Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Rayne

Keera heads to the mall; this chapter is a filler till the fun starts.


     After I locked my apartment, I headed to the garage to get my car. My car is kick a*s. On the hood is a dragon engulfed in bright orange and red flames, and on the sides of my car is a graveyard filled with bones and gravestones.

It is a lamborgini, or at least I think it is. I bought it after I turned sixteen and had it custom painted. Danny wasn't to thrilled about the paint job, but he accepted it anyways.

     I get in my car, turn the car on, and start my stereo up. I have a 4000 watt amp, two sub woofers, two 12" speakers, and 18 mini speakers all along the roof. I also have a six disc CD changer, MP3 player capadiable, and satillite radio. I turn it all the way up, so now my car is bouncing. After leaving the garage I drive about 25 minutes to the mall. The mall is a three story building, with an over priced amusement park. I park my car near the front of JcPenny and get out. I walk into the mall heading to FYE.

     In FYE I head straight to the anime section, which is practically a whole corner. I am browsing through the titles and see the best s**t ever. I see the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th seasons of Bleach. I pick them all up and put them in the basket I am holding. I pick up Blood+ part two, Karin season one, Devil May Cry complete collection, Trinity Blood complete collection, and a few others. After I found all the anime I want, I go look around for a few DVD's and CD's.

Not finding anything I go to the cashier to pay for the anime.

Grabbing my bags I walk out of the store, heading to Hot Topic.

     In Hot Topic I see the best outfit. I found a button up shirt with a white dragon on the left. Found a black jacket that goes down to my rib cage, and finally found a pair of black baggy pants with chains and pockets all over them. I also pick up a jack skelington comforter set, and 3 new belts. One belt has jacks head all along it, the second is purple with black studs, and the third is a chain belt. When I am done I check out and leave the store. I check my watch seeing that it is 11 P.M., I decide to go home, change and head to bed.

     Heading to my car with three bags, I pop the trunk. While putting my bags away, I hear voices, growling, and skin hitting skin. I close the trunk after my bags are put away. I start to walk towards the drivers door, but I keep walking towards the noise.

I know I shouldn't, but I cant help myself.

Oh why do I feel like I am going to regret this tommorow.


© 2010 Rayne

Author's Note

Sorry the chapter is so boring. It does get better. Please tell me how you like it so far and if there are any errors of any kind. Thank you.

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Added on April 2, 2010
Last Updated on April 2, 2010
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