May I still have faith

May I still have faith

A Poem by Raymond Collado

She requires so much.
Many of the things it seems I lack.
Communication is one in fact.
Because I don't look for much in details and such.
I don't go out my way to speak about what's on my mind.
I just go with the flow and let it all just unwind on its own.
Never seemed to be an issue until she brought it up to my attention.
She wants full out attention
And that one thing is what's preventing.
Us from moving on.
Stuck in quick sand as it seems.
Many days it's good.
Many days it's not.
I'm doing all I can.
I've given all I got.
And what I have to offer isn't much.
Nothing more than love, care, and my sweet tender touch.
It gets rough.
This love stuff.
It requires so much.
She requires more than I obtain.
Inside my brain I feel the shame
I feel the agony.
The stress.
The pain.
So let it rain
Let it rain.
Pour down on me with hope.
Pour down on me with greatness.
I pray to God that we can make this.
Oh how I have been forsaken,
By my blind eyes that see.
A deception indeed.
I'm working on bettering all that I am.
At least as much as I can.
But I am who I am.
And no I'm not ashamed.
This is me.
And I was made this way.
There is room for change.
There will always be a balance.
Life is an obstacle.
So there will always be a challenge.
And I'm here to do good.
For myself and others.
To spread love to all people.
My friends.
Sister and brother.
Lately I've grown to understand and accepted myself for what it's worth.
To be without the one you love
Well I know that it hurts.
I hope the faith I have can be strong enough to hold this on.
But if that's not the case may I continue to be strong.
Because we don't know what we have until it's all gone...

© 2016 Raymond Collado

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Added on July 1, 2016
Last Updated on July 1, 2016


Raymond Collado
Raymond Collado

Miramar, FL

21 years old. I live in Miramar, Fl. I spend most of my free time writing. I started writing at 15 years of age and since then its become part of me. I hope to one day be known for my writing. I hope.. more..