Make Your Hobby Your Profession

Make Your Hobby Your Profession

A Story by Raphael Minter

It talks about doing something that you like a number of successive times and transforming it into your real lifetime career.

       Make  your  hobby  your  profession.  Making  your  hobby  your  profession  is  one  that  would   bring   you   all   the   fame   and   fortune   that   you   ever   craved   for   in   life.   These   are   the   things   that    you   do  everyday   and   it   really   makes   you   happy  each  and  every  time  you  try  to  

              So   many   people  are  enjoying  success because of  the things  that  they  did when  they   were  children  and  the  things   that   they   really   enjoying   doing.  Some  people  were  always  grounded   because  of   the  activities  and  hobbies  that  they  used  to  perform  and  they  really have  the  passion  in  doing.  Things  like acting, music  and  to  a larger  extent   football  are   things  and  activities  that  individuals  who    are  now   enjoying   the   success  did  continuously   when   they   were   children.  People  like  Arnold  Schwartzneger  and  Lionel  Messi  wouldn't  have  been  successful  if  they  didn't  perform  it  on  a  more  permanent  basis.

          By  doing  what   you   know  best   and   by   living  for  the   right   moment   at   the   right   times   can   be   a  major   stepping   stone   that   really  help  you   in   reaching   your   dream.  Nowadays,   everything  in life  has become   a   profession,    In   life    recognizing   your   talent   is   one  thing   and  discovering   your   talent   is another.  You  the  individual   should   identify   your   talent  before   you  can  really  explore  what   it  entails   and  the   things  that   can  be   done   to   help   you  modify   and  be  dissected  in  order  to  reveal   your   colours   and    revelations.  By   doing   all  these   things   am  really   sure   that   all   that   you  have  ever   craved   for   in  life   would  all   be   given  to you.

           A  friend  of  mine  once  said  my  hobby  is  washing  my  clothes.  When  I  saw  him  again  he  has  set  up  a  Large  Laundry  base  realizing  his  dreams  and  always  washing  but  now  not  manually  but  in  a  modified  way  and  he  is  really earning  something  pretty  which  is  helping  him  personally  as  well  as  sustaining  his  family.  So  many  individuals  waste  their  energy  and  their  time  doing  so  many  tasks  and  assignment and  not  really  concentrating  on  their  hobbies.  You  might  think  that  my  friend  is  not  making  much  but  as  far  as  I  know  he  is  really  making  it  and  he  has  started  investing  into  other  related  business  fields  and  making  profit  from  so  many  business  operations.

           Anything  that  you  do  close    to  a  thousand  times  a  week  should  be  dealt  with  seriously,  If  your  mum  is  a  baker  and  she  bakes  cake ,  bread  and  meatpie   in  a nutshell  cookies.  Everybody  loves  her  cookies  and  would  love  to  explore  and  know  how  is  done.  She  cam  sell   it  and  create  a  cookie  book,  so  it  becomes  two  in  one  although  is  just  a  hobby  she  can  be  gradually  launching  herself  into  superstardom   

                 Do   what  you  have  to do when you want to do it, How  you  want  to do and just do it. In  this  life  you never  know  that's   why  we  say , 'say  never  to  never"

© 2013 Raphael Minter

Author's Note

Raphael Minter
In life you must do whatever you do with ease so that you can really become and efficient and effective worker in your area of expertise

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Added on April 17, 2013
Last Updated on April 17, 2013
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Raphael Minter
Raphael Minter

Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana

I live in Ghana. I am a student, but have a lot of passion for writing. I think that in life each and every activity that one undertakes it can all be put through writing for successful accomplishment.. more..