Find your Freedom

Find your Freedom

A Poem by Soul Fire

society is strange.Here's a poem about it! Enjoy!

We've messed up,
Like really bad...

We've really messed it up.
Earth's in quite conundrum,
Society is strange.

Your told your perfect,
and then your told your out of range.

Your told that your loved,
and then they leave you stranded.

Some one tells you that they'll always be there,
That they'll always stay,
Then they've just gone away..

Society tells us 

We're perfect just the way we are.

Then tells us we're doing it all wrong.


Has been misconceived.

Lies are easily believed.

Teenage girls are so confused.

Letting themselves be robots.

and toyed with.

Becoming Moms?

What happened to society?

What happened to us?

We were once happy children...
and now that that's gone..

We feel alone..
Then later we ask what went wrong?

We are considered the ''broken' generation..

'Cause our depression and suicidal thoughts..attempts ..actions..

There IS hope!

I say we are not broken

We are not the ones to blame.

I say we shouldn't punish us for the pain we feel.

I say we should talk about it.

Unlock the lips full of secrets.

No more gossip,
Just genuine concern.

You are loved.

By someone,and the one above.

God or whatever you may call him...

You are loved by someone...

Wanna know why things in today's society are so messed up?

It's because People are meant to be loved,and things are meant to be used.But in today's society things are being loved and people are being used.

I say let's go against society's evil ideas.

And live the way we are meant to live..

We do not have to live this way!

Your real live starts today!

You are now free

© 2012 Soul Fire

Author's Note

 Soul Fire
You are now free

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Added on September 4, 2012
Last Updated on September 4, 2012
Tags: society


 Soul Fire
Soul Fire

Little Dreams, Dreamland, Canada

Hello, I'm Raya. I love music,writing and singing.I'm always writing or creating something.I really enjoy singing and writing my own music.I write stories,poems and books.I have a large variety of.. more..

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A Poem by Soul Fire