During   exam  times.....

During exam times.....

A Poem by Ranfer

Studying, studying  and  studying  whole night

Until    my    book   said  'It's  enough'

A   dream  in  which  I  got   full   marks

Was   interrupted   by   my   book

'Hey  kid, you   are   drooling   on  me

And  don't  use  me  as   your  pillow'

Waking  up  and  realising   it  was  a  dream

But  it  was real  that  I  drooled  

And  Used  my   book  as   pillow 

Wiping  it  and   saying   'sorry'  to   my  book

Worshiping   it  like  a   God  so  I  can  pass

My   alarm  clock  at 4'o' clock in  the  morning

Woke  everyone  in  the  house  except   me

Sitting on  the  chair, I   took   my   book

Which  was   trying   to   run  away

My   bed   called  me  to   become  one  with  it

But  I   would  fail  my   exams  if  I   did

Seeing  the  paper full  of  questions

Without  answers  made   my  heart   sink

Like  the   Titanic  Ship  in  the  movie

Seeing  my  results  on  the  Day  of  Judgement

didn't   make   me   happy  nor   sad

A  thin  paper   with   black  texts

Can't  decide   what   you  are

Your   character   is  the  one   that  decides

What   you  are  and   Who  you  are!

© 2018 Ranfer

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I'll recommend it to my mom and dad. 😊😊😊
Thanks for sharing.
Now I put away all my books because A thin paper with black texts Can't decide what you are, Your character is the one that decides,
What you are and Who you are!

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Oi! Don't put away your books! A thin paper with black texts _ referring to questio.. read more
Rahul Bakolia

3 Years Ago

I know 😊😊😊.
Just kidding 😜

3 Years Ago

Well, you are really a unique person. I can see tell that you are a jolly type thr.. read more
What started with a comic yet tragic ends up on a very poignant remark on our education system, that is full of flaws. I would still want to see a system like that in Japan where people are first taught to be a better human being...an awesome read :)

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

You made it more creative now. Very nice..i am even laughing thinking about - your situation when yo.. read more

3 Years Ago

Thanks for reviewing again , Gaurav!

3 Years Ago

You are most welcome :)

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Added on September 1, 2018
Last Updated on September 1, 2018
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Madurai , Tamil nadu, India

A college student who likes to read and write. more..


A Poem by Ranfer