A Story by Ranfer

Soul swap between an elder sister and a younger brother


The  beginning:                               The alarm clock rang in the morning. 12 year old Jin got up with a yawning .He went to his sister's room to wake her up."Emily, get up! It's 7.30. If you don't get up, we will be late to school."But his sister was sleeping soundly.Jin pulled her blanket from her and opened the windows and curtains. The sunshine spread through out the room . Emily got up rubbing her eyes. "Jin , Why did you wake me up this early?" "Geez sis,it's 7.30.If you don’t start preparing now,we won't be in time to school."

 "OK,Ok, I understand" Emily got off the bed and went to the     bathroom  Jin got ready very fast.But Emily was slower than a snail.After so much struggles, both of them got to school. "Sis,we just came in time.It is really a difficult challenge to come to school with you ,sis." Emily put her hands around his shoulders and ruffled  his hair "How can you say such a thing about  your own sister, Jin?” “Ah!SIs, you ruined   my  hair."


  After classes were over,Jin and Emily met at the school gate. "Jin, let's wait for Ray" Emily asked Jin ."Emi,he doesn't even know your name and more over that he doesn't know that you are studying in the same class as him."

My sister's crush


 "Jin, look there here he comes. He looks handsome today as well" A tall guy with brown hair and eyes came out   of  school.  "Sis, how long are you going to be obsessed?I told you many times that he is not suitable for you" "Why don't you listen to me in this matter? You have a false opinion about him.You don't understand or know anything about him because you are younger than me .On top of that, you don't even had a girlfriend"


 'You also don't even had a boyfriend.Even God can't knock some sense into my sister'thought Jin with a sigh. Emily and Ray were both 15 years old and were studying in the same class and living in the same street three houses apart.Jin and Emily would follow Ray after he had finished his club activities which would take about an hour.They would  follow him behind by keeping a distance of 3 metres upto their house.

 "I  don't know when I am going to tell him that I love him"Emily said with a sigh. "You are confusing it with love.You are just infatuated with him.He is just a crush"Jin advised his sister. "You may be smart Jin. But you are not right about everything" Emily strode towards their house angrily.  Jin took a glance at  Ray who was entering his house from a distance and then he went into his house.

Ray was popular because of his looks and his superb skills in basketball.He was average in studies.Since Emily was very much interested in basketball,so she developed a crush on Ray.She would go and cheer him in all his matches.

                                                     Switch:               "Mom, we are back home” Jin shouted and went to the kitchen. His mother was making snacks.He hugged her shoulders from behind.”Welcome back ,Jin. Where is Emily?” asked his mom returning his hug. “I think she went to her room ,mom." “Did something happen to her? She would always greet with a smile” Jin’s mom wondered. “Don’t worry mom. It must be a small problem.She will cheer up soon.I will take care of that” Jin convinced his mother. “How was your day today, mom?” They started to chat and it lasted for half an hour.

Jin’s mom was a teacher in primary school.She was kind hearted and was caring towards her students as well as her two children. Jin’s father was a journalist, so he had to travel a lot.His stay at home was rare.He wasn’t that much strict with his children.

Jin went upstairs to Emily ‘s room and opened the door.She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed.”Sis , are you still angry with me?Why didn’t you greet mother?She was worried about you” Jin couldn’t stand that his sister was obsessing over Ray that much. “You are not supporting me in this matter AS MY BROTHER. You are always saying the same that l shouldn’t love him” Emily gave a stare at her brother.

“This is for your own good Emi” Jin returned her stare with folded hands. “ You don’t know anything about love.Only if you were in my place, you would know my pain” Emi said those words and pulled her blanket upwards and covered her face and went to sleep. Jin came out of her room and closed the door.’Oh God ! It is not that I don’t understand her pain.She loves him dearly with all her heart. But I can definitely tell that he cannot love Emi as much as she loves him. When will she learn that it is not love?’ He was praying to God to help his sister.

During dinner , those two were eating very silently. After finishing their dinner,their mother asked them” Did you two fight with each other?” Emily didn’t want toreveal about his love for Ray to her parents yet. She knew her parents were not into these kinds of matters.She was afraid what her parents will say and she didn’t have the courage.These were the reasons why she didn’t tell Ray her love yet. “Ah...mom, don’t worry.l had a fight with Rachael.We will make it up tomorrow “ Emi lied to her mother.

She then got up and kept her plate in the sink and went off to her room.Jin reassured his mother that everything would be fine.His mother knew that her son was more mature than her daughter even at that age.So she felt relieved after hearing those words from her son. The night with a full moon and shining stars came . Everybody were sleeping peacefully under their blankets. But something extraordinary happened on that night.

 The next morning when Jin woke up , he felt something different. He opened his eyes widely when he found that he was in Emi’s room. ‘Why am I in Sis’s room and also sleeping on her bed’ he removed his blanket. At that time , he saw his clothes.But what he saw was not his clothes but his sis’s clothes.He was totally shocked. When he touched his chest, he felt two lumps .His hands were like a girl’s hands more particularly like his sister’s hands. ‘It can’t be.....’ he went to the mirror in the bathroom and saw his reflection.What he saw was HER reflection .After seeing his sister’s image in the mirror,he fainted in the bathroom.

                                   Living     as        my    sister

                   "Sis!  Wake    up!"  Jin    who      was    in     Emily's     body      was     waking       up        Emily    who       was    in     Jin's     body.  " Wanna     sleep     a     little      bit      more......." Emily      was      drooling      while      sleeping.

                     "Ray     is      here,sis ,get     up!  Emily      woke      up      in     an     instant     at       hearing      Ray's      name.  When       she       came    face    to     face     with     her      ownself,  "Am     I     still     dreaming?"    she    asked      herself.


                      "No    Emi,  we     both   switched     our     souls     with      each     other"   Jin      told      her       worriedly."How    can     that     happen     and      more    importantly    where     is     Ray?"    she     asked    as   if     Ray    would     really     be    in     her     room.

                        "I     said      his    name       only     to      wake      you   up"  Jin     went    and     a     mirror     for      Emily      to     look     up.When      Emily      saw     who     was      reflected     in    the      mirror,   she     screamed.

                        Their      mother     came      to     their      room    to     see     what   had    happened." Jin ,  what   happened    my     dear?  Why    did      you     scream  like     that?   their    mother     asked     Jin     whose     body    was     now     occupied     by    Emily.

                        Jin    in      Emi's    body," Mom,  it's   nothing .I     just  woke     him   up     and    frightened     him     for      fun    haha...ha He    was     really    scared.

You      should      have     seen    his     face"  Jin      laughed    but    inside     he    didn't      want      his       mother     to     know     what      had     really     happened  to     them.


                        "oh ! Emi,  you   shouldn't     frighten    your     little      brother     like     that.  And      it's      really     surprising     that     you    woke      up    before    him"

                           "Ah !  Mother!   Can't      I      wake   up     earlier      than     my     sis.... little      brother     once       in      a      while?"  Jin    held      his     hands    tightly   together   to      be    calm      and     not      to      reveal     to     their     mother     that     they    had     switched     souls.

                             "Well,   I     have     never   ever     seen   you    waking     up     earlier      before.   You      are      acting     a    little     weird     today, Emi.  Is      everything     alright?"   their    mother   could     notice      something      different     that      morning     but      she     didn't     know     what     it     was.

                               Jin   somehow   managed    to    convince    her    and    told     her    to     do     her     work     without      worrying     about     them. Emily    who     was     in    a     shock      for     the     first     few     minutes      came     back   to     earth.   The      conversation    between     her     mother    and   her    brother    was     vague      to    her.


                                She     then     picked    up    the   mirror     which     fell     down     and      saw    her      face    again.She   put    it    down    and     then    picked   it   up   again    to    see   her    face.  No     matter     how    many     times     she     repeated     this  ,  she    could    only    see    her    brother's     face    in    it.

                                 "Sis ,   no    mater   how   many    times  you   see   in    the     mirror,    that     face     is    mine  "  Jin  was     laughing     inside    at    seeing    his   sister's     antics.  But    if    he     really    laughed   it    out,    he     would     be   dead.

                                  "How     did    this     happen , Jin?   Now   what   are    we    going   to   do?"    she     couldn't    believe    what    had    happened    to     them.

                                   "Don't    panick   ,Emi.  We  shouldn't    tell    this    to    any   one  , not    even    to    our    mother.They    wouldn't    believe    us.We   will    do    our    work.......I     mean     I     will   play     your    role    and   you    will  play   my     role    today.  We   will    talk    about    this    in    the    evening"   Jin   told      Emily   about   everything    of    how     to    be    a    boy   and     about     his    class   and    his     classmates    and    friends. They     discussed   with    each    other   and     came    to    about     each    other's    daily    life.  Emily    found    out    that   she    didn't    know    much    about    her    brother    than   her    brother     knew   about    her.  In   the    end    Emily    calmed    down   a   bit.

                                      "Wouldn't   it  be    wonderful   if    I   and     Ray   had   exchanged    souls?"   Emily's    eyes    sparkled    as     she     said     this. "  I    don't   think   that    would     be    better.It's   getting    late .Lets    go     to   school." Both    of    them    got    ready   and     were     walking    to      school.

Jin felt uncomfortable in Emi’s skirt. Emi wasn’t that much uncomfortable as she was used to. wearing pants. “How are you wearing this? I feel weird wearing it” Jin was clenching his skirt and walked uncomfortably. “You will be used to it soon.Don’t clench your skirt”

 They reached school and stood before the gate. “Emi, be careful. We shouldn’t make mistakes or they will think that we’re strange “ Jin advised his sister. Emily gave a thumbs up sign.They both wanted the day to end soon.

Jin went to Emily’s class. He found out Emi’s seat sat down there. “Good morning,Emi” there was a girl with dark blue eyes and black hair standing in front of his desk. Jin knew that she  was  Emily’s close friend, Jennifer. He greeted her back. They chatted for a bit and Jin somehow was able to manage it.

“Oi, your love is here”Jennifer was pointing at Ray. ‘He is not my love’ Jin thought. “Jenni, I just like him because he plays basketball.I understood now that it is not love” Jin was thinking what would happen if Emily knew that he said that to Jennifer.But he couldn’t allow this to go on.Since he had a chance,he should use it to end things.

“Oh my God!what are you saying, Emi?Are you really serious?” Jennifer was surprised to hear something that might not come from her best friend’s mouth even if the world crumbled down. “Calm down, Jenni. Others might have heard you. I am really serious.If he doesn’t have those superb skills in basketball,I wouldn’t have noticed him “ Jin explained.

 “Did you get brainwashed by your brother?You would always tell me that your brother doesn’t support you” Jennifer asked Jin. ‘So Emi wanted me to support her so much in this’ At that time, the teacher entered the class.Everyone greeted him. Jennifer went to her place. Class started as usual.Jin wasn’t able to keep up with the phase.It was difficult for him to understand a higher grade teaching.But he encouraged himself not to give up. He didn’t know how long they were going to be like this.                               

© 2018 Ranfer

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That was really good transformation

Posted 3 Years Ago

The conversation is life -like . Good for an beginner . She will become a good writer

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thank u sir
It was wonderful..Really want to know what happens next..

Posted 3 Years Ago

Thanks for the new update...am really happy to read this one☺!!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Reads interesting...waiting for the next☺...please let me know!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Tahsin (Taah-scene)

3 Years Ago

Hello, Am here again!!
And again a great humorous you gave....even I am desperate to know how.. read more

3 Years Ago

Thanks friend! It’s really a long story.it’s more like a novel.
Tahsin (Taah-scene)

3 Years Ago

No problem and no matter how long tis.....am gonna enjoy this one for sure...em, shall I bet?! ;)

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