Love Eternal

Love Eternal

A Story by Raleighwheels

Love Eternal



In the living room she laid, cold and motionless.  Just one month since she had left him, but he could still smell her perfume.  His careful preparations to steal her away again had paid off; she was now with him, just like they had always promised each other.  Being alone without one another was never something that the couple wanted.  She had always told him that nothing on the earth would tear them apart.

She lay motionless on the couch, a fire roaring next to her.  In the other room, he prepared dinner while listening to jazz records.  He tapped his toe while stirring the pot, making sure everything was just right.  His head swayed from side to side at the sound of a saxophone solo coming through the record player speaker.  While the water was boiling, he rushed around the kitchen gathering plates for the food while trying to be as quiet as possible, so that he wouldn’t wake her prematurely from her slumber. 

Once dinner was ready, he set down a plate for her on the coffee table.  He sat in silence while eating, his eyes never leaving his beloved.  Finally, after all his waiting, she awoke with a yawn.  Her arms stretched out, the snapping of her joints blended in with the gentle crackling of the fire.  After rubbing her eyes, she sat up and took her plate from the table.  She thanked him for making her dinner, exclaiming that it felt like she hadn’t had food in ages.

He was done with his food, but sat as still as he could, just watching her feast upon the meal he created.  When she was finished, he gathered the dishes and placed them in the kitchen.  Cleaning was something best left for later.  Right now, all he wanted to do was be with her.  Cuddled up next to her, he whispered sweet words to her while lightly stroking her hand.  Hugging her thin body was just the icing on top of the romantic night.  While holding her close, the sounds of the world outside the house, and even that of the snapping and crackling wood in the fire, seemed to melt away, and he was completely absorbed in her essence.

They looked into each other’s eyes, exchanging glances of peace and love, but her eyes also reflected and sadness.  He caught it, and did everything in his power to comfort and remind her that he would be with her forever, no matter what.  She smiled, wiping away tears and leaned in to give him another hug.  With her arms rapped around him, he buried his face into her hair to smell more of her familiar scents.

The smell he got was a pungent abomination of the memory he had.  He pulled away to glance into her eyes once more.  No, she was still exactly how he remembered, a perfect memory.  The putrid smell soon vanished from his nose and everything was back to normal.  He even stole a quick kiss or two from her; causing her to blush and advert her eyes momentarily to the dying fire. 

The couple sat cradling each other, simply watching the last few flames dwindle down until there was nothing but glowing embers left.  He then stood up, extended his hand out to his beloved, and led her to the bedroom where their passion flourished once more.

He was awoken to the sound of the front door opening and several sets of footsteps hastily moving about the house.  Wrapping his arms around her sleeping body once more, he gave her a deep passionate kiss just before the room door burst open.  He pulled his lips off hers and turned to see three police officers staring with disgust at the sight before them.

One officer rushed away from his colleagues to vomit at the horrific sight.  The man was in bed was a corpse that had been expired for at least a month.  The remaining two officers pried the man away from the bed.  He fought them, kicking and screaming, ordering them to just leave him and his companion alone.  They weren’t harming anyone he kept repeating over and over again.

The man was finally subdued and restrained.  As the police dragged him away from the bedroom, he looked back for another glance of the woman he promised his life to.  She sat on the edge of the bed crying and pleading for him to return to her, which was the one request that he unwillingly couldn’t fulfill.

Forever would her face haunt him, a curse of what he had and could no longer have.  Her voice echoed in his head, but she was never with him.  No matter what, he loved her, and always would, even if he couldn’t have her.  A smile could still be seen on his face, and when asked why, he would gladly tell the story of how he got to spend one more night with the woman he loved.

© 2013 Raleighwheels

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A creepy story, but touching in a way.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Selinsgrove, PA

I'm trying to get back into writing. I've been thinking of stories for years and have a large list of ideas down. I tend to write more horror and supernatural stories. more..

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