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I have been shocked a few times i my life and prevented a few from being shocked .

My Dad taught me to use tools and build things from an early age. I also grew  up in an age of tools with metal casings , a recipe for disaster ...


I needed to drill a hole. it was late and I had a race the next morning, a good 2 hour drive away and I knew I wasnt going to get much sleep, if any at all .  I grabbed the big relic of a drill my dad had and put the bit in . I clicked the button and it spun and then looked at my bike deciding whether to drag out the extension cord or take off the chain tensioner and drill it on the bench . I opted for the bench and the vice. this was a life saving decision.


I unbolted the tensioner and set it in the vice.  grabbed the drill with both hands , lined up , and pulled the trigger . 


imagine  every muscle in your hand , arm, chest contracting to its fullest extent , squeeze , no harder ... imagine your vision being shifted in to a surreal dream scape, a grey blue haze ... imagine every millisecond an eternity... imagine being frozen...


I fell backwards into my motorcycles and as I did the cord pulled from the socket. I hit my head pretty good on the bike, had some cuts from other pointy objects and the drill landed hard on my chest, the bit leaving a nick in my forearm . I laid there a long time aching , bleeding and dazed. Dad come out wondering what the noise was and found me still laying on top of the bikes.  He helped me up and I couldnt believe how much I hurt.  needless to say i didnt race the next day .. and we threw away that drill ...


to be continued ..






© 2010 Robin

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a copy of this should be provided with every electric drill

Posted 10 Years Ago

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