Hyprocritical mind state

Hyprocritical mind state

A Poem by Raymond Collado

they try to tell me,

that you changed my perception of this life

i gotta do wrong

I can't do right

my mind.

is drifting far away

out to a place

and i cant replace

the frame that pertains to that face

but i, will tell you now my friend

that i do not pretend

that i dont comprehend

the situations that im facing

cus my thoughts are steady racing

i wrote my script down

but i got to the erasing

of everything i wrote

everything i spoke

driving reckless on loves road

im losing all control

they tell me to go here

they tell me to go there

but im yelling out the window

saying f**k it i dont care

cus reality is you weren't really there

so you dont even know

of all the things that i have to go

through with myself and my mind all the time i try to relax and unwind

with this pen that is mine cus im really fine

like a perfect ten,

just like a dime

you should feel this in my rhymes

i aint gonna lie or even sugar coat

cus very long ago i jumped up out that boat

once i read that note

given to me from god

telling me the truth about that f*****g broad

getting sick of your speculations cus they are so abroad

good is the new bad

bad is the new good

am i living my life

how i really should?

i mean i aint fake

i dont really pose

but i guess im just smart enough to know

that theres a lot that i dont really know.



© 2012 Raymond Collado

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Very interesting. It seems like a rap. There's a lot you're saying, like you are letting it flow out of you like a river current. I like the thoughts behind it. You should consider going back and editing some technical mistakes and spelling that can detract from the flow.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on December 10, 2012
Last Updated on December 10, 2012


Raymond Collado
Raymond Collado

Miramar, FL

21 years old. I live in Miramar, Fl. I spend most of my free time writing. I started writing at 15 years of age and since then its become part of me. I hope to one day be known for my writing. I hope.. more..