Changed by you

Changed by you

A Story by Ralph Stanczuk

One day you'll find somebody who will make you be the best you, you possibly can be.


Austin was never the nice guy, he was the kind of guy that every girl should stay away from and the girls knew this but they never learned their lesson, and would keep going back to him and get played. Even though he was a jerk, and everyone knew it; the girls were still attracted to him. He felt as if he can get every girl, and that he would always be this way; but that changed when he met, Hannah.

   Hannah wasn't like all the other girls, the girls who would hook up with Austin just to act cool.

She was actually much different from everyone else, very innocent. Don't get me wrong, Hannah was one of the most good looking girls in the school; but no guy was ever lucky enough to make her theirs. Guys would try and try but they seemed to never be good enough for her.

   Austin attended a new school for senior year, and the first week there he had already hooked up with about every girl; and he already ran the school in that little of a time there. Everything was just like it use to be in his old school, Things couldn't get any better than this; that was until he saw the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on across the hallway.

   There she was, with a group of girls. Austin stood there in amazement, watching her giggle and looking at that smile of hers. Austin was with a few buddies and that's when one of them said something,"Austin! Austin! you alright?" Austin shook his head to get back to planet earth, and said, "yeah, why?"

"I've never seen you stare at a girl like that before, bro!" Said one of the guys.

Austin looked at them and tried to play it off by slowly walking away and saying, "let's get out of here, it's nothing"

But Austin knew she wasn't just nothing, because he never had felt something like that inside him before.

   When Austin went home after school, all he could think about was that girl. Questions fluttered his mind, who is she? What's her name? Why do I feel this way?

Austin, the jerk who played about every girl; had never felt this way before and it made him nervous.

   It wasn't until the next day when he saw her in the same spot. Austin for once, had to build up the courage to talk to this beautiful girl; and he did. He acted like his usual self though, acting like a moron and acting as if this would be a easy girl to get; but he was wrong. It was only about 3 minutes into talking to her, when she finally walked away, and all he got out of the conversation was her name.

As she walked away, Austin smiled and quietly whispered to himself, "Hannah.'

   Austin tried every day, with different approaches; but never even caught her attention. He really liked this girl and he didn't know a thing about her, but what he finally realized was that she didn't like him; and then he realized it's not that she doesn't like him, it's that she doesn't like the way he acts. 

   It was a Friday when Austin had walked up to her once again.

He walked up to Hannah with a smile on his face, looked her in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry about the way I've been, I don't know how to act around you but what I've been trying to tell you is that you're the most beautiful girl i've ever seen and if you give me the chance I can show you that I'm not as bad as I seem."

Hannah looked at him with a curious face, and said pick me up tonight at 7pm and gave him her address.

   Austin knew he had to go all out for her and he planned everything in just a few hours. He got there a little early and went to her door, when she answered he handed her flowers and she smiled at him. Austin felt so wonderful about that because that was the first time he has ever made her smile. When they walked over to his car, Austin did something he has never done before. He went to the passenger side and actually opened the door for her.

They drove about 20 minutes, and finally arrived at a fancy looking restaurant. They both ordered their favorite meals, and talked about everything; From the music they listen to, to the things they want to do in life. Austin would randomly catch himself staring into her beautiful eyes as she would laugh. Austin didn't want to admit this, but he was finally falling for a girl.

   After dinner Austin took her for a little drive. They drove out of town with their windows down, and the music up. Austin had something special planned, not to far away. When Austin finally stopped the car after awhile, Hannah looked at him and asked him where they were. Austin looked her in the eyes and said, "follow me." They walked about 10 minutes into a open field and it was pitch black, but they finally got where they needed to go. Hannah looked at the ground and saw blankets, candles, and things to snack on. Hannah didn't notice the beautiful stars until they laid down, not to far apart from each other.

She was staring at the stars, quiet for a little bit and then finally said, "This is beautiful, Austin."

Austin looked over at her and said, "almost as beautiful as you."

   They laid there for awhile, laughing, eating, and all that kind of good stuff. Finally Hannah said the magical words, "I'm cold."

Austin didn't want to mess this perfect night out so he was a gentlemen about it and took off his sweater and gave it to her, but she said no. Instead she wanted him to keep her warm.

Austin's heart was beating faster, and louder as he held her; while staring at the stars together. She felt it too, and thought it was adorable.

After awhile she sort of turned over to face him, that's when she looked him in the eyes instead of looking at the stars. She didn't say anything and it confused Austin. He finally put a little smile of his face and said, "what?"

She looked deeper into his eyes and said, "no guy has ever went through this much trouble just to get my attention, and I thank you for that." She leaned in and gave him a kiss that he'll will never forget, it was his favorite kiss; because it actually had meaning.

Austin then looked her in the eyes and said, "you're the only girl that I've ever done this for, you make me want to be different."

Hannah smiled and kissed him again, more precious than ever.

For the rest of the night they just cuddled while looking at the stars and occasionally at one another.

It was a first date that they will never forget.

   Austin thought this would never happen to him, but he was wrong. Hannah changed him in a way he would have never thought was possible, ever since meeting her he has been nothing but sweet to her. He treated her the way she deserved to be treated and was the guy of her dreams, all because he cared so much about her.

   When you fall for somebody, it changes you.

It doesn't matter how much of a jerk you were, because when you find the right girl it will change you. It will make you want to be the best you that you can possibly be, and if you have found the girl that makes you feel this way or has changed you, don't let her go.





© 2013 Ralph Stanczuk

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Right.. don't let her go.... God wish i didn't leave,but i had to ... he couldn't stop no matter how hard he tried
nicely written

Posted 7 Years Ago

AWWWWW!!!:) this was really great:)! Someone cant change another person they have to wanna change themselves. And he must of really liked her if he wanted to look an the mirror and realize what a jerk he was. It's good he found a girl worth fighting for:)!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Ralph Stanczuk
Ralph Stanczuk


17 year old boy named Ralph :) Thank you for all of your reviews, it means a lot! more..

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