, a silver plated knife, a silver chain net, and a lighter. He then got in his cruiser, and headed to sight, on the way he called the operator to get more information.

“Any witnesses?”

“Two, both male, avid hikers in their 20s”

“What all did they see”

“They say they saw a starving man with an elk skull on his head, they didn't approach it however, thank gods”

“That sure sounds like one, hopefully this will be wrapped up before it gets too dark, signing off”

When Fenton arrived he found the two hikers, standing in the parking lot. 

“IIA, are you the two hikers who called in about the Q.215.3”

“Uh, yea I guess we are, if that's what you people call a wendigo” replied the first hiker “Because that's wha-”

“Yes, yes-- the wendigo, the Q.215.3, where was it”

“Uh, about 30 minutes walk thataway” The second hiker pointed off into the woods behind him

“Only 30 minutes out, so close” Fenton muttered to himself “mmm yes” he said, louder “and how long ago was this?”

“About 20 minutes ago, we called as soon as it was out of sight” the second hiker replied

“Thank you for your cooperation citizens, I will take it from here, I suggest you vacate the area for your own safety” 

And with that, Fenton headed into the forest. He checked the load on his rifle, and made sure there were no knots in his net. Soon enough he heard the telltale wailing cry of a Q.215.3, even though He had been in this business for a long time, the cry was still enough to put his teeth on edge. He calmed himself by going over the plan in his head, shoot twice, net, remove heart, burn, shoot twice, net, remove heart, burn, shoot twice, ne-. There it was, it hadn't spotted him yet, he supposed he should count himself lucky for that, he sighted carefully, and fired. His aim was true, the silver coated bullet sank into the creature's back, smoke curlled off of the wound, and the creature let out a blood curdling scream of agony, and whirled on Fenton and charged. 

Fenton knew in an instant that there wouldn't be enough time for a second shot, so he threw the rifle aside and grabbed the net and threw it. It wrapped around the creature, and it screamed again, louder this time, its white skin turning black at the places the silver chain touched it. Immediately Fenton was on it, knife in hand, straddling the creature as it tried to bite  him, but he was able to get the knife in and remove the creature's heart, but not before it was able to take a chunk out of his leg with it’s razor sharp claws. Fenton leaped off the creature as hard as he could. He pulled himself, through the snow, away from the creature, and pulled out his lighter, flicked in on and held it up to the heart, the heart didn't catch on fire, but instead started melting very fast, and the more of the heart melted the more the creature writhed in agony, until finally it was still, and melted, just like it’s heart had.

Fenton tore a piece of his lab coat off and fashioned a crude bandage over the wound in his leg, retrieved his net, and made his way back to the cruiser. When he got out of the woods, one of the hikers was waiting for him.

“Did you get it we heard screaming- OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LEG”

“It’s fine, the Q.215.3 is neutralized, and didn’t I tell you to leave”

“You did sir, but I couldn't leave when your in there with a wendigo, or whatever you call it”

Fenton handed him a small card with a logo an address

“If your interested in this job, I don't know why you would be, but if you are, come find us”

And with that he drove back to the station. 

“Welcome back- sir you’re injured”

“I am aware operator, I think I might need some time off”

“Of course sir”

Fenton put his gear in for cleaning, and wrote his after occurrence report. “Two Hikers reported an instance of Q.215.3 in Willas woods. Instance neutralized via melting of heart. One of the aforementioned Hikers remained after being ordered to vacate the premises. Hiker deemed potential asset and given location card” Fenton turned in his report, and left for home early that day, to rest and heal his leg. 

© 2021 Squid

Author's Note

its the second one

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mm yeah thats the good stuff bro

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