A lot like home

A lot like home

A Story by Rayne Murray

A short drabble

"I'm tired, I'm gay, and I will knock you out." She placed the cup down on the counter with a hard thud before turning around and starting the next order. "I mean it Charlie, I'm not interested! Now go! I'm trying to work!" She turned to make a shooing motion with her hands briefly before turning back to the cups of coffee she was capping off.

"First off you're not my type sweetheart, second of all I'm only inviting you because you are clearly in need of a break. One party won't kill you Les." Charlie leaned against the pick up counter using his elbow to support his head. He smiled smugly and slipped a piece of paper with and address written on it towards her.
"I promise you'll have fun or your money back sweet pea."

"Yeah all 0 dollars right?" She sighed and slipped the paper into her apron. "We'll see."

He stood up straight and shoved his hands into his pockets. "See you tonight." He gave a brief wave and headed out the door.

Her dress was far too tight and she was freezing standing outside. A red plastic cup with some kind of clear liquid inside in hand and loud music blasting over the speakers inside.

"Lessie come inside it's freezing out there!"

"Yeah Les, we're about to 7 minutes in heaven." Charlie had his hand snaked over Lizzie's hip pulling her closer to him. He had the same smug grin spread across his face as he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"Isn't spin the bottle more of a middle school game?"

Charlie chuckled and let go of Lizzie's hips. He clasped his hands around Lessa's and looked her in eye. "It's only middle school to boring people with no imagination. And I know you have a huge one so lets go."

He led her to a circle off near the closet of people laughing and drinking. He pushed her towards the circle and he crowd instantly welcome her with drunken cheers. "Alright! How about we get started! Let's see Lessa why don't you go in the closet with.." He pretended to cover his eyes with one hand and waved his index finger around with the other before pointing to the girl across from him. "Her. You two have seven minutes! Go wild!"

He ushered her into the closet the girl being ushered by Lizzie. The closet door shut with a slam and then, silence.
"So uh, your name is Lessa? That's a nice name. I'm Maddy." She shyly extended a hand out to Lessa who shook it gently. "So what do you wanna do?"

Lessa bit her lip and examined the girl. She was certainly pretty there was no denying that. "Uh I'm not sure. What do you wanna do?"

"I guess we should kiss and go from there?" Maddy closed the gap between them and and closed her eyes. She let out a deep breath and puckered her lips.

Lessa looked at her for a few moments before taking a few steps back. "I'm sorry I can't do this. Can we just sit here for the 7 minutes?"

Maddy opened her eyes and took a step back. "Uh yeah. Sure." She looked at Lessa and then looked down at her feet. "You remind me of my ex girlfriend yknow. She passed away a couple of years ago. She looked a lot like you and to me she just felt like home when she kissed me. I was hoping that when I kissed you I'd feel the same way I did I with her. I don't wanna make you feel uncomfortable but I just wanted to see. Please."

Lessa nodded and then closed the cap between them once again. She closed her eyes and waited. The kiss was soft and warm and it felt she thought, a lot like home.

© 2016 Rayne Murray

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Rayne Murray
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Added on January 19, 2016
Last Updated on January 19, 2016


Rayne Murray
Rayne Murray

Merritt Island, FL

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A Chapter by Rayne Murray