Depraved Drug Smugglers

Depraved Drug Smugglers

A Story by Randy Johnson

Before you continue to read this article, I feel that I should warn you. If you are faint of heart, please don't continue to read. This article is about something that's very unpleasant and sadly, it's true. It's about some really despicable drug smugglers.
These people were no ordinary drug smugglers. These people are the scum of the earth. They are true pieces of garbage and I know for a fact that they will burn in Hell when they die. Those drug smugglers tried to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the USA by using a baby.
These scum-suckers killed the baby and hid the drugs inside of the baby's body. The people at customs knew something was wrong. They noticed that the baby wasn't breathing, moving or even making a sound. The drug smugglers were quickly arrested.
The depravity of this crime was both disgusting and sickening. It was bad enough that these people were going to poison people with their drugs, but they murdered an innocent baby to do it. It's shocking to know that such people actually exist.
I don't like drug dealers and I never have, but those drug dealers really take the cake. I hope they will rot in prison for the rest of their lives or go to the gas chamber. They deserve no mercy and God will certainly have no mercy on their souls.

© 2021 Randy Johnson

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Added on April 24, 2021
Last Updated on April 24, 2021
Tags: Baby, Dark, Drugs, Murder, Nonfiction


Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson


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