Year of the Boar

Year of the Boar

A Chapter by Robin

Wild pigs and Bicycles


    I have put more miles on my road bike than some have on their cars.  Training daily on the flat straght roads nearby and heading to the scenic roads of the hills and mountains on weekends.

    One the more scenic rides includes a loop through Drum Valley. We usually start from one of the small farm towns nestled in the orange groves of the foothills, warming up on the flats until we start our ascent.  Once we start climbing, we quickly gain altitude as we leave the valley floor . After a long steady climb the ride then undulates through this mountain valley nestled between Kings and Sequoia national parks. The roads are lightly used ( and repaired ) and we rarely saw motor vehicles , if so it was usually a rancher or lost a tourist .

   At the middle of this valley is a wall of a hill we fittingly call ' Heart attack hill '  a place that separates the wheat from the chaff. It is also a badge of honor to be over the top first, a two wheel version of King of Hill - with bragging rights. 

    Well, on this lovely day, I am easily going to be over the top first with the two others I had in tow drifting farther and farther behind . I crested the top onto the long false flat and sat up to take a drink and look at the beautiful green, wild flower dotted countryside. Within in a few weeks it would become brown and dry . As I looked towards the still snow covered mountains , I saw what looked like dolphins dancing through this sea of green up the hillside.  Slowing further I watched in awe and could faintly hear the sound of their little squeals - a litter of baby wild pigs! too cool !  I then wondered , thats weird I wonder where  their mother is ? - Life lesson #7 - if one asks a question to the universe , the answer is going to be interesting  ... and the envelope please - behind you Robin ! - I heard a snort and  I snapped around to be confronted with what looked like a chest thumping gorilla from a National Geographic special and she was charging , full speed , at me !

I jumped out of the saddle and sprinted - hard! I never let up and kept trying to make that Beast of a Pig look smaller.  Looking over my shoulder I saw big mama finally stop and was looking way down the road at the rest of group huffing and puffing over the last steep pitch . She still thought I was the closer threat and gave me a shoulder shake, like a linebacker looking for  a running back, then returned her attention to her litter and they disappeared over the ridge . I sat up again trying to recover and the pack regrouped.  Their first question was, "why in the fire truck was I sprinting away from them ?"  I looked over at them , "what! you guys didnt see that pig ?"  

   After that they razz'd me all the way up to the turn around spot, a little general store in Badger. "Rob's seeing Pigs , were they flying?  someone needs a Drink ".. har, har.  This continued into the store , where the clerk over heard the ruckus, and said "hey boys take a look at the pictures over there"  pointing with his chin as he sorted his cash . My buddies clunked over towards the wall of pictures and silence fell upon the store , they looked over the collection of Deer, Coyotes and other wild life , then pointed at the photo of a huge Boar , then in perfect unison " You got chased by this ! " 

Seems that race to the top was aIways a little easier after that day ... 





© 2010 Robin

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I've been chased by a few things, but never a pig. I worked with domestic pigs back in the summer of '64, and know how mean they can be. Come to think of it, I know of someone getting their toe bit off by one.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Your friends miss everything. If I ever take a ride with you, you will not be leaving me behind. Wait... what am I saying? I don't want to be between the devil and the deep blue sea! I'll lag behind.

Posted 9 Years Ago

i love it, i love it, i love it...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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