The Star Assassin

The Star Assassin

A Story by RayLynn

Chapter 1 of new book


“You know what to do.” He grins as he presses the gun into my hands. He steps back and crosses his arms, waiting.

       I turn the gun over in my hands and admire the beauty of the silver in the handle. This is isn’t the first time I’ve held a gun, but this feels different. Even though it’s beautifully crafted, there’s something heavy and dark about it; it’s surrounded by a deadly, almost sinister, aura. It’s the kind of object you know could cause a lot of death and despair; the evilness radiating off it is almost palpable.

       I turn the safety off and lift the gun, aiming to the man in the chair. The man looks to be about mid-50s with grayish salt and pepper hair. He’s skinny and sickly, as if he’s been starved. His clothes are ripped and dirty, and judging by the amount of facial hair he has, he hasn’t shaved in days. His head droops down against his chest; his face bruised and swollen, his eyes dim and hopeless. His whole appearance is one of distraught and utter lack of attention to his own well being. His voice is hoarse and very quiet but I can still hear him beg for his life as two larger men hold him down. I know this man doesn’t deserve to die, but I have to do this. I don’t necessarily want to, nor will I enjoy doing it, but it has to be done.

       I aim to the man’s head, and make the mistake of looking him in the eyes. It’s only a split second, but it’s enough for me to see the pain from all his years. The way his eyes have a small glimmer, as if there was once a shining hope there but it was dwindled down by events and people in his life, makes me wish I could change it. I can see the pain from the time he’d spent as a prisoner to his own decisions and how he’d tied himself to these men all his life. And now this is his end, but to him it’s more like an escape. I shake the thought away and force my finger to pull the trigger.

The gun goes off with a jolting bang and the man falls to the floor with blood running from his head. It pools around his motionless body and I imagine for a moment that it’s his life force and will to survive that’s seeping from him instead of thick red blood. I lower the gun and look down at my hands in disbelief of what I’ve just done. I’ve never taken the life of another person like this before. It felt so cherished, so personal, almost like I’ve known this man my whole life and he knew me too. The sharp clicking of footsteps behind me snaps my mind out of its moment of imagination.

He walks up behind me and claps a hand on my shoulder. His laughter fills my ears as terror begins to fill my heart.

“Welcome to the family, kid.”

© 2019 RayLynn

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It's a great potential introduction. I thought that both the anticipation to pulling the trigger and their momentary self reflection at the end was very well done.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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wow,i get a lot of interpretations on this write

Posted 1 Year Ago

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is this a gang thing did he have to kill someone to get intiated into a gang is that what's that's about but yeah you have to have a gun to do that but that is definetly extreme

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

It's a mafia initiation

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Just a poor girl from a poor family putting herself through school and writing along the way more..

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