Bound To Hell

Bound To Hell

A Story by Raven Starhawk

Steel cuffs bind wrists and ankles as swollen flesh ripple around their rusted teeth. Blindfolded and gagged, sunlight is known only by the warmth it beats against my skin. Through thick bars it shimmers. When it shifts to the right heavy footsteps would draw near. A key would slip into a lock. A door would creak open and for a moment the garment in my mouth would be pulled out to allow a spoonful of slop in. A taste always lingered afterward. Still without the serving it made this dark abode ever more unnerving. 

I am not a moment in history, I tell myself as clouds shift and blot out the sun.  Power cries from turbulent heavens and all with a stroke of lightning and echoing growl of thunder. Upon restless mountains they ride. Four cloaked in darkness; signs of their arrival are everywhere, but humans remain ignorant.


The sharp sting of reality is something no one can avoid for long.


I don't know where to go. I can only begin to contemplate my place here. It stales on my tongue as the words sizzle my lips. There is no one to turn to. In the end we are all just...


I am not sure.


I am lost.

These conflicts burrow like maggots. They wiggle in my brain and just as I think I have them repelled they make a new home in the boundaries of my tainted heart. Am I just energy bound to cease once physical life concludes?

I am lost and never going to be found.

© 2018 Raven Starhawk

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Added on November 10, 2018
Last Updated on November 10, 2018
Tags: life, abuse, despair, fate, depression, fiction