A Chapter by Robin

what part of ghosts dont you understand ?



I worked as newspaper pressman for 15

years and the building we were in was

haunted.   I felt its presence from day one and soon the

stories were whispered and weird, strange things began

to happen - slamming doors , voices

calling , machinery acting strangely  .

   Halloween night 1992 ,  I was at wits

end trying to get a press unit into gear

, when I noticed a man was standing behind me ,  - an

authorized visitor in my supervisory

mind , I turned and said "what do you

want?  your not supposed to be in here " he looked down  

and replied "maybe your not "

he started to turn,  then put his hand on my shoulder 

and said ' Sleep in,  fishing can wait '  and slipped out the


   I was dumbfounded how in the hell did

this old man know I was planning on

fishing tomorrow ?   and  I went to look for him -

nobody .  I ran outside and one of the

route drivers was smoking a cigarette leaning against the cold wall  

I said "hey where did that old man go ?" 

" what old man ? " he said

I said there was an old man inside and he had to

come out this door -

"sorry bro no old man here  , can you let me in the doors

locked ".  I went back into the

pressroom and my assistant said "who did I

hear you talking to?"   I said "No one ,never

mind " and finished out the night .  


    Next morning I am ready to go fishing ! I get to be

on the water in the high sierras. It didnt matter if i caught anything or

not , it was my day off and I was going

to relax -

boy was I wrong,  instead I almost died

I pulled up to an intersection and an old rancher

decided to pull into the line of oncoming traffic , sending

cars and trucks scattering in all directions. 

I told myself - this guy is dead and

that is when i heard the howl of the

tires . I looked out my window and a huge

crane truck was headed straight towards

me . all shifted into slow motion , the grill

getting bigger, three faces in fear, arms

pressed against the dashboard,  driver trying regain control

and then, the punch . my little truck went

flying . I being the object not in

motion slammed into the door my head

smashing -ironically- the upper seatbelt

bracket , i came to rest in a field a

good 50 feet from impact 120 degrees from my original direction

and there I was staring at yet another blue sky ( another story) 


 I healed and lived , but I wonder , if I only had listened to that old man ...


as for ghost stories . I have more  ...


© 2010 Robin

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Oh my....what an amazing tale, amazing, that those departed will try to warn us, I so loved the speech inside your words, pulling me on. And Ed is right, angels would be a word I would use ~ Thank god you survived.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Oh boy, that's a good one. I guess you should have heeded the specter's warning. If there's a next time, I bet you will.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Spooky story but the Ghost Man knew what he was talking about. He came to warn you. That makes me wonder why this ghost came to you to warn you about this danger, what was it about you that attracted him and caused him to care? Interesting mystery!

Posted 10 Years Ago

All the energy of the universe converses all the time... it's a matter of listening...

Posted 10 Years Ago

for some the apparition takes on substance~ for some it’s a insistent whisper in the back of the mind pushing for attention~ however it manifests ~ best to take heed~

Posted 10 Years Ago

some people call them ghosts, but they like to be called angels

Posted 10 Years Ago

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